DC Electric: Wonder Woman is a comic series taking place on Earth-EM.


#1 - The Amazons

Plot: The Amazons are a group of powerful warrior women who live on the island of Themyscira, isolated from the outside world. Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, had a child with Zeus, the God of Lightning. Her daughter is a demi-god named Diana who was born with the powers of super strength and flight. Ever since her birth Diana has been training to become the next Queen of the Amazons. When the sorceress Circe escapes from her prison underneath Themyscira, she goes on a rampage across the world, wreaking havoc with her magical abilities. Diana decides that she must go stop her, but Hippolyta tells her she is not ready. Diana takes off anyways, stealing the Lasso of Truth and the Amazonian Bracelets, two mystical Amazon weapons. The Lasso of Truth can make people tell the truth, and the Amazonian Bracelets are indestructible and can protect against any weapon. Diana arrives in Coast City, where Circe has summoned an army of Minotaur-like creatures to destroy everything. Diana challenges Circe to a battle, and fights her on top of the Ferris Aircraft building. Diana manages to catch Circe with the Lasso and makes her reveal her only weakness, which is the lightning bolt of Zeus. Circe manages to pull the lasso off of her and blasts Diana with a magic beam of energy. Diana goes to Themyscira, where she tells Hippolyta they need help from Zeus. Hippolyta refuses to do so because she hates Zeus, but Diana convinces her after telling her that Zeus's lightning bolt is Circe's only weakness. Hippolyta gets the Ocarina of the Gods, an ancient relic that can summon Zeus. She plays it, and Zeus appears before them. Diana tells him that they need his lightning bolt to stop Circe. Zeus gives the bolt to Diana, and tells her that since she's his daughter she's the only Amazon able to use it. Zeus returns to Mount Olympus as Diana flies to Coast City, which has been almost completely leveled. Diana confronts Circe, and strikes her with the bolt, which causes Circe to explode. Diana lands down on the ground, and civilians crowd around her. They ask her what her name is, but she just flies away. The story ends with a Daily Planet TV news report talking about the mysterious hero who people are calling "the Wonder Woman".

Characters introduced: Diana/Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, Zeus, Circe