Green Lantern Corps is a 2020 superhero action film based on the DC Comics character Green Lantern. The film introduces the concept of the Green Lantern Corps, a universal police force led by the Guardians of the Universe, to the DCFE.


For eons, the Guardians of the Universe have done their best to keep universal peace, though far too often resulting in conflict and war. Their last attempt at enforcing the laws of the universe, the robotic Manhunters, could not understand the concept of "Good vs. Evil" and went rogue. Having unintentionally destroyed thousands of lives, the Guardians came up with a new plan: the Green Lantern Corps, a team of will-powered soldiers selected to help make a difference in the universe. Inspired by this new police force, however, the vengeance-fueled Red Lanterns begin an attack on the Guardians' new team, using them to find the location of the planet Oa. Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Corps, kills Lantern Abin Sur near the planet Earth. Abin Sur sends his ring off to select a new champion of Sector 2814, and the ring comes across a daring test pilot by the name of Hal Jordan. When inducted into the Corps, John trains with Kilowog and Thaal Sinestro to become one with the Corps, using his newfound prowess to stop the Red Lantern invasion.


  • TBA as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
  • TBA as Red Lantern/Atrocitus
  • TBA as Kilowog
  • TBA as Thaal Sinestro
  • TBA as Dex-Starr



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