Gabriel is a character in the TV show Future Constantine. He is played by Misha Collins.

Early Life

Gabriel fought with Michael during Lucifer's rebellion and aided Michael in casting him off to hell, after that God would make him one of the first archangels.

Future Constantine

In Future Constantine God sends Gabriel down to protect the Earth as the planet has had many attacks by demons, Gabriel would also become a detective named Franklin Dale as his alter ego. He is also partners with Katherine Pearce.

Season 2

Gabriel serves as an antagonist in season 2 since he wants Jack to stay dead so a war in hell will continue. In the end, Gabriel is stripped of his archangel status.

Season 3

Gabriel is now a fallen angel, though he still retains some of his powers. He feels extremely guilty over his actions and is determined to redeem himself. He is still a homicide detective for the London police. Gabriel then redeems himself by sacrificing himself to save Jack and is then reborn as an archangel by God.

Season 4

In season four Gabriel serves as more of a detective than anything else but does sometimes show his archangel side. He becomes determined to clear Jack's name by any means necessary.


Unlike other characters every season Gabriel has a different personality. In season one he is just a normal detective but when he turns in to an archangel he starts talking in old English and acts a lot like a knight, while in his human form he would often go on rants about humanity.

Jack has described Gabriel's actions in season two as "Showing his true colors" he did things like cast people to other worlds, trick all other angels and even lie about not being able to bring Jack back to life.

In season three Gabriel seems to be a hero that thinks like a villains, he tries to stop himself from doing anything he did in season two since he wants to get back in to heaven and redeem himself.

In season four Gabriel is the same as in season one but he no longer rants about humanity and seems to care about it a lot more since he is the first to try and stop a murder in the past but since this would cause a paradox he is stopped.

Powers and abilities


  • Flight: Gabriel has wings that allow him to fly.
  • Portal opening: He can create portals to other worlds.
  • Immortality.


  • Spear Fighting.
  • Speed: Gabriel is very fast while flying.