Hero is a spin-off to the TV series Assassin. It follows Barry Allen AKA the Flash.


  • James Arnold Taylor as Barry Allen/The Flash,Cobalt Blue, Chronos
  • Will Friedle as Wally West
  • Kevin Micheal Richardson as Gorilla Grodd,Captian Cold,Mallah
  • John DiMaggio as Sam, Mist
  • Troy Baker as Hawkman, Harrison Wells, Multiplex, Lex Luthor
  • Tara Strong as Queen Bee,Hawkgirl, Thorn
  • Grey Griffin as Iris West, Caitlin Snow/ Killer Frost
  • Cree Summers as Golden Glider
  • Nolan North as Heatwave, Superman, Bizzaro, Dark Archer
  • Amazo doesn't speak


Season 1

  1. Barry and Wally, Barry now back in Central city after his trip to Gotham, fight with a villain named the Trickster.
  2. Wally goes to the Zoo where he finds out there is an escaped animal, Gorilla Grodd, an ape that wants to rule the world.
  3. A speedster in a blue suit attacks Barry, Barry later finds out this villain is his long lost twin brother.
  4. The rouges come out of hiding and attack the city.
  5. Gorilla Grodd returns and attacks the city with an army of apes.
  6. Barry asks Iris West on a date but Barry keeps putting it off to take care of villains. At the end Iris is about to leave Barry and take Wally with her so Barry tells her he is the flash.
  7. A scientist named the Mirror Master traps half the city in mirrors so Barry must stop him.
  8. Cobalt Blue returns and fights/races Barry.
  9. Barry finds out Grodd is a member of a race of super intelligent apes from the Africa and that the apes have come for their leader.
  10. The war against man and ape begins when Grodd has his men destroy a building.
  11. A strange hero named Hawkman comes to help Barry in the war against Grodd.
  12. Grodd's grandson Sam betrays him and starts helping Barry.
  13. On Barry and the rests journey to find Grodd's hideout they meet his second in command, Monsieur Mallah.
  14. Grodd sends his elite, known as the Gorilla Knights, after Barry.
  15. Mallah and a starts granting regular gorillas super intelligence, an albino gorilla dubs himself the Ultra-Humanite and says he is going to take Mallah's place by capturing Barry and the rest.
  16. Grodd's son, Gorbzil Mammit, fights with Flash but in the end Flash accidentally kills Gorbzil.
  17. Mallah and a large group of gorillas attack the park. Grodd finds out his son has been killed and thinks Barry ment it.
  18. Cobalt Blue returns and sides himself with Grodd.
  19. Barry and the rest find Grodd and his army, Barry fights Grodd while Hawkman and the rest fight his army.
  20. Grodd and his army are about to get shipped of back to Africa but Grodd escapes, leaving the rest behind. Barry and Wally must now find him before he does something horrible.
  21. Grodd, piloting a massive robot gorilla, attacks the city so Barry and the rest head to stop it.
  22. Hawkman and Sam brake in to the robot using a weak point on its leg. Barry and Wally distract Grodd so he doesn't realize Sam and Hawkman are about to deactivate his robot. Once the robot is beaten it falls over creating a giant crater, Barry, Sam, Wally and Hawkman are renowned as heroes but they are told they must pay for the crater.

