DC Electric

Earth-EM is ElectricMayhem's own reality where he reimagines the classic DC characters in his own way. It is known as DC Electric.


DC Electric: Batman

Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, uses a bulletproof Batsuit and various weapons to fight crime in Gotham City as the Batman.

DC Electric: Superman

Clark Kent was born with strange powers, and soon discovers he is the reincarnation of Kal-El, the Prince of Krypton. He uses these powers to fight against the corrupt government and defend the planet Earth as the Man of Steel, Superman.

DC Electric: Wonder Woman

Diana, the daughter of an Amazon queen and the lightning god Zeus, uses her special demi-god abilities to battle magic creatures like sorceresses and demons as the Wonder Woman.

DC Electric: The Flash

Barry Allen is the Flash, the fastest man alive, who defends Central City against strange supervillains and scientific monstrosities with his superhuman speed.

DC Electric: Green Lantern

Hal Jordan, a US air force pilot, is the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic army of powerful alien soldiers. Using his Power Ring, he defends against cosmic-level threats with his various extraterrestrial teammates.

DC Electric: Green Arrow (Limited series)

The story of Oliver Queen, a drunken loser who must redeem himself and become the Green Arrow, a vigilante archer focused on helping out the people of Star City.

DC Electric: Doom Patrol

Professor Niles Caulder gathers a group of so-called "freaks" to help him stop the B.R.A.I.N., a sinister cyborg out to take over the world.

DC Electric: Hawk and Dove

Sisters Dawn and Holly Granger are chosen by the Gods of Chaos and Order to become their mortal avatars, and are given special abilities to fight crime and bring balance to the world. Dawn is a peaceful animal rights activist while Holly is an aggressive professional boxer, and due to their polar opposite personalities they often clash during missions. Will they be able to learn to work together, or will they die trying?

DC Electric: Shazam

A young man named Billy Batson gains the ability to activate secret magic powers whenever he shouts "SHAZAM!".

DC Electric: Aquaman

Orin, the King of Atlantis, is overthrown by his own brother, and thrown into an abyss. He is found by scuba divers who bring him to Amnesty Bay, where he ends up saving the town from attacking Atlanteans, and is recruited by the US military to go on various missions as the "Aquaman".

DC Electric: Brave and the Bold

A team-up series in which Batman teams up with a new hero each issue.

DC Electric: Hawkman and Hawkgirl (Limited series)

DC Electric: Justice League