DC Unlimited is DC Comics answer the Marvel Ultimate Universe. Much like the Ultimate Universe, the Unlimited Universe reimagines the DC universe, but does keep the core elemets of the stories.


Main Timeline

Batman Unlimited

Bruce Wayne saw his parents be shot in front of his eyes when he was only eleven. After this, he was adopted by Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne's butler. Bruce swore he would protect his city by any means necessary, and became "The Batman".

Superman Unlimited

The alien scientist Jor-El found out that his world was going to explode, so he sent his son Kal-El to Earth, to the disapproval of the Kryptonian High Council. Kal-El was adopted by the Kents and years later became Superman to protect his home of Metropolis.

Wonder Woman Unlimited

Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons had a child with the Greek God Zues, whom she kept secret for years. However, Hippolyta's daughter, Diana, exposed herself when she defeated the "Wonder Woman" and became the new one. However, Hippolyta wasn't happy with her daughter and banished her to "men's world".

Flash Unlimited

Barry Allen's mother was murdered when he was a child, and his father was given the blame. Years later, Barry became a Central City Police Forensic Investigator. One night, he was struck by lightning and flew back in to a shelf of chemicals. He found out he had super speed and became "The Flash".

Green Lantern Unlimited

Hal Jordan is a pilot who is known for his fearlessness. Because of this, once the Green Lantern Abin Sur died, his ring chose Hal to be the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Hal now protects Earth and the galaxy from alien threats.

Green Arrow Unlimited

Oliver Queen is the owner or Queen Industries, and is secretly the masked vigilante Green Arrow. He protects his city from any threat that comes to destroy it, while also attending meetings for his company.

Justice League Unlimited

A team of heroes come together to defend their world from threats they can't fight alone. The team consists of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquama. Together, they are the Justice League.

Doom Patrol Unlimited

The Doom Patrol are a very strange group of heroes, who fight strange villains, in a very strange world. 

Teen Titans Unlimited

A team of teenage heroes come together to fight crime, while also dealing with problems in their own lives and learning about themselves and each other.

Possible Futures

All-Star Batman Unlimited

In a possible future that takes place five years away, Bruce Wayne is still the Batman, defending Gotham City from many criminals who are showing up, trying to kill Bruce and take the city over.

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