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Aquaman: The Trench was the eleventh installment of the DC Cinematic Universe, and the fourth film in Phase Two. The film was directed by James Cameron and was written by Cameron and Geoff Johns. Aquaman: The Trench serves as a sequel to Aquaman.


  • Sam Claffin as Arthur Curry/Aquaman
  • Wes Bentley as Orm Marius/Ocean Master
  • Frank Welker as Creatures from The Trench (voice only)
  • Emilia Clarke as Mera
  • Drew Roy as Garth
  • Corey Hawkins as Jackson Hyde
  • Danny Devito as Nuidis Vulko
  • Jimmy Smits as Tom Curry
  • Jean Reno as Vandal Savage (cameo only)
  • Daniel Gillies as Jason Blood (cameo only)
  • Sylvester Stallone as Atlan (cameo only)
  • Harrison Ford as Orin (cameo only)


After the events of Justice League, Aquaman has returned to Atlantis to claim the throne, as his mother intended in the first film before her death. Orm, furious that Arthur will be king and not him, awakens the creatures of the Trench, with the intention for the creatures to eat/kill Arthur and anyone who supports him. Aquaman discovers that his brother is the traitor that let the Trench, and Black Manta during the previous film, inside Atlantis. With now girlfriend Mera, best friend Garth, advisor Vulko, and a new friend from the surface with similar powers to Arthur by the name of Jackson Hyde, take on the Trench and Orm, who is now going by Ocean Master.

End-Credits Scene #1

The scene is set in Camelot; Vandal Savage is shown standing alongside a man, Jason Blood, outside a castle, as the two are having a conversation. Blood mentions that he is in a hurry, as he needs to meet Merlin for something urgent. Blood bids farewell to Savage as he walks away. Savage picks up a stick and examines it. Talking to himself, he recalls his origin as a caveman who was exposed to a meteorite that enhanced his physiology, mentions he has only one goal; conquer the world. He snaps the stick in half and walks away.

End-Credits Scene #2

Set many years in the past, the Greatest King of Atlantis, Atlan, is in the midst of a battle with his brother Orin. Orin, who is angered that his brother is king and not him, has killed Atlan's followers and is attempting to kill Atlan. After being heavily wounded, Atlan retreats. With Atlan gone, Orin claims the throne and kills the rest of Atlan's followers, including his guards, wife, and children. Years pass and Orin is still king. Atlan returns and kills Orin and his wife, before sinking Atlantis into the bottom of the surface.

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