Batman (DC XD)
Bruce Wayne, also know as Batman is the CEO of Wayne Industries after watching helplessly after two-bit crock, Joe Chill gunned down his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Seeking to average his parents' death and stopping every crimes in Gotham City, he travel arould the world to train himself. After returing to Gotham, he decides to use a bat as a motif to strike at the heart of the criminals. After defeating Black Mask, an crime boss who hired Chill to kills his parents, he gain the trusts of the Gotham PD and the commissioner, James Gordon, an old friend of his father. 

Powers & Abilities 

  • Martial Arts
  • Average Intelligence 
  • Detective Skills 

Various Weapons 

  • Baterangs 
  • Grappling Gun 
  • Smoke Bombs 
  • Night-Vision Goggles 
  • Electric Gloves 
  • Knock Out Gas Bombs 

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