Batman: Legends is a live action TV series based on DC Comics. It deals with Damian Wayne becoming the Batman of 2040.

It was created by Bruno Heller



  • Ian Somerhalder as Damian Wayne / Batman ll- 22/22
  • Katie Holmes as Sarah Lawson- 22/22
  • Michael Keaton as Old Bruce Wayne- 21/22
  • Taye Diggs as Detective Rex Stewart- 22/22
  • Emily Bett Rickards as Laura Gordon- 19/22
  • Bryan Cranston as Detective Owen Lawson
  • Aaron Eckhardt as Harvey Dent Jr.


  • Armie Hammer as Young Bruce Wayne / Batman (Flashbacks)
  • Ray Liotta as Anton Reeves- 18/22
  • Michael C. Hall as Jason Napier
  • Kevin Nash as Bane- 3/22
  • Alan Arkin as Old Roman Sionis
  • Matt Bomer as Dick Grayson-
  • Felicity Jones as Dinah Lawson / The Cat- 14/22
  • Doug Jones as Kirk Langstrom Jr / Man-Bat
  • Dan Stevens as Detective Scott Bullock


  1. "Pilot"-In 2018, Batman AKA Bruce Wayne and Robin AKA Damian Wayne go after criminals led by Roman Sionis. Roman hires Bane, and Bane attacks Batman, and seriously injures Damian's mother Talia Al Ghul. 22 years later, Damian Wayne (Ian Somerhalder), returns to Gotham City after five years travelling abroad. Damian tries to talk to his ex girlfriend Sarah Lawson, but she ignores him since he cheated on her, and left the city, and has secretly begun a relationship with Harvey Dent Jr. Damian learns about a crime boss Adam Hunt, who previously worked for Wayne Enterprises. Damian dresses in all black and stops Hunt's drug deal, but Damian gets injured. Bruce visits Damian, and reveals that he could get himself killed. TBA
  2. "The Dark Knight Of Tomorrow"-
  3. "Monsters Within"-
  4. "Days Gone By"-
  5. "Human Target"-
  6. "So It Begins"-
  7. "Cat"-
  8. "Crossfire"-
  9. "Years End"-
  10. "Into The Fire"-
  11. "Anarchic"-
  12. "Friend Or Foe"-
  13. "Love American Style"-
  14. "Justice"-
  15. "Batman V.S Superman"-
  16. "Dead-Shot Returns"-
  17. "Sins Of Thy Father"-
  18. "Death In The Family"-
  19. "Unfinished Business"-
  20. "Assault On Arkham"-
  21. "Underworld"-
  22. "Save This City"-

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