DC Film Universe, commonly referred to as DC Cinematic Universe or DCFU, is a franchise of films based on DC Comics publications, independently produced by DC Films.



DC Film Universe first started as a spin-off series based on The Dark Knight trilogy by Cristopher Nolan, focusing on John Blake as Batman, similar to the Batman & Robin comics. Cristopher Nolan though declined DC Entertainment, due to The Dark Knight trilogy being completed. He offered to create a new Batman project, which DC Entertainment accepted to.

Warner Bros. ordered for a cinematic universe like Marvel's, rivaling the Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. would the producers and distributors, and Geoff Jones was made the head due to his experience in the comic book industry.

J. J. Abrams had submitted a draft for a reboot of the Superman films, which Cristopher Nolan was impressed with. J. J. Abrams became one of the main directors along with Cristopher Nolan for the DC Films Franchise, working on his Superman films and the Justice League films which he worked with Joss Whedon.


Phase One

Phase Two



  • DCFU takes inspiration from the pre-Flashpoint comics, New 52 comics (and Rebirth), animated series, films, and video games.