This is an alternate version of the DC Comics Universe, in which its main characters are re-imagined by Doc Nygma. New titles were released in waves every month.

Wave 1

Earth-Nygma: Batman

This is a re-imagining of the DC Comics character Batman. Bruce Wayne was the son of Thomas Wayne, CEO of Wayne Tech, and Dr. Martha Wayne, a prominent couple in Gotham City. However, they were killed on the night of their wedding anniversary, and Bruce narrowly avoided death when he was kidnapped by Alfred Pennyworth, Thomas's Marine buddy and the wife of his medical school colleague Leslie Thompkins. Bruce is raised abroad by Leslie and Alfred, eventually becoming an Army doctor.He is discharged when a bomb injury gives him PTSD. He returns to the US at age 30, and discovers that corruption is running rampant in his father's company. Instead of taking over the company, which would only cause the corruption to go underground and continue hidden from him, he takes advantage of the fact that everyone thinks he is dead by taking on the new identity of Bruce Thompkins. As Bruce Thompkins, he opens a free clinic in Gotham's Crime Alley. He investigates the corruption in Wayne Tech undercover while taking on Crime Alley's criminals as vigilante, eventually becoming The Batman.