Green Arrow, is an American web television series created for Netflix by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. The show is about the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. Oliver Queen returns to Star City to his guardian Eddie Feyers after training with Talia Al Ghul in order to cope with the death of his parents at a young age when the Queen's Gambit was sabotaged. Becoming the Green Arrow, Oliver tries to be a beacon of hope that his city desperately needs.


  • Jake McDorman as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
  • Erik King as Sergeant John Diggle
  • James Remar as Eddie Feyers
  • J.K Simmons as Lieutenant Quentin 'Larry' Lance
  • Robert Buckley as Tommy Merlyn
  • Blake Lively as Assistant District Attorney Laurel Lance
  • Shantel Vansanten as Felicity Smoak


  • Kristin Kreuk as Talia Al Ghul
  • Edward James Olmos as Dr. Steven Bishop
  • John Lone as Natas
  • Charlotte Ross as Donna Smoak
  • Josh Holloway as Robert Queen
  • Tyrese Gibson as James Olsen/Guardian
  • Grant Gustin as Winn Schott Jr./Man-In-The-Van

Season 1

  1. "Pilot"-Oliver Queen has spent time training in archery and the ways of the League of Assassins with a woman named Talia. Eventually, Oliver and Talia have to work together when a student of Talia's, named Natas, decides to use his teachings for selfish reasons. In Starling City, which is renamed Star City in honor of the deceased millionaire Kord Industries CEO Ted Kord, John Diggle, a former assassin for Special Forces, is welcomed to Star City by Captain Quentin Lance, who makes him a sergeant and assigns him with Billy Malone. Diggle served in the Special Forces until he decided to give up his military career to help civilians as a police sergeant in order to honor his father, MCU Detective James Diggle, who was close friends with Lance. For Diggle and Malone's first case, they have to investigate the murder of construction firm owner Winslow Mitchell, who was found dead on a cross at a construction site and died from crucifixion, according to the coroner. While on the case, Diggle and Malone encounter many people who disliked Mitchell since he demolished a church to make way for his new building, which he is found dead in. Diggle becomes suspicious of Mitchell's company psychologist, Dr. Steven Bishop, and gets a warrant to search his office in the evening. Diggle then finds video footage on Bishop's laptop showing Mitchell having remorse for demolishing the church and Bishop motivating him to commit suicide as well as the two men discussing their plans to kill Mitchell. Diggle submits the evidence to Lance, who puts out an APB on Bishop, who is revealed to be in hiding at a church with a man named Sebastian Blood (James Frain). Oliver and Talia defeat Natas. Oliver then asks Talia to visit Star City, which Talia allows. In flashbacks, on the night the Queens Gambit went down, Robert (Josh Holloway) and a young Oliver (Ty Simpkins) were able to make it on a lifeboat. Knowing that there is enough food for only one, Robert pulls out a gun and kills himself in order to increase Oliver's chances for survival.
  2. "Green Arrow"-Bishop attacks Star City's infrastructure, demanding 10 million dollars per week from Walter Steele, now the CEO of Queen Consolidated, in order to cease the attacks. Oliver and Talia attempt to keep the peace on the streets, Felicity is assigned by Walter to locate the virus since Walter feels that Cayden's demands are bad for business. She quickly realizes that she designed the virus five years earlier while as a student at M.I.T and that it is unstoppable. Her mother Donna shows up unannounced, and the two have a falling out over how different they are from each other. Felicity soon realizes that Donna was unknowingly sent by Felicity's ex-boyfriend Cooper Sheldon, who told Cayden about the virus. Cooper kidnaps them both. Using Donna as leverage, Cooper forces Felicity to divert a set of armored vehicles, carrying newly minted money, to their location. Oliver arrives with Talia to stop Cooper and his team. Felicity reconciles with Donna. Talia allows Oliver to return to Star City to be its' protector and Oliver, taking the name Green Arrow, makes a video broadcast to the city, vowing to be a beacon of hope making Lance wonder who the new vigilante is and Diggle vowing to bring the vigilante down. In flashbacks, Walter had Oliver do clerical work on an oil rig on the Pacific Ocean, however, Oliver turned the rig into a hub for wild parties. At a party, Oliver demonstrates his archery to Leena and best friend Tommy Merlyn. The group of friends was waiting for a rock star hired by Oliver to play for them. Things got much worse when the helicopter meant to be carrying this rock star turned out to have been commandeered by oil-thieving terrorists. Tommy dragged Ollie to safety, leaving Leena outside on the platform. The two of them discovered a wounded crewman, who blamed Oliver for the security breach as the terrorists commandeered one of the helicopters that was not even supposed to have been there. These terrorists had fixed the platform and several of its occupants including Leena with explosives, holding them hostage until they could siphon millions of dollars worth of crude oil.Tommy and Oliver managed to get past some sentries, and despite his warnings, Ollie went up onto the platform alone, armed with only his longbow, in the hopes of saving Leena. Oliver had a plan. He would take just one shot, through the terrorist leader's wrist, causing him to drop the detonator into the ocean. Unfortunately, on its way down, the detonator bounced against one of the platform's struts and activated. Leena and everyone around her was obliterated by the explosion. However, Oliver manages to survive unharmed. Oliver is then recruited by Talia to train with her.
