Guardian is a 2008 TV series about James Olsen returning to National City, and creating the Guardian persona. It is in the same universe as Bat24's series Wayne.


  • Mechad Brooks as James Olsen /Guardian
  • Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott Jr.
  • Jenna Dewan Tatum as Lucy Lane
  • Floriana Lima as Lieutenant Maggie Sawyer
  • Desmond Harrington as Sergeant Arnold Flass


Season 1

  1. "Suicide Squad"-In a flashback to years prior in Afghanistan, Lucy Lane and her father General Sam Lane lead a group of Afghan villagers when a wanted man, Gholem Qadir, is identified among the group. During an ambush, Lucy saves Qadir's life. In the present, James Olsen and Lucy Lane are called upon by General Sam lane to lead his "Task Force X", also known as the "Suicide Squad", which consists of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Shrapnel being used as expendable assets. The Squad is sent after Qadir, who has developed a deadly nerve agent. Shrapnel attempts to escape and is killed. After saving Qadir's life again, through a faked assassination attempt, James is invited to Qadir's home for a party. Once there, Deadshot locates the agent and James is able to get all of the hostages out of the house and later tells Winn that he wants nothing to do with Sam Lane and instead wants to help people in National City.
  2. "Guardian"-James goes to work at Cat Co. Worldwide Media and is named Interim CEO since Cat Grant is away on leave. James discovers that there is a vigilante in National City targeting criminals which is why he and Winn team up to stop her. Winn helps to identify the vigilante, nicknamed as Barrage by the media, and discovers that Barrage is actually Sergeant Ellen Yindel, who was formerly a serial killer nicknamed as the Butcher who targeted criminals and gave their remains to organ traffickers as well as murdering her family after they discovered her secret. James defeats her because of the suit that Winn built and decides to call himself Guardian. Meanwhile, an undercover police officer is murdered and Arnold Flass decides to do something about it after the murderer hired is gunned down by man pretending to be corrections officer under orders from Cuban mobster Don Nogales.
  3. "Love American Style"-James learns that Eve Tessmaucher's fiance, who was illegally immigrating from Cuba, is missing, and decides to investigate as a reporter out of sympathy for her. James and Winn investigate Robert Rodrigez, a salvage yard owner, and they both discover that Rodrigez is murdering the smuggled immigrants who cannot pay for their freedom. James also discovers that Rodrigez' wife is involved in the murders which is why he and Winn send evidence of their crimes to Maggie Sawyer, who mobilizes the NCPD into arresting them as well as freeing their Cuban prisoners. Meanwhile, Flass decides to harass Nogales, however, things get more for Flass when a group of renegade police officers decides to take matters into their own hands.
  4. "Bulletproof"-Arnold Flass is shot by an unseen assailant while on duty, and Winn and James suspect that the shooter was another police officer. James goes undercover as a cop to identify the shooter with help from Maggie Sawyer. James discovers that a group of renegade officers are taking the law into their own hands, and killing criminals associated with Nogales. The group realize who James really is, and frame him for Flass' attempted murder. Believing that Guardian is on to them, the cops attempt to kill him as well. Fortunately, James' words of encouragement persuade one of the cops, a young Dan Turpin, to turn on the others. With help from Flass, who has recovered, James is cleared of all charges. Nogales begins plotting his revenge on Flass.
  5. "Fuck The System"-Winn informs Maggie that Randall Milkie, a suspect in two murders, is likely going to kill again which is why he and Olsen both work together to investigate him. Nogales does his research on Flass and makes a list of who his closest friends are. Meanwhile, Flass gets abducted as he is returning home by Nogales' son, however, he gets saved by some of the rogue cops who were just using him as bait all along. Maggie follows Milkie, but is forced to get involved when Milkie traps his latest victim in a Minotauran labyrinth. As Guardian, Olsen manages to save Maggie, however, Milkie escapes.
  6. "Running"-Milkie is arrested by police and admits to the murders, however, his case is dismissed on a technicality and he is set free. As Olsen pursues Milkie, he is captured and trapped in Milkie's maze but manages to escape. Nogales tries to get his revenge on Flass by going after Winn who is one of his friends. However, Winn lures him into a bar owned by Bratva leader Anatoly Kynavez (Ray Stevenson) since Nogales and Anatoly are always fighting for control over the drug trade. Winn manages to escape as Nogales soon engages in a shootout with the Bratva. Nogales survives by killing all of the Bratva members, however, he is jailed because of forensic evidence implicating him for the crime. Guardian manages to stop Milkie when he attempts to kill again and turns him over to the police while giving the credit to Maggie Sawyer in order to secure a full conviction.
  7. "Inn And Out"-A stripper is found tied, gagged, and strangled to death in a hotel room. Winn assists Maggie on the case. Suspects include the owners of a record of priors involving women and a man who she not only had sex with but passed along an STD. Flass visits Nogales in prison and learns what happened with him and Winn. Things start to heat up between Flass and Winn when Flass wonders why Winn didn't come forward to inform the police about Nogales' attempt on his life. In the end, Maggie arrests the woman whom the victim passed an STD with, however, for some reason, Winn believes him to be innocent. Guardian meanwhile meets Kara Danvers, who is the cousin of his old friends Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman.

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