Season 2

  1. Cobalt Blue and Flash run so fast they enter something called the speed force, Flash traps Blue in the speed force and exits. When he comes out he realizes he is in another universe.
  2. Barry finds out in this universe the villains are heroes and the heroes are villains so he must team up with a hero named Crimson Red beat his counterpart.
  3. Barry stays in this new world to take care of the rest of its villains. Barry travels to Gotham where he finds out Bruce Wayne is the equivalent of Ra's Al Ghul.
  4. Barry allies himself with this universes Ra's Al Ghul who is a rebel that fights against Bruce. The Wally of this world, named Zoom, goes after Flash.
  5. Barry meets the Blue Mask, this world's equivalent of Jason Todd. Other Barry makes a deal with a demon named Constantine.
  6. Barry finds out this world does have a red hood and he fights along side Ra's. The other Hawkman shows up but he has a partner, Hawkgirl, they are here to find a hero named Shadow Man.
  7. Ra's' side is captured by Bruce, Crimson Red is captured by Other Barry and Barry himself is captured by Other Carmine.
  8. Barry is broken out by Shadow Man, Red Hood and Colonial Chill, he also meets there leader, Alex Luthor who tells him how the villains of this world won.
  9. Other Barry creates a portal to Barry's Earth. Back on Barry's Earth Hawkman just beat a villain named Shadow Thief when all of a sudden Other Barry bursts in.
  10. Barry makes it back to his own world where he finds out Hawkman and the rest are at war with Other Barry. Barry informs Hawkman of the Hawkgirl he saw.
  11. When Other Barry realizes he is loosing he summons the most powerful of his world's villains, Ultra-Man, but Ultra-Man turns on him almost instantly and sends him back to his world.
  12. Ultra-Man launches Barry in to the portal and destroys it while Barry is still teleporting, this does not kill him but instead sends Barry to another world where everyone's a samurai and he must help the man who runs defeat the great ape.
  13. Ultra-Man begins taking over Barry's world while Barry is sent to a pirate world where he must help Captain Quickster beat the pirate Captain Mirrored.
  14. Hawkman rounds up multiple heroes to defeat Ultra-Man. The next world Barry is sent to is a world like Bram Stoker's Dracula where he helps Barry Van Hellsing defeat Count Cold.
  15. Barry wakes up in a world where everyone is a robot and he must help this world's Flash, Quick Download, defeat a robot named Mahllware.
  16. Barry is sent to another world, in this one all the genders are reversed so he must help Iris West, this world's Flash, defeat the Mirror Mistress.
  17. The next world Barry ends up in is what he calls "Bizarro World" in this world good is bad and bad is good though the villains are still villains, he tries to help Bizarro Flash but all Bizarro Blue is doing is helping an old woman cross the street, Barry desides to leave this world as soon as possible.
  18. Barry is sent to a strange world called Candy Land, this world terrifies him since the people who live in it are made of licorice, chocolate, cotton candy, ect, and this concept reminds Barry of a horror movie called "We eat you" which was a movie about candy men eating people.
  19. The last world Barry is sent to is a world made up of anthropomorphic animals, he helps a tortoise named the Crash defeat the weather weasel, after this Barry is sent back to his own world where he sees what Ultra-Man has done.
  20. Barry meets up with the rest and tries to fight Ultra-Man but they are all defeated and locked up.
  21. Barry has an idea, he moves so fast he actually phases through a wall and escapes, he then steals a remorte that Ultra-Man could use to open portals.
  22. Ultra-Man finds Barry and is going to kill him but Barry summons all the heroes he has met along the way, they and Ultra-Man's forces fight, in this battle Quick Download is destroyed, Bizarro Flash punches the wall, Barry Van Hellsing is killed and the Crash is punched so hard his shell cracks but eventually they put Ultra-Man down but not out. Barry knows Ultra-Man is not going to be defeated by a bunch of speedsters so Barry sends Ultra-Man back to his own world. After this all the Flashes are sent back to their own worlds but one Flash in his fifties named Jay tells Barry to keep up the good work, Barry remembers this man as one of his favorite characters from a comic he loved, at the end it shows a woman saying that Barry will soon bow to the queen of H.I.V.E.

