Cillian Darcy's DC Movie Universe (CD'S DCMU) is a fan term for a series of movies taking place in New 52 Universe.

List of CD'S DCMU Media

Phase 1

Film Titles Relese Dates Notes Villains
The Darcy Triplets (Film) Late 2016
Batman (2017) TBA
Injustice: Apocalypse TBA
Enchantress (2019) 2019
Cillian Darcy and the Tournament Island 2020
Untitle Justice League Movie TBA
Harley and Joker TBA
Cyborg TBA
Batman: A Death in a Family TBA

Phase 2

Film Titles Release Dates Notes Villains
The Darcy Triplets: Curse Souls  TBA
Batman: Revenge of the Joker TBA
The Ghost of Harley Quinn TBA
Superman: Darkseid TBA
Justice League: Time of Dimensions TBA
Injustice: Return of Lorcan Darcy TBA
Static Shock (Film) TBA
Joker (Film) TBA
Batman Beyond The Movie TBA
Harley Quinn: The Movie

Phase 3

Film Titles Release Dates Notes  Villains
Cyborg vs Cillian Darcy TBA

Red Hood (Film)

Harleen (Film) TBA
Green Arrow (Film TBA
Injustice: Harleen's Destiny TBA
Mad Love (Film) TBA
Batman: Nightmare of the Joker TBA
Justice League Part 1 TBA
Flash (Film) TBA
Justice League Part 2 TBA
Cillian Darcy: Harley Quinn's Revenge TBA
Cillian Darcy vs Superman : The Duel of the Clash TBA

Zatanna : Journey of Magic


Phase 4

  • This Phase is the final phase of the movie universe.
Film Titles Release Date Notes Villains
Zatanna 2 TBA This film is the second installment of the Zatanna trilogy.
Harley Quinn's Bad Dream TBA
Joker 2 TBA
Sucide Blonde TBA Based on the prequel comic with a same name
Superman: Apocalypse TBA Superman's final movie in the film universe.
Cillian Darcy: Revenge of Lorcan Darcy TBA This film's marks as the Redemption of Lorcan Darcy Mrs. Gilda
Joker 3 TBA

The final installment of the Joker Trilogy. ending confirmed Harley Quinn had moved away to Brooklyn

Harley Quinn: Hot in the City Based on the Harley Quinn's Comic Storyline. Final Harley Quinn Movie
Batman: The Final Chapter TBA Final Batman film in the movie universe. Red Hood
Cillian Darcy: The End Part 1 TBA
Cillian Darcy: The End Part 2 TBA Film confirmed Cillian's father reveals to be Dr. Slicer. The Death of Dr. Slicer. Cillian becomes Bat-Knight and Lorcan becomes Red Eagle. Dr. Slicer
Zatanna 3 TBA Final installment of the Zatanna trilogy
Justice League: The Final Chapter Final Justice League Movie
Cillian Darcy: The Apocalypse Final appearance of Lilly Darcy
Cyborg 2 Final Cyborg movie
Cillian Darcy: Prequel: Injustice of Dimensions Final Cillian Darcy movie, Take place before the Tournament Island. Superman
DC Dimensional Time Final CD DCMU Movie. 

Television Series

  • Harley Quinn - Based on the second volume comic book series.
  • Justice League Dark - 
  • Red Eagle -

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