DC Supernatural is a comic universe where the DC characters are reimagined with a Supernatural origin.


Batman Supernatural

Bruce Wayne as a child made a deal with a bat like demon to spare his father if he becomes its host. 20 years later Bruce still having the demon in him, decides to become a vigilante. And to find a way to remove the demon from him.

Superman Supernatural

The Kents find a kid on their front porch on Friday the 13th. The Kents decide to raise him as their own even though he has strange abilities like a werewolf. Soon the Kents decide to tell Clark he is a werewolf. So he decides to stop other people with supernatural powers and using it for evil.

Flash Supernatural

Barry Allen was a scientist until he made a deal with a devil to become his servant. Barry accepts because his mother's life is at risk. So he returns as a FBI analyst with whenever injustice lurks he turns into a super fast demon.

Green Arrow Supernatural

Oliver Queen was on a ship with his father, until the ship suddenly crashes. While on the island Robert, Oliver's father revealed his family are a type of wizard, and Oliver needs to learn how to use magic, primarily magic arrows. When he returns he discovers a majority of the criminals have wizard items.

Wonder Woman Supernatural

An ancient Oracle prophesied a child will be created in order to stop an ancient threat. So an ancient cult made a child named Diana to stop it. When she is 20 she becomes a warrior named Wonder Woman.

Justice League Supernatural

When a mysterious Demon named Felix Faust invades New York, a demon hunter named John Constantine unites Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman in a team to stop him.

Suicide Squad Supernatural

A witch named Amanda Waller decides to make a group of supernatural villains to fight a threat known as Cadmus. The members are Rick Flagg a vampire, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot people who have magic items, Enchantress a Ancient witch, and Multiplex a man that can clone himself.

Trinity of Sin

3 people Victor Sage a man who made a deal with a devil so he lost his face, Pandora a woman that opened a box full of evil, and a mysterious man called Phantom Stranger must stop Felix Faust's employer by the name of B.


A origin story of John Constantine and how he became a hellblazer.

Aquaman Supernatural

Arthur Curry was a marine biologist until he finds a strange relic that makes him half man, half sea monster. When he finds a ancient Sea monster village, he decides to protect it from evil.

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