Batman: Ace Pilot is a comic book series that follows a jewish Batman during World War II.


Volume One: Welcome to America

  1. Baruch Wane emigrates to America, where he is put in to a home full of people in pain. He asks why anyone is even there and he finds out that this is the only place safe from the Nazis, this inspires him to fight against them, but he is denied by the army, he then takes the war in to his own hands by beginning to build a plane and many gadgets to help him fight.
  2. A Nazi train is transporting Jews to a camp when they here something on the roof, they send someone to see what it is but they then see the man they sent up fall down. They send everyone up and they then see Barush who is in a gas mask which covers his whole head, a trench coat, and horns coming out of the mask, they then rush Baruch, who beats them all and throws them all of the train before beating the train conductor. When the train stops the Jewish people get out, only to see they have stopped in an American city, they then hear something and see Baruch using a grappling hook to get away, an old man salutes him and the rest soon follow. At the end, Hitler himself is talking to a man, telling him to kill Baruch, the man is then revealed to be a German named Jaecar, who is known for a large grin on his face.

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