  3. "Lian Yu"-Oliver and Talia return to Lian Yu, where they arrange for Oliver's return to Star City. Talia leaves to bribe the boatmen to sail towards the island, but Oliver gets captured by Dimitry and the Whisper Gang, who have been assigned by Natas to kill Oliver. Dimitry injects a drug into Oliver that forces him to suffer visceral hallucinations of painful moments from his childhood. After enduring visions of Robert and Karen Jennings, Oliver eventually finds the strength to escape. Dimitry finds Oliver's cell empty and sends his men to find him, with orders not to kill him. Oliver arrives at a box to retrieve his items when he is caught by the Whisper Gang. He manages to kill the men and escape. He is then attacked by Dimitry, who pilots a helicopter. Oliver manages to take the helicopter down and prepares to kill Viktor. However, he runs out of bullets and he and Dimitry engage in a brutal fight. Just when the boat sent by Talia is set to arrive, Oliver kills Dimitry and escapes. He takes the items to alter his appearance and enacts a series of events to stage that he has always been stranded on the island. While on the boat going home, Oliver calls Walter, who is at first reluctant to believe it but eventually accepts it. Oliver and Walter continue their talk, crying over their phones. Back in Star City, Lance is questioned about a shooting incident involving Diggle and a suspect. Diggle was claiming that he fired in self-defense, but his story doesn't add up. However, analysis of the angle and blood spatter evidence suggests that Bayard, the man killed, was not shot from where Diggle says he had shot him. Lance contemplates what he should do and opts for what he thinks is right, so he reports his actual observations, the forensic evidence, and the discrepancies with Diggle's story to Internal Affairs, even though this will brand him as a rat. It turns out that the man Diggle killed was a former Haitian terrorist militia member of the Tonton Macoute, whom he had encountered while in the army during Black Ops in Haiti, and Diggle knew the suspect had committed awful crimes. The whole situation, in the end, gets kicked under the rug due to sensitive foreign related issues and Diggle shows Lance that he respects him after standing up for Lance to a fellow officer. In flashbacks, on Lian Yu, Talia assigns Natas to have Oliver understand how psychos think and feel, to absorb the "killer's lament". Natas spent time putting Oliver through a brutal trial of martial combat.  Over the course of many nights, Ollie hones his body to perfection and transforms himself into a living weapon.
  4. "Welcome Back, Oliver Queen"-Oliver is welcomed home to Star City by his family butler Eddie Feyers and best friend Tommy Merlyn. They sense he has changed. Oliver hides the truth about the man he has become and tries to reconcile with his former girlfriend, Laurel, who is Quentin's niece and angry at Oliver for cheating on her with Leena. While reconnecting with those closest to him, Oliver secretly masquerades as the Green Arrow and tries to succeed in his goal of bringing down Adam Hunt's son, Albert Hunt, who has taken over his father's crime family and has scammed millions from various people in the city. Oliver quickly and easily sneaks away from Walter and uses Robert's old hideout as his own as well as his training center. As the Green Arrow, Oliver confronts Albert orders him to transfer $40 million into an account to be used to pay back the people of the Glades. When Albert refuses, Oliver sends the transfer anyway before escaping as the police arrive. However, Lance is revealed to have stalled the police to buy the archer time to steal the money from Albert since Laurel is trying to prosecute Albert for stealing money from the people of the Glades, a crime-ridden neighborhood. Elsewhere, Sebastian Blood blackmails a crime lord named Werner Zytle into serving him for holding his mother Gertrude hostage.
