All-Star Batman is the first future comic in DC Unlimited


Batman's Back

5 months after stopping Joker's ultimate Joker gas bombing, Bruce decides to return as Batman. Alfred is a bit older, James Gordon now respects Batman, and Barbara is now immobilized. When Bruce suits up as Batman he sees a man about to kill Mayor Derrick Powers. Bruce jumps attacks the assassin, when the assassin shoots a cocoon at him. Bruce tells Barbara also known as the Oracle to research the man. He discovers that his real name is Drury Walker, an assassin for hire. Bruce meets Drury and they fight. At the end Bruce tied up Walker. Then it shows Derrick Powers walking into a room, forcing Dr. Aaron Langstrom to make a super powered drug.

The Blooming

After the defeat of Drury, Bruce begins taking down many small time theives. Soon a man dressed up as a flower begins selling drugs called Blooms, and Bruce interferes. Someone taking the drug gains super strength and attacks Bruce. Bruce manages to escape Mr. Bloom. Soon Alfred gives Bruce a talking to find Mr. Bloom. Mr. Bloom then attacks a middle school. Bruce then fights Bloom, and people affected by the Bloom. Bruce finds a way to take them down. At the end student Terry McGinnis is one of the people seeing it and gets inspired.


This Little Piggy

Enter the Beast

Man Who Would Be Bat

The Film Freak

The Rat, and the Bat

Concept Art

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