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Bartholomew "Barry" Allen is a forensic analyst and superhero operating globally (though primarily in Central City, Missouri). A conduit of the Speed Force, Barry, known publicly as "The Flash", works as a founding member of the Justice League.


Early Life

Racing backwards through time, Eobard Thawne removed himself from the timestream--making his rival, Barry Allen's life a living hell. Their never ending battle would begin in Fallville, Iowa, where Eobard, dressed as Professor Zoom, slipped his vibrating hand through Barry's mother, Nora Allen's head. This not only instantly killed Nora, but left Barry parentless, as his father, Henry, was blamed for the assault and sent to prison. Barry grew up under the roof of Darryl Frye, who inspired Barry to work at the Central City Police Department. As an adult, Barry got a job there as a forensic analyst.

Fateful Lightning

Barry and his father grew further apart. To Barry, nothing meant more than proving his father wasn't Nora's killer. Unfortunately, a severe lack of evidence left him frustrated and confused to the point where he finally gave up. (More to be added).