Bruce Wayne is a business owner, philanthropist, and vigilante operating globally (though primarily in Gotham City, New Jersey). Through his vigilante work, Bruce, alias "Batman", works as a leader and founding member of the Justice League.


Early Life

Bruce was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne in Gotham City in 1973. Never having many friends, he grew up closer to his parents then anyone else. At a young age, Bruce grew an interest in boxing and other martial arts. Though never brave enough to try the sports himself, he would often watch live matches and bet on the winner with his father. Bruce was also interested in storytelling and theatrical arts, and even got private acting lessons (which would become useful later in life once he began his career as Batman).

At a very young age, Bruce watched his parents murdered by mugger Joe Chill. Though Bruce was spared, he was left traumatized and alone in an alley with nowhere to go. Bruce was found the next morning and brought back to Wayne Manor, left under the guardianship of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Given his skills, Alfred did his best to raise Bruce, encouraging him to make friends with kids his age to make up for the loss of his parents. This led to a brief conflict between Bruce and Alfred which only fueled Bruce's anger more. Growing apart from his butler, Bruce secretly began learning martial arts, believing himself capable of making his way through life on his own.

For the second time, Bruce was confronted with a criminal situation: a young homeless girl being threatened with rape by an older man. Against his better judgement, Bruce found himself beating the man from behind. His anger kicked in. In that instance, Bruce was symbolically murdering the concept of crime itself. Carried away with rage, he nearly killed the man, but was stopped by James Gordon and once again returned to Wayne Manor. Once home, Alfred explained to Bruce that he could have become just like the mugger who killed his parents, unintentionally traumatizing the young boy even more.

At age 18, Bruce would begin therapy sessions with social worker Leslie Thompkins. Now diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bruce was started on medication and given a job as a criminal profiler for the Gotham City Police Department. There, he grew close with James Gordon, and the two would often review evidence together. Eventually, Bruce quit his job, and instead focused on the betterment of Wayne Enterprises, the company left in his hands when his parents were murdered.

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