Green Lantern is the fifth movie in the DC Extended Universe.


Alex O'Loughlin as Harold "Hal" Jordan/Green Lantern

Diane Kruger as Carol Ferris

David L. Lander as the voice of Ch'p

Clancy Brown as the voice of Kilowog

Patrick Stewart as the voice of Ganthet

Viggo Mortensen as Thaal Sinestro


The ship of an alien in outer space known as Abin Sur is crashing. Knowing he won't have enough time to escape, he accepts his death as he crashes on to Earth and tells the green ring on his finger to find a new wearer. Meanwhile, the test pilot Hal Jordan is flying a jet and claims he's going to do an aileron and then turn the jet around and land. However, most of the people there claim the jet isn't ready for mid air stunts and ask Hal to land. However, a woman named Carol Ferris claims Hal can do it.

Hal does the role and turns the jet, with people cheering, as Hal says he's going to land. However, one of the people there tells Ferris that there is an unknown object flying right towards Hal's jet. Ferris tells Hal to get out, but Hal doesn't do it in time, as Abin Sur's ring smashes through his window. Hal panics and the jet begins to crash in to near by mountains, he manages to land the jet, but the it hits the bottom of the mountain, making Hal jump a bit. Carol and the others come to see if Hal is alright, and are relieved to see that he is. Carol then asks what hit him, with Hal picking up the ring. Carol wonders how it could've broken the jet's glass, but puts that thought aside when Hal and the ring begin glowing green.

No one knows what's going on, not even Hal himself. After a green flash, Hal is suddenly gone. Hal teleports to the middle of a large forest, where he hears the voice of Abin Sur ask him to come to him. Hal turns to see Abin Sur and does as he's told, but very slowly in case it's a trap. Abin Sur has the ring float towards him and explains that he is dying and that the ring chose Hal to be the next Green Lantern. Hal asks what a Green Lantern is, with Abin Sur explaining they're like an intergalactic police force who take down alien criminals. Abin Sur then gives the ring back to Hal, and is about to say who killed him, but dies before he can. Hal then puts the ring on and is teleported once again. This time, he wakes up on a strange alien planet with another Green Lantern standing in front of him.

The alien introduces himself as Tomar-Re, and reveals he is one of the older Green Lanterns there. He also reveals that Hal is on Oa, the planet of the Green Lanterns. Hal comments on how strange it is that all aliens speak English, but Tomar-Re explains that he isn't speaking English, but his ring is translating him for Hal. Tomar-Re then has Hal follow him to the Guardians of the Universe, the ones who created the Green Lanterns many years ago. However, when Hal meets the Guardians, they do not like him. The Guardians believe that humans are a corrupt and destructive race, but Hal defends himself, claiming that not all humans are like that. One Guardians known as Ganthet says that they should give Hal a chanse, but another doesn't want to. That is until Hal reveals who the ring belonged to. Abin Sur was one of the greatest Green Lanterns to ever live and having his ring is a great honor.

Because of this, Hal is allowed to stay a Green Lantern and is put in place of Abin Sur for his squadron. Hal finds out Tomar-Re was a member of Abin Sur's squadron, and is introduced to the other members, Kilowog, Ch'p, and Sinestro. Kilowog isn't happy about Hal, as he thinks no one could ever replace Abin Sur, Ch'p also thinks this, but Sinestro tells them both to shut up and welcomes Hal to the Green Lantern Corps. Hal thanks him before asking how to use the ring. Sinestro explains that whatever he can imagine he can create and do with the ring. To show him, Sinestro creates a sword, with Hal doing the same. Hal thinks this is amazing, with Sinestro claiming it could take him years to completely master the ring, only to realize Hal is already flying, creating two things at once, and is making guns that fire with the ring. Ch'p and Tomar-Re are impressed by Hal, but Kilowog pretends he isn't by claiming it was "okay", and Sinestro being shocked but blowing it off.

Ch'p then asks Hal what happened to Abin Sur, with the others wanting to know as well, but they are all disappointed to hear that Abin Sur died before he could tell him. Just then, the Guardians send the team on a mission, with Kilowog telling Hal to not mess up on his first mission as a joke, but then gets serious and claims that if he does mess up they'll all die. They all then fly off, with Hal staying behind in shock for a few seconds before following them. The team find their target, which is a large space ship which belongs to the criminal Legion, who the Guardians believe is the one who killed Abin Sur. The Lanterns sneak in to the ship, with Sinestro telling them to split up, but Tomar-Re claims that's a horrible idea and that they should stay together. The two argue for a bit, but stop when Hal says that he agrees with Tomar-Re and everyone else agrees with Hal. This makes Sinestro angry as he splits up from the team anyway.

