D.E.O. (also known as Department of Extranormal Operations or DEO) is an American scifi series, based on the DC organization of the same name.



David Harewood as Mr. Bones

Jessica De Gouw as Katherine "Kate" Spencer

Emily Bett Rickards as Cameron Chase

Benicio Del Toro as Donald Fite

Karl Yune as Ishido Maad


Tom Cavanagh as Joseph Powers


Season One

  1. "Pilot"-In Brooklyn, a man goes around, killing people and the D.E.O. are called in when it becomes clear the killer is a Meta-Human. The team find out the killer is named Johnathan Irons, and he can turn his arms in to blades. They track Irons to a warehouse, where Donald Fite and Ishido Maad burst in, but Irons almost kills Maad and runs away. After this, Cameron Chase and Kate Spencer continue the search for Irons, while Mr. Bones gets in to some trouble with a man named Joseph Powers, who claims his organization is inhumane, claiming it locks people up for being different. They track Irons down again, and they go in with a strange machine, which they use to knock Irons out. They take him to the D.E.O. prison, but an unknown man opens the cells as soon as Irons is put in. Most of the Meta-Humans escape but quite a few of them stay behind and try to kill the team, so Bones reveals a machine they found in a crashed alien space ship, which they use to capture the Meta-Humans. Meanwhile, the man who released the Meta-Humans is revealed to be Joseph Powers, who has a grudge against Bones for an unknown reason.

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