​Season 3

  1. A clock tower is destroyed so Barry investigates and finds out it was down by the terrorist organization H.I.V.E. he brakes in to their hide out but he can't find their leader, she does appear on a TV though, she tells him that Barry wronged her in some way before the TV turns off, Barry later finds out this woman is his ex.
  2. Hawkman finds out he is the reincarnation of a prince and that the Hawkgirl Barry saw was his princess. Barry, Iris and Wally go to Japan where H.I.V.E. is hiding, their he meets a crime lord named Death Man. When Death Man is defeated it shows a shadowy man shooting him.
  3. A scientist who works for H.I.V.E. creates four mutants to defeat Flash, the mutants are Scarface, Mecha-Boi, Timoko and Nya-Nya. When they are defeated the scientist is electrocuted to death by another shadoy man.
  4. The next person H.I.V.E. sends after Barry is a woman named Quiz who has the ability to mimic all the powers her opponent never think of. She is eventually defeated and is killed by a shadoy woman.
  5. Barry is attacked by two women in kabuki masks who have what seem like claws for fingers, they are so fast that they almost catch up with Barry, Iris tells Barry they are most likely Meta-Humans, the only way Barry beats them is getting them hit by a wrecking ball. In they end it shows them walking off before being killed by a pale woman with a puppet.
  6. Hawkman finds a woman named Shiera Sanders who he thinks is the reincarnation of his princess but she calls him crazy. Barry finds Queen Bee and fights her, she reveals she has a large laser, Wally runs in and pushes Barry out the way but it does not kill him, it makes him fall in love with her and the only thing he can say is "as you command."
  7. Barry and Wally fight but it turns out they are even in every way, the only way Barry beat him is by using his new phasing ability to run through a wall and Wally smashes in to it. Barry runs back to handle Queen Bee but she is talking to someone, he desides to listen in and finds out the man she is talking to is her boss, a man on a shadowy man on a TV.
  8. Barry and the rest go to find the shadow man but he finds them, he reveals his name to be Eobard Thawne and the other people in shadows reveal themselves to be named Damien Darhk, Vandal Savage, White Canary, Ventriloquist and her puppet Ferdie, plus two others, Ebeneezer Darrk and Ubu.
  9. It turns out all of these people have a very unique fighting style, in fact it's so good they can easily beat Barry but Wally comes in and saves him, when Barry wakes up Iris tells him that he is going to need training.
  10. While training the eight attack, Barry thinks he is going to win but Thawne comes out wearing Barry's suit with reverse colours, he then reveals he also has super speed, Barry is then beat by him. It ends showing Thawne reading a book that was published on April 7th 2078.
  11. Shiera Sanders finds a picture of Hawkman's old princess and realizes she looks exactly like her so she now beleaves Hawkman. Barry desides to take down the eight one by one so he goes after Damien Darhk, during the fight Damien is kicked off a building but Flash catches him before punching him in the face.
  12. Barry goes after Vandal Savage and finds out he is a caveman who is immortal, during the fight Barry once again uses his phasing ability to make Savage punch a wall multiple times before punching him repeatedly using his speed.
  13. White Canary and Ubu are next on Barry's list so he goes for them next. When Barry finds them Canary sends Ubu after him, during the fight Barry sees White Canary escaping so he pushes Ubu out the way and goes after her. White Canary is about to escape but Ubu finds out she is going to leave him behind so he destroys the car she is using, Barry then knocks them both out.
  14. Barry fights Ventriloquist next, she stays in the air so that Barry can't beat her, Iris gives Barry an idea when she points out the last Ventriloquist a had a split personality with the puppet so Barry throws a large rock at the puppet and knocks its head off, this makes the Ventriloquist jump out of her helocopter but Barry catches her.
  15. Ebeneezer Darrk turns out to be more of a challenge than the others since he doesn't fight, he has an army fight for him but eventually he to is defeated.
  16. The last person Barry fights is Eobard Thawne, after beating him it is revealed to be a robot that blows up. Barry also finds the book that Thawne was reading and along with it a time machine, he thinks this means Thawne has went to the future but the machine has been set to go to 2013 which means he is from the future.
  17. Barry searches all over the city for Thawne but all he can find is robots, he watches the news that says a man in yellow is attacking the city so they all go back to Central City where Barry fights Thawne, it ends with both of them disapearing in to a void.
  18. They wake up in Thawne's future where it Thawne is the ruler, this means everyone is after Barry. While in the future Barry meats Gorilla Grodd whos fur is now light grey, Grodd says he will help Barry since Thawne killed Grodd's race.
  19. Barry and Grodd brake in to Thawne's building where they beat all of his guards until they meet the future Weather Wizard who is the head of Thawne's guards.
  20. Barry and Thawne fight which once again ends with Barry and Thawne entering a void, they emerge in the jurassic period where they are chased by dinosaurs, they eventually escape and enter the void again.
  21. They wake up in the dark ages where they meet King Arthur himself who is at war with a witch, Barry and Thawne see a man be turned in to a pig so they deside to escape.
  22. Barry and Thawne enter the present where they finish off their fight, while they fight they run through time. Barry punches Thawne through the void and when he emerges he is knocked out, in the end Iris asks where a man with super speed could be kept, Barry says he doesn't know, in the end it shows Director Bones welcoming Thawne to Iron Hieghts Penitentiary and that he is not leaving for a long time, Bones then walks out.

