DC Electric: Green Arrow is a limited series of comics taking place in Earth-EM.


#1 - Emerald Archer

Plot: The issue starts with a young Oliver Queen taking archery lessons. His parents are rich Gotham City socialites and good friends of the Wayne family. Ten years later, when Oliver is in his 20's, he is arrested for drunk driving, disappointing his parents. Oliver is kicked out of his family's mansion and goes to live with his girlfriend, aspiring singer Dinah Lance. Eventually, Dinah gets sick of Oliver's irresponsible and reckless behavior, so she breaks up with him and begins dating her manager. After finding a magazine with an ad about an archery competition in Star City, Oliver starts living on the streets and gets his childhood bow and arrow back after breaking into his parents' house. He begins practicing again and sneaks on board train to Star City. Suddenly, a group of thieves attack the train, led by notorious criminal Arthur Merlyn. Oliver takes an arrow and pokes two eye-holes in a green cloth, then wraps it around his face like a mask. Oliver attacks one of the thieves and throws him out of the train, then shoots another thief with an arrow. Merlyn attacks him, and greatly outmatches him. Merlyn punches Oliver in the face, knocking one of his teeth out. Merlyn is about to push Oliver out of the train car when Oliver grabs Merlyn's shoulders and turns around, pushing Merlyn out of the car. The train arrives in Star City, and Oliver gets off before anyone can stop him.

Characters introduced: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Arthur Merlyn, Dinah Lance

#2 - Canary's Song