Batman is a comic series in DC New!


The End

Bruce Wayne was only a child when he saw his parents be shot in front of him. After this, he was taken in and raised by Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne's ex-military butler. Years later, Bruce decided to join the GCPD but was refused by James Gordon, who was a friend of Thomas Wayne. After this, Bruce decided that if he couldn't join the GCPD he would join the Army. Bruce managed to join and become a Marine, where he met Harvey Dent. Bruce's first mission didn't go well, as he saw many Marines and innocent people be killed and found out first hand what it felt like to kill someone with a gun. After years of fighting, Bruce was finally sent back home with Harvey and whoever survived the war. Bruce and the rest parted ways as he made his way to Wayne Manor. He was taken in by Alfred, who took care of any wounds that hadn't healed right. However, Bruce believed that his time in the war didn't save anyone and that he killed more people than he saved. Bruce then tells Alfred that he wants to save Gotham in his own way, when Alfred asks what he means, Bruce reveals he wants to become a vigilante, so Alfred slaps him. Alfred and Bruce then argue about him becoming a vigilante, but the whole thing ends in Bruce firing Alfred. Alfred is hurt by this but packs up non the less. As he is about to leave, Bruce stops him and says that he isn't fired but that he's going to do this no matter what. Alfred is disappointed by this but understand and helps Bruce create his costume and equipment. The next night, a group of criminals are trying to transport a weapon to an unknown man when Bruce shows up in his suit and begins fighting. He manages to defeat them all and ties them up for the police. The GCPD do indeed show up and take the men away, with one cop questioning one of the men on who did this, with the man going on a tangent about the "Batman" as he calls him. The name catches on fast and every reporter, news company, and talk show host are calling the vigilante "Batman". Bruce, who is watching one of these talk shows, comments to Alfred that his suit doesn't even look like a bat while smiling.

The City That Sleeps

Pray For The Damned

Concept Art

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