DC Alternate is an inprint in DC Comics that tells what if stories about famous heroes. Most of the stories take place in different universes.



What if Wonder Woman never existed? this story tells us the answer, as the god of war himself tries to take over the land, will he fail like so many have before him, or will he catch lightning in a bottle?


What if Bruce Wayne was in his middle ages and Robin had turned evil? no matter what the ending, the answer is simple: mayhem.


What if Harley Quinn was a villain before the Joker even showed up? this story following the mad doctor attempts to tell us the answer.

Superman of Mars

What if Superman instead of landing on Earth lands on Mars? well just prepare to see Superman wearing green, and Superman being the last survivor of Mars.

Gotham Hell

What if Batman is drunk, and all of his rogues has a weird thing? Well stay tuned to find out.

Zod of Steel

What if a baby Zod was sent to Earth instead of Kal-El? this story attempts to show us the answer, and be warned, it contains an even more powerful Superman.

Green Flash

What if the Flash had Green Lantern's ring? Well this story will tell you the answer, but beware strange stuff will happen.


What if heroes are villains and villains are heroes, it may already happened but who cares.

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