  5. "The Candidate"-Sebastian Blood kidnaps Zytle's mother and blackmails Zytle into murdering all of the candidates so that Blood can run for office unchallenged. After Zytle kills Jessica Dansforth, a friend of the Queen family, Blood orders Zytle to fake-kidnap Tommy in an attempt to tip the voting scales in his favor. The plan goes horribly wrong when Zytle's hired kidnapper, Lonnie Machin, takes control of the situation. Oliver manages to diffuse the situation as the Green Arrow and begins to suspect Zytle is behind all this.
  6. Green Arrow V.S Nightwing-Oliver goes to Bludhaven to track down Humprey Dumpler but ends up assisting the Bludhaven Police Department with arresting Erin McKillen, leader of the Irish mafia. During her trial where Dick Grayson and Luke Fox are providing their testimonies, McKillen gets killed by an archer and the public believes the culprit to be the Green Arrow since a green arrow was used to kill her. Oliver learns of this and believes he is being framed which is why he tries to clear his name and Dick decides to go after the Green Arrow as Night Wing. Green Arrow manages to escape after injuring Night Wing during the fight. However, Dick is rescued by Luke before the police can find him. Luke explains to Night Wing that he had the green arrow used to kill McKillen analyzed and discovered it was different than the ones that the Green Arrow uses. Oliver learns from FBI Special Agent Vic Sage that he was framed by a mercenary named Simon Lacroix, who he has been trying track and goes by the name Komodo. Dick and Oliver both then learn that Lacroix was hired by Two-Face to assassinate her. They both managed to take down Two-Face and Green Arrow asks Night Wing to tell him about where he can find Humprey Dumpler, which surprises Night Wing. In flashbacks, Harvey Dent was once a successful defense attorney whose clientele includes twin sisters from the McKillen crime family, Shannon and Erin. The sisters coerce Dent to become their family's legal retainer for life. They then place a contract on James Gordon and his entire family, despite Dent's protestations. The Gordons survive the attempt on their lives, but Dent, trapped by attorney-client confidentiality, is unable to dissuade the McKillens from continuing their lethal vendetta. The violent attempt on the Gordons' lives prompts Bruce Wayne to use his resources to initiate and fund Dent's campaign for district attorney. Dent becomes D.A. and has the McKillen sisters prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. After Shannon commits suicide, Erin escapes by switching places with her sister's corpse. Blaming Dent for her sister's death, Erin breaks into Dent's house, kills his lover Gilda Gold in front of him, and pours acid on his face, transforming him into Two-Face.
  7. Broken-Strange, life-sized toy army men have started appearing all over Bludhaven, armed with real weapons! When Dick and Oliver investigate, however, they discover that they are not toys, but people trapped inside explosive shells. F.B.I Special Agent Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan ) and her accomplices, along with Agent Vic Sage (Josh Segarra) take over the investigation. Sharpe instead wants the Bludhaven Police Department to instead hunt down Night Wing and the Green Arrow. Realizing that the connection to the victims is Humprey Dumpler, Night Wing and Green Arrow try to stop him. However, Dumpler abducts Watson and arms dealer Rumi Mori. Sharpe and Mori are saved, however, Dumpler commits suicide by jumping to his death and leaves behind a list of criminals associated with Hunt which makes Oliver decide to return to Star City. Before leaving, Dick and Oliver discover each other's secret identities and decide to have a friendly duel to see who would win in a fight. Flashbacks reveal that Sharpe wanted to bring down Mori due to supplying weapons to terrorists, rebels, street gangs, and government which was why she got mob accountant Dumpler to testify against him. Outraged by this, Mori ordered Dumpler to be assassinated by Icepick Joe. However, Dumpler ended up in a coma and soon escaped vowing revenge after stabbing an orderly in the hospital and making a deal with Albert Hunt.
