Abioye : Green Lantern is the 5th comic series in the DCII


Volume 1: Orgins

  1. It begins with Abioye an elephant living in Africa with his herd. When a army of poachers arrive to kill the herd Abioye races to stop the poachers. Then he takes down the first person poacher leaving him in some mud. Then Abioye gets a green lantern ring and blasts out into space.
  2. Abioye arrives in the planet Oa where he meets Tomar Re a chicken man. Abioye then meets the guardians who confused at Animal green lanterns , but Ganthet gives Abioye a chance. Ganthet sends Abioye on a quest to stop Larfreeze, and he beats Larfreeze. Ganthet then decides to train Abioye.
  3. After a long training session, Abioye is sent back to Africa, where he finds poachers attacking his herd, he fights them off and the poacher who fell in the mud retreats. Later, a group of villagers are running in fear from a tiger, who they call Abidemi, who turns out to be a Yellow Lantern.

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