The remaining Lanterns make their way through the ship, only to be ambushed by Legion, who attacks the team. Ch'p is the first to be knocked out by Legion, and Kilowog the second, though he is much harder than Ch'p. After this, Tomar-Re is about to fight Legion, but Hal stops him claiming that both Kilowog and Ch'p failed because they attempted to fight Legion themselves, but if they worked together they may have stood a chanse. Tomar-Re agrees with Hal as they both use their rings on Legion, managing to defeat him. They both shake each others hands, with Hal asking Tomar-Re what the stuff leaking from his head is. Tomar-Re is then shocked as he answers that it's blood before dropping to the ground, dead. Hal notices that Tomar-Re has been killed by something through his head. Hal then looks around and sees Sinestro, who is revealed to be the one who killed Tomar-Re. He then knocks Hal out, with Hal seeing him call the Ganthet before passing out.

Hal wakes up in front of the Guardians, with the Guardians asking him if he killed Tomar-Re. Hal swears he didn't and tells them Sinestro did, only to realize Sinestro is in the room with them. Sinestro claims that Hal is lying, with Hal lashing out at Sinestro, but is stopped by the Guardians. Sinestro uses Hal's lashing out against him, claiming that someone so violent would obviously be the killer. The Guardians then look at each other and tell Hal to give them his ring. He tries to argue but is interrupted by the Guardians who ask him again. Hal then takes his ring off, with the Guardians taking it. They then say that Kilowog will take him off Oa, with Sinestro slipping away after Hal and Kilowog leave.

Sinestro makes his way to a room that has Legion in it. Sinestro demands to know what Legion was after, as Legion is always looking for the next big weapon. After Sinestro threatens to kill Legion by creating a bubble in him and making it grow, Legion shows a hologram of another ring, this one yellow and with a different symbol on it. Sinestro then asks where it is, with Legion changing the hologram to a planet that Sinestro identifies as "Qward". Sinestro thanks Legion and is about to leave when he begins creating the bubble he said he'd make anyway, only to be stopped when he hears Hal Jordan's voice. Sinestro turns and sees Kilowog and Hal staring at him. Sinestro attempts to kill Hal, but is stopped by Kilowog, who creates a shield with his ring. Sinestro then charges and breaks through the shield, kicking Kilowog in the face while doing it. This knocks Kilowog out, as Sinestro turns to kill Hal, only to be shot in the shoulder by Legion. After this, Sinestro panics and teleports away. At that moment Ganthet flies in and asks what's going on.

Meanwhile on Qward, Sinestro just showed up, still holding his shoulder. He sees an alien sitting on a rock, polishing something. Sinestro walks towards him and sees that he is polishing the yellow ring. The alien then turns, with Sinestro revealing he is known as the Weaponer of Qward. Sinestro says that he wants the ring, with the Weaponer claiming that it can only be worn by someone who installs great fear in someone. The Weaponer then puts his hand on Sinestro's chest, with his hand glowing red. The Weaponer then tells Sinestro to follow him. Sinestro does so and is led to a yellow power battery, the opposite of the green power battery which keeps the green rings going. There are many other Weaponers around it, with the first Weaponer giving Sinestro the ring before telling him that he is worthy of the ring, and congratulates Sinestro on being the first member of his own Corps, the Sinestro Corps. The Weaponers then claim they need to return to their own dimension and tell Sinestro how to use the ring before teleporting away. The yellow battery then begins floating, as Sinestro takes off his ring and puts on the yellow one, becoming the first Yellow Lantern.

Back with Hal, Kilowog has woken up, and is telling the Guardians what happened. They aren't sure if Kilowog is telling the truth, but Hal argues with them, telling them that it is the truth and that Sinestro isn't as good as the Guardians clearly think he is. The Guardians then stop talking for a while, look at each other, and then give Hal back his ring. This is perfectly timed, as just at that moment, Sinestro shows up.

Sinestro gets the attention of all of Oa, telling them that if they do not surrender their rings he will kill them all. Ch'p claims that Sinestro is bluffing, only for Sinestro to fly down, pick Ch'p up by the neck and take off his ring before throwing him aside. Ch'p runs off as a group of Lanterns attempt to attack Sinestro, only for the large battery to show up and blast them all, killing them. The rings return to the Guardians, with them telling Kilowog and Hal to do something. They run out and in different directions. Kilowog is leading a small army of Lanterns against Sinestro. However, once again, the battery fires at them, knocking Kilowog out of the air and killing many.

