Flashpoint is a show rethinking flashpoint.


Josh Keaton as Barry Allen/ Flash

Nolan North as Thomas Wayne/ Batman, Aquaman

Tara Strong as Wonder Woman, Lois Lane

Troy Baker as Cold, Reverse Flash

Grey Griffin as Nora Allen, Circe

Khary Phanton as Cyborg


Season 1

  1. "Strange New World"-Barry Allen fights Reverse Flash when Reverse Flash says that Barry can save his Mother. After Barry saves his mother, he discovers he has no powers. He looks on the news and he sees that the alanteans and Amazonians are in war. He tries stoppomg an Amazonian warrior. But he gets knocked out. He gets dragged to the bat cave and he tries talking to Batman, but he uppercuts him . Then Barry discovers that he is Thomas Wayne. Thomas gives him advice to meet a resistance fighter named Cold. While Wonder Woman Sends a socerress named Circe to kill Aquamnan.
  2. "Cold Hands, Cold Heart"-Barry goes to Cold, and is shocked to find out he is his old enemy Captain Cold, in this world he is the city's hero. They go out to find more people to join their team, but they find Aquaman being attacked by Circe. Barry goes to save him, against the orders of Cold. He and Cold fight Circe, managing to defeat her and gain the thanks of Aquaman. Later, Barry finds out Cold has something he wants to keep secret, and is shocked to find out he froze and killed this world's Wally West.
  3. "Sucide Mission"- Cold claims that Wally is this world's reverse flash. Then Cold claims he is a part of this world's Sucide squad. Then Cold says he knows Bary is from another World. Barry asks why he knows and Cold says he is actually Captian Cold. Then they meet the leader Cyborg. He says there is a Alantean base, and they need to steal a weapon. They sneak in while Barry talks with cold about regaining his speed.
  4. "Human"-Cold walks in on Barry, who has tied himself to a chair with a metal pole coming out of it, surounded by chemicals. Lightning strikes and Barry is horribally wounded. Meanwhile, Cyborg meets with Batman, who just threw a man off a building. He asks Batman to join his team, but Batman respondes with kicking Cyborg off the building. Later, Barry has a dream of his mother, telling him he needs to come home, he wakes up and decides to try again to get his powers.
  5. "Rebirth"- Cold shows a miniature Partical accelerator and Barry tells him to activate it. Cold activates it and Barry regains his powers. Then Barry finds his costume ring and it shows a yellow costume. Cold decides to have Barry change it. Then Barry gets his red costume back. Then the reporter Lois Lane gets saved by a figure in yellow. Then when the squad sees it both Barry and Cold know it is The Reverse Flash.

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