Gotham High is a TV series following a teenage Harley Quinn before she even was Harley Quinn.


Tara Strong as Harleen Quinzel

Will Friedle as Edward "Eddie" Nygma

Nolan North as Bane

Dante Basco as Jonathan "Johnny" Crane

Wade Williams as Waylon "Croc" Jones

Grey DeLisle as Pamela Isley

Dee Bradley Baker as Principal Kirk Langstrom


Season One

  1. "The New Kid"-It's Harleen Quinzel's first day at Gotham High, so the school has a student, Eddie Nygma, to show her around. Eddie introduces Harleen to Bane, a jock who doesn't like anyone, Johnny Crane, a student who likes to scare everyone else, Waylon Jones, a larger student with a skin problem, and Pamela Isley, who is one of Eddie's friends. After meeting the students, she meets the teachers, including Principal Kirk Langstrom. After school, Eddie asks Halreen what she thinks of the school, with her saying she already hates it.

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