This is NightSlayer2's version of a recent reboot in the Batman universe. Those are just ideas.


  • In this version, Commissioner James Gordon is a younger version just like in the New 52, married to Barbara Eileen Kean, and the biological father of both Barbara Gordon and her older brother James Gordon Jr. Gordon is also Selina Kyle's foster father. Even though Selina is not related to them, the Gordons still love her as if she were family. Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again and James Gordon Jr. is a blood splatter analyst as well as a serial killer who targets criminals in secret. Barbara Eileen Kean is dead in this continuity because of being killed by a group of mobsters and James Jr. finds that killing criminals is a way to cope with the trauma. Selina Kyle is the assistant district attorney in this version. Selina at first had a dislike for the Batman since her father did but then started to change her mind after she saw how Batman was helping people. Unfortunately, when Selina and Batman were trying to prove that a man named Peter Declan was innocent and that Shreck framed him, Shreck pushed Selina out a window. Selina survived and developed a mental breakdown resulting in her becoming Cat Woman just like in Batman Returns. Batman tries to convince Selina to stop killing criminals after finding out her identity and Selina still kills him. Selina then joins Bruce's team later since Shreck getting killed didn't make her pain go away. Think of Selina as like Laurel Lance from Arrow.
  • Penguin will be underground crime boss, who resides in the sewers and has an army of circus freaks, orphans and animal themed criminals to help him take over the Gotham City. Unlike all other versions of him who still looks like human, he will literally look like a penguin. We already have two animal looking villains (Professor Pyg and Mister Toad) so the third one would make sense. He will also be very sadistic, loving torture his enemies and seeing other people suffer. Since he would probably look a little goofy like a penguin, he would abuse his henchmen if they would mock his appearance. He will also have the Flamingo (a villain from Grant Morrison's Batman) as his dragon and the Terrible Trio at his employ. He will have a mother named Gertrude Cobblepot like in Gotham who is unaware of her son's activities and he is also revealed to be the biological brother of Max Shreck just like the original draft in Batman Returns. Penguin hates Shreck for leaving his mother after Shreck found out that a millionaire named Elijah Van Dahl was his father. Shreck would build his way up the corporate world while building criminal connections along the way.
  • In this version, Victor Fries was born in Lowell, Nebraska. As a boy, he and his mother Lorraine would enter the city's annual snowman contest at the first snow. On one such occasion, they were crossing a frozen lake when his mother fell through the ice. Though she survived the experience, she was never the same. For a year, she was confined to a wheelchair with severe brain damage. When the snowman contest came that next year, she had become such a burden on him that he led her across the same frozen lake, and allowed her to break through the ice again and drown. Years later, Victor had written his doctoral thesis on the first case of cryogenic stasis; that of Nora Fields. He became so obsessed with her that he believed he was in love with her, and that they were married. During one of his obsessive attempts to cure his "wife" that Fries became angry with his employer Ferris Boyle tried to shut down the experiment. Boyle then felt there was no hope for Fries which was why he tried to murder him by kicking him into a bunch of cryo-fluid and then leaving the lab with his security guards. Disfigured and mutated, Dr. Fries was forced to build a protective suit to survive at regular temperatures. Adopting the name "Mr. Freeze", the former scientist went mad and built himself a Freeze Ray to terrorize Gotham and get Nora back. After a few run-ins with the Batman, Freeze was sent to Arkham Asylum.
  • Bruce Wayne resumes his title as the only Batman, with Dick Grayson leaving the Batman identity and going back to Nightwing. Bruce would only take Dick in after the murder of his parents when he was sixteen years old. Dick also operates as a GCPD member.
  • John Stewart is introduced as a police sergeant of the GCPD. John formerly served in the marines and upon returning home, he decided to use his skills to help civilians as a police officer and eventually became a police sergeant. John at first dislikes the Batman, however, he soon discovers that he is Bruce Wayne, generates some understanding towards Bruce after a talk with his mother, and decides to join him in his crusade. John has a mother, a sister named Rose, and a deceased brother named Damon. Mr. Stewart was implied to have been a butcher who was an abusive man prompting John to try to become as legally violent as possible in order to cope. John would eventually help Bruce as Guardian and later on become Green Lantern. John has shaved his head, only has a moustache, and is very similar to Sergeant James Doakes from Dexter. Interestingly enough, John is also Dick Grayson's partner..
  • Carl Grissom (Jack Palace's character from the 1989 movie of Batman) is introduced a well-respected businessman who secretly controls Gotham's criminal underworld. Grissom gets into conflict with Dead Shot for his crimes until he identifies Bruce Wayne as Batman after finding the photos of him switching into costume. Grissom tells Dead Shot that and Dead Shot decides to kill Batman to prevent him from interfering. However, Bruce is able to defeat Dead Shot as Batman by having Christopher Chance, a bodyguard recommended by Sergeant John Stewart, to impersonate Bruce in order to protect his secret. Grissom starts to have hallucinations of Hugo Strange, whom he murdered a while back, and soon learns from Johnathan Crane that someone has put a machine in his home to make him see visions of Strange. Grissom believes that his right-hand man Jack Napier is responsible due to having an affair with his lover Harleen Quinzel and sets him up to be killed .at a raid gone wrong in Ace Chemicals with help from SWAT team Sergeant Brandon. After Napier is assumed dead by falling into a vat of chemicals, Grissom is murdered by the Joker, someone who takes over his empire and drives Harleen Quinzel insane into becoming Harley Quinn like in Suicide Squad.
  • Floyd Lawton is introduced as a GCPD captain and a man who strongly resembles Will Smith's portrayal of him in Suicide Squad. Lawton is John Stewart and Dick Grayson's employer, however, he becomes Dead Shot as a means of seeking justice outside the law after getting tired of corruption in the police department as well as criminals getting released on technicalities. Lawton is a skilled marksman and his devices were all designed by Johnatan James (J.J) Davis, who believes in his mission since Lawton killed a criminal who raped his fiance that got released on a technicality. As Dead Shot, Lawton is willing to kill innocent civilians and criminals which brings him into conflict with Batman because of his mental instability. He is also the father of Zoey Lawton and is divorced from her mother who is aware of his murderous activities. This is sort of based on my fan theory in Arrow that the cop Frank Pike is Vigilante and J.J Davis was Adrian Chase AKA Vigilante's associate in the comics who designed all of his gadgets.

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