DC Swap is a Comic Universe where characters swap roles.


Batman Swap

Lyle Bolton was a former security guard before he got kicked out for him killing off the inmates. So now Lyle decides to dress up as a Bat, to stop different villains.

Superman Swap

Mon-El was the last son of Daxom a neighbor planet to Krypton. Then when Daxon blows up, Mon-El gets sent to Earth. Now he is a worker at Katco and he decides to be a hero.

Wonder Woman Swap

Circe is an sorceress in Themyscira, when she discovers that the rulers of the island is corrupt. So now she decides to become a Hero to stop the Rulers.

Aquaman Swap

Orm of Atlantis was supposed to be the king, but his brother, Orin, was crowned instead. At first, Orm hated his brother, but when Orin was killed by the Black Manta, Orm swore revenge. He was crowned king, but it felt empty, as he came to the realization he was ruling a kingdom full of people he hated.

Flash Swap

Caitlin Snow is a scientist. When she gets struck by Lightning she decides to become a Hero. But she also must solve the mystery of a Reverse Flash.

Green Arrow Swap

Tommy Merlyn is the son of a millionaire. When he gets crashed on an island, and returns. He has changed a lot. Now he must save his city from corruption.

Justice League Swap

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, and Atom form a team to stop dangerous threats.

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