  8. Metamorphosis"-Returning to Star City, Oliver decides to investigate Simon Stagg at Stagg Enterprises since Stagg has been illegally selling pharmaceuticals to Zytle. However, an incident happens at the company and the Green Arrow rescues a security guard named Rex Mason (Tom Welling) who had been exposed to a weaponized toxic gas known as "Project Metamorpho." Soon, Rex begins to mutate and gains the ability to manipulate the elements of his own body. Terrified and unable to control his new abilities, Rex becomes a fugitive. Walter realizes that this metamorphosis is slowly killing Rex and develops a cure for Oliver to use. Rex becomes concerned with being with Simon Stagg's daughter Sapphire, the woman he loves. Oliver discovers that Stagg knew about Mason and his daughter's affair beforehand which is why he set the accident up in an attempt to kill Rex due to not approving of this. Stagg attempts to kill the vigilante only for him to escape and tell Rex about it. Rex becomes enraged and goes to kill Stagg at his company. However, this was actually part of Oliver's plan to lure Rex to Stagg Enterprises to be killed. Stagg, desperate to live, allows Oliver access to Project Metamorpho where the antidote did not work. After Rex vanishes, Stagg attempts to pin the blame of Rex's death on Oliver, however, Oliver shows Sapphire the footage of her father's role in Rex's transformation. Sapphire leaves devastated and Oliver does as well not before revealing to Stagg that he sent the footage to the SCPD. Meanwhile, several inmates of Iron Heights Prison including Carrie Cutter, Aaron Helzinger, Lonnie Machin, Arnold Dobkins, Freddy Dreyfus, and Robert Greenwood are broken out of the prison by Blood and his cousin/enforcer, Helena Bertinelli. All but Dreyfus agree to join forces with Blood. Dreyfus is strangled to death for his refusal.
  9. "Guardian"-While Oliver works to track down the escaped inmate, Walter soon learns of his nephew, James 'Jimmy' Olsen, otherwise known as Superman's Pal, visiting Star City for a while. However, Walter is unaware that Olsen is actually a shield-carrying crime fighter known as Guardian. Oliver pursues a group of rogue CIA operatives led by Onyx Adams that are hunting down a former member of their team in order to silence him. However, Oliver is interrupted by the Anti-Crimes Unit led by Commissioner Pike, who wish to arrest the vigilante. Olsen rescues Oliver from arrest. Later, the Guardian and Green Arrow track down a rogue group of mercenaries led by Onyx Adams at a hotel and engages them, defeating them all and saving the civilians from a biological weapon that the group stole from Kord Industries. To prevent Pike from going after the Green Arrow, Lance pressures the city council to convert the anti-vigilante bill into a city-wide referendum. The city council is trying to draft a tighter anti-vigilante bill. A forensic scientist reveals to Diggle that he took Malone to a strip club and Malone, still depressed from his sister's death, was proposing to strippers. Malone's gun goes missing and Malone believes that the gun might be in the backseat of the car belonging to a stripper he hooked up with. Using GPS they locate his cell phone across town. Diggle helps Malone recover the gun and has it turned out, Malone only had a one-night-stand with the stripper's mother, who is actually an elderly woman. On the back to the precinct, Diggle's car breaks down and the two men start fighting each other until a woman using a stroller to carry her baby sees this and threatens to call the police unless they stop fighting. Zytle gets a lead on his mother's whereabouts and goes to rescue her with a search party.
  10. "Mommy's Little Monster"- Sebastian Blood orders Lance to go after Zytle for assaulting him and has Sam Armand obtain a warrant for Zytle's arrest. John thinks that Wilson is lying which is why he and Malone go looking for Butch Gilzean who reveals that Blood has been blackmailing Zytle and that he killed his mother. Blood throws a party and Zytle tries to kill Blood only for The Green Arrow to stop him. Lance tries to kill Zytle, only for Zytle to escape.
