Batman Max is a comic series in the DC Max inprint.

Story Arcs

The End

Thomas and Martha Wayne are respected buisness owners among the people of Gotham City. They have a son named Thomas Wayne, Jr. who grew up a very happy child. Or at least, that's what his parents thought. As Thomas was actually a horrible child who thought he was better than everyone else just because he was rich. These thought didn't fade as he grew up, but still his parent's didn't notice. He ended up owning the company, and his demeanor didn't rub off too well on his secretary, Lucius Fox. Making matters worse is the fact he decides to start pumping smoak in to the air and chemicals in to the water. This gets the attention of the Red Ivies, a group of eco terrorists who many people think cross the line in to actual terrorism. The Ivies end up knocking Thomas out by gassing his room. He wakes up in a warehouse, where they explain to him who they are and why they're doing this. The leader of the crew then reveals they also have his parents and are planning on killing them. When one of the Ivies questions him on this, he ends up being shot. The leader then turns and shoots both Thomas and Martha, who die next to each other. He then turns to kill Thomas, Jr. but the police show up. They panic and attempt to escape, but most are arrested. After this, Thomas slowly walks home, not talking to anyone. When he makes it there, he walks through the empty hallways, swearing that he will take out every last criminal on Gotham's streets, just to make sure this never happens again. He then realizes that if he always showed his face, someone would kill him, so he decides to come up with a costume. As he's wondering what his costume should be, a bat flies through his window.

On The Streets


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