This is a 2017 reboot of The Show Constantine.



  • Stephen Amell as John Constantine-20/20
  • Misha Collins as Gabriel- 18/20
  • Olivia Munn as Angela Dodson-17/20


  • Scarlet Johansson as Belial
  • Liam Nesson as Nergal
  •  ? as Lucifer
  • Willa Hollard as Zatanna Zatara


  1. John Constantine is a Hellblazer. With his father blaming him for his Mother's death, he soon gets greeted by a Demon Lady named Belial. She wants him to sell his soul to her. John refuses so Belial is about to kill him when he gets rescued by one of God's archangels named Gabriel.
  2. John tracks down Belial to New York City, and learns that she is searching for an ancient stone to release Nergal. John goes after her, and the two fight. Belial beats up John, and reveals to him that he murdered his wife and daughter, she then disappears. John moves to London, where he meets Detective Angela Dodson.
  3. It happens to be Angela is investigating a murder caused by a mysterious man. John decides to help her chase him down. Soon they made it to the man, and he happened to be a demon. John manages to kill the demon.
  4. Gabriel approaches John and tells him that a rogue Angel named Alicia has escaped from Heaven's prison and he needs help with tracking her down.
  5. John tells Angela that he hunts demons, and she doesn't believe him. Gabriel comes, and tells John that he found a key to getting revenge on Belial, A Woman named Zatanna. Gabriel also tells him that You Need to bring something from the night John's Wife and Daughter Died. John brings the head of his daughter's teddy Bear. Zatanna uses magic on the teddy Bear seeing the night That John's Wife, and Daughter died. It shows Belial killing his wife, and her taking her daughter somewhere. It shows her making a deal with Lucifer a archangel. She sells her to Lucifer, and Lucifer was planning on turning her into a Demon. Then Zatanna tells John what she saw, and John says he is going to kill her, but Zatanna, and Gabriel stopped him.
  6. John continues his search for Belial, and he confronts his daughter, only to be defeated by her. Gabriel and Angela try to find a way to defeat Lucifer, and to help John turn his daughter back into a human. Zatanna gives John a shocking offer, in exchange for her helping them save John's daughter.
  7. Gabriel admits to John that he has developed romantic feeling for Zatanna. (Continued)
  8. John shows Angela Gabriel to prove he hunts demons. Angela gets surprised, and tells John he is right. Lucifer soon completes his plan by realising Nergal, and John fights him. John, and Lucifer fight for a while until Nergal stops the fight. Nergal turns Lucifer into his slave, and banishes John to hell.

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