  11. "Tonight Is The Night"- Sebastian Blood give Carrie Cutter permission to kill John Diggle and Blood offers Oliver a deal: Oliver hands over the shares of Queen Consolidated and Blood will give him information on who had the bomb planted on the Queen's Gambit. Carrie walks inside the SCPD and Lance suggests Diggle risk himself to find more information about Wilson.  While en route to an unknown location on Carrie's instructions, the squad car is assaulted by Helena and her crew. John wakes up in Starling Cathedral. Eddie discovers Diggle's location which is why the Green Arrow engages Helena's crew and rescues John. John briefly fights Carrie, leading to Carrie hanging outside the church and falling, resulting in severe injuries. Following information obtained by Carrie, Lance rescues Mayor Harold Leeds and has Blood arrested for kidnapping him. Oliver rejects Blood's offer which makes Blood destroy the evidence. John reveals to Lance and Malone that the reason Carrie wants to kill him is because he arrested her years ago for talking her patients, wealthy and powerful women, into committing suicide. Meanwhile, Zytle goes to a man named Temple Fugate for help to treat his injuries
  12. "Survivor Syndrome"- Oliver and Eddie are working together to locate a missing Olympic athlete named Tom Dalton. As it turned out, Dalton is actually impersonating the Green Arrow since he wants to takeout the gangster Pete Wilson, who shot his fiance a long time ago when he was at war with the Scarapelli Crime Family. Oliver manages to save Galavant, but Dalton dies and the police start to suspect that he was the Green Arrow. Meanwhile, Mayor Leeds is set to testify against Blood until Blood threatens to harm Leed's son Jordan unless he changes his country to make it look like the Count kidnapped him. Enraged at this, Diggle punches Blood in the face when Blood makes it look like he is being understanding towards the falsified error made by the SCPD. Eddie hires Gotham serial killer Victor Zsassz to kidnap Helena and manipulate her into seemingly revealing the name of the man who ordered Oliver's parents killed. She says that the man responsible was Arthur King, but later claims she lied.
  13. "Worse Than A Crime"- Oliver gets captured by Wilson which is why Diggle, Eddie, and Zytle make plans to break into Blood's residence and save Oliver. Eddie, Diggle, and Zytle's gang arrive at Blood's residence just as the Church of Blood is about to kill Oliver. Blood reveals to Oliver that in the 1800s, during an Easter party at the Queen Mansion, Caleb Green along with Celestine Queen went missing, and was later found in an illicit embrace by Queen men. Though Caleb insisted to everyone that they were in love, Celestine denied it, swearing on her mother's grave that Caleb had forced himself on her. A large part of his arm was soon after cut off by Silas Queen as punishment. Caleb later went into exile overseas, to a religious sect founded by his family's patron saint. Oliver apologizes for the actions of his family only for Blood to refuse to accept his apology. John, Eddie, the Count, and Zytle's gang arrive at Wilson's residence just as the Church of Blood is about to kill Oliver. During a clash between the Church and Zytle's  gang in which the Church is defeated, Blood and Helena begin to make their escape. Blood leaves Helena behind to be arrested by the SCPD after Eddie sends Lance an anonymous tip that Zytle is at the Blood residence. Blood then goes to down a particular suit and armor.
  14. "Fallout"-Now that his life is over, Blood tries to get revenge on Lance but ends up killing a few officers and making an unsuccessful attempt on Lance's life. When Oliver arrives to the SCPD, Blood shows up to kill Oliver prompting him and Lance flee to the roof, where Lance fights Blood with a pipe, breaks his sword, and rips off his mask, discovering that the person is Blood. In the end, Lance is sent to the hospital and Oliver heads home, watched by Blood in the distance.
  15. "Discharged"- As Lance is still in the hospital, John becomes the acting lieutenant. Oliver and Eddie talk to Helena, who states the sword Blood used was fake and that the real one is located in her grandfather's tomb. They later arrive at Starling cemetery, where they steal the sword. Blood arrives, killing Isabel and escaping with the real sword. Oliver and Eddie go to the Queen Mansion to set up a trap for Blood only for it to not be able to work. arrives and shoots Blood multiple times, but he remains undefeated until Zytle and his henchman Bruno Tess arrive. Bruno fires an RPG, killing Blood. Tommy becomes surprised when his father Malcolm Merlyn (Paul Johansson) returns home after spending two years away in a civilization called Nanda Parbat.