Meanwhile, Hal is running informing everyone about Sinestro when he comes across the Green Lantern battery. He then feels compelled to touch the glowing green part of the Lantern, but is then put in a lot of pain and is forced back. Hal then begins running and telling everyone again. Back with Kilowog, he manages to survive his crash and gets up, seeing the chaos Sinestro is causing. Kilowog then hangs his head, claiming that if Abin Sur was here then this would already be over with, only for Sinestro to come down to speak to Kilowog. Sinestro admits that he was the one who killed Abin Sur and claims that even if he was here Abin Sur wouldn't be able to do anything against him. Kilowog then tries to fight Sinestro, only for Sinestro to shoot him miles away with a laser blast from his ring.

Hal comes across Kilowog and helps him up, with Kilowog asking Hal to get him to the battery. Hal does so, with Kilowog putting his ring against the glow. There is a charge of energy, which Sinestro notices, and Kilowog is suddenly back to normal. Kilowog then says that as long as they have the battery they have a fighting chanse against Sinestro. That is when Sinestro shows up and has his own battery blast the Green Lantern one. Everyone on Oa feels it was the battery is destroyed, including the Guardians, as they all charge towards it. They make it there and are shocked to see the remains of the battery. It then begins to rain rings, meaning that many more Lanterns have just died. Sinestro once again asks for them to surrender their rings, which they all do. Sinestro then lands and begins braging about how he has won, only for Hal to tackle him in to the Green Lantern battery's remains.

Sinestro demands for Hal to get off him, but Hal doesn't, and begins beating Sinestro with his bare hands. Sinestro's battery then shows up and fires on Hal, only for the Green Lantern battery to activate and fire back. Hal crawls out and wonders what just happened, with Ganthet explaining that Green Lanterns get their power from their will, and over coming great fear is what makes you worthy of being a Lantern, so Hal beating Sinestro must've jump started the battery again. After hearing this, Hal puts back on his ring and flies up to fight Sinestro. Their fight is so massive it can be seen on other planets, including Earth. During the fight, the two batteries fire at each other again. Remembering that the two firing at each other hurt Sinestro the last time, Hal kicks Sinestro in between the two beams, with Sinestro screaming in pain. They both stop firing, with it looking like Sinestro is okay, only for his battery to fall and for Sinestro to fall after it. When Sinestro lands all the Lanterns and Guardians cheer for Hal, with Hal smiling before landing himself.

Later, Hal is given a medal which shows how much of a hero he is, and large statues of all the Lanterns who died are revealed. Hal is then congratulated by both Kilowog and Ch'p, with Kilowog asking how he's going to end this off, with Hal saying that he has an idea. Hal then gets up on stage and recites the Green Lantern oath with the other Lanten repeating after him.

End Credits Scene 1

A Red Lantern is seen watching over Hal and the others before flying off to another planet. He runs to a large building, where he speaks to another Red Lantern sitting in a throne. He whispers to the one on the throne something about Hal, which makes the one on the throne grin, as it is revealed he is Atrocitus.

End Credits Scene 2

After the celebration is over, the Guardians call on Hal again. Hal asks them what the problem is, with them showing him many strange objects on a radar. He asks what they are, with the Guardians revealing they don't know, but what they do know is that they're heading for Earth. The objects are then revealed to be spaceships, as members of the Imperium are speaking with their members on Earth. They infiltrators reveal that they have found J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, and then claim that once he's gone Earth will be easy to take over.

Easter Eggs

When Hal first meets Sinestro he asks how Sinestro first met Abin Sur, with Hal making a joke that Abin Sur is Sinestro's brother. Sinestro's reponse is that Abin Sur isn't his brother but that he is "something close". This references the fact that, in the comics, Abin Sur is Sinestro's brother in law.

Legion is first thought to be the one who killed Abin Sur. In the comics, he actually is.

When Sinestro finds out Hal is from Earth he says "ah yes, Kryptonians, warrior women, and other people in suits", refering to Superman and Wonder Woman.

When Hal first learns how to use his ring, he comments that Carol would love this. This is a subtle reference to how Carol becomes Star Sapphire in the comics.


The film is heavily based on the film "Green Lantern: First Flight".

There was meant to be a scene where Sinestro sees and speaks with Parallax, but it was cut since no one knew where to put to the scene.

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