Batman Gotham Knight is a telltale game about Batman.


  1. New Dawn- It has been 2 years since Bruce Wayne was Batman. When Sal Maroni begins an plot to take over Gotham , he must stop him.
  2. Shot in the Dark- After Maroni dies by a mysterious gunner, Bruce must figure out who shot Maroni, and who wanted him dead.
  3. "The Cat Strikes Back"- Batman investigates a new vigilante called Catwoman, who somehow is connected to Calendar Man. While as Bruce Wayne, meets Tommy Elliot's new girlfriend Selina Kyle.
  4. "Cobblepot"- Bruce discovers that Oswald Cobblepot was somehow connected to his father, and investigates as Batman. Meanwhile, Detective Gordon enters a partnership with Tommy Elliot.
  5. "Just Smile"- After Cobblepot was defeated Bruce heads after Joker, before he harms Elliot. But soon it was too late and Tommy Elliot is now known as The Hush.

Side Missions

  1. "Riddler's revenge"- A mysterious man named the Riddler arrives. So Bruce must solve his puzzles, and stop him.
  2. "Public Hero"- Since Bruce is now a hero he must find 4 mob attacks, and thwart them.
  3. "Crime Alley"- Bruce investigates Ferris Boyle, a man who knew his father Thomas Wayne.
  4. "News Flash"- Mobsters are after Vicki Vale, so Bruce must stop them and protect Vicki Vale.

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