Season 4

  1. Barry finds a Girl named Caitlin Snow, but soon She reminds him of something The Person who killed his Parents. But he was a boy, and he saw the Person use Ice. Soon Wally found a Book from 2078 that says that Caitlin Snow became an Meta Human named Killer Frost 5 days from now.
  2. Barry, Wally, Iris and Snow go to S.T.A.R. labs where they are showing off a machine called "The Black Son" which explodes. Almost everyone in the explosion are knocked in to comas, when Snow wakes up she finds out she can create and control ice, the bad news is she thinks the Flash could've saved her so she now wants to kill him.
  3. Barry faces Caitlin who renames herself Killer Frost who just froze Star Labs. Soon Barry sees the Truth Caitlin traveled back in Time to Kill his Parents to change what could have happened.
  4. Barry travels back in time to stop Killer Frost but is stopped by a man who goes by the name RH who tells him that this would couse a paradox, Barry is then forced to sit and watch as Killer Frost kills his perants. RH tells him he's sorry before sending both Frost and Barry back to the present.
  5. Barry gets greeted by The CEO of S.T.A.R Labs Harrison Wells that The Black Son affected more people and makes Harrison have no Legs. Meanwhile Killer Frost finds a man that can Multiply Himself.
  6. The man, named Multiplex, uses his power to make an army of himself and goes after Flash. Wally shows Harrison his book but when he doesn't seem to surprised by anything in it Wally suspects he is from the future.
  7. Harrison says that his real name was Wally West, and he was him from the Future. He also said that he had to change his name so nobody can know he is from the Future. While Flash faces Multiplex. Then Barry meets a man named Clark Kent.
  8. Barry introduces Clark to Wally and Wally immediately says he is Superman, this is confirmed when Clark runs off. Multiplex creates an army of thousands and starts tearing the city apart looking for Flash.
  9. Barry battles Multiplex, but he is joined by a Metahuman named Mist. He faces Multiplex, and Mist. Then Superman comes and Joins and helps The Flash defeat Multiplex, and The Mist.
  10. Superman leaves since he thinks Barry could beat Killer Frost himself. Barry fights Killer Frost and is frozen himself, he wakes up with a pendulum hanging over him.
  11. Barry figures out that he is about to be executed by both Captain Cold, and Killer Frost. Then Wally, and Harrison comes and saves him. Soon Harrison says that he is making a team of heroes.
  12. Killer Frost tries to start a relationship with Cold but he has no interest. Barry and the rest come to stop them but Killer Frost runs away and leaves Cold behind.
  13. Captain Cold gets captured and tells them that Killer Frost is making an army of evil teen Metahumans. Harrison asks Barry to help him make an academy for Young Heroes.
  14. Harrison revives one of Bruce Wayne's old projects called Hero Inc. whos first members are Barry, Wally, Iris, a creature named Bizarro who came from the Bizarro world Barry visited and a group of shape shifting robots named the Metal Men.
  15. Barry convinces Hawkman, and Hawkgirl to join Hero Inc. While Killer Frost creates Evil Inc. With Captain Cold, Heatwave, Multiplex, and Mist a part of it. Soon the two groups clash.
  16. Heatwave and Captain Cold start destroying one part of the city, Mist takes another, and Multiplex takes most of it. Hawkman and Hawkgirl go after the first, Bizarro and the Metal Men go after Mist, and the rest go after Multiplex.
  17. While all of them are facing the villains Killer Frost attacks HArrison and says You will die. He was about to Freeze him, then Harrison Shrunk. Harrison figured that who caused him to shrunk was a man named Atom.
  18. With help from Atom all the villains are defeated but all of a sudden Killer Frost shows up with a robot named Amazo that has all the powers of Hero Inc's members.
  19. Atom helps defeat Amazo who has More Powers. Soon Atom destroys Amazo. Then it shows Killer Frost begins recreating The Black Son.
  20. Barry and the rest are walking away when all of a sudden Amazo rebuilds himself which means they have to destroy every last peace of him so they have Bizarro fight him, it ends with Amazo being thrown to outer space where he hits the sun Barry and the rest go to find Killer Frost next.
  21. Killer Frost is found sitting in a Chair. She turns around and activates a weapon and it creates a massive Blizzard and Explosion. Soon everyone got knocked out except for Barry, and Harrison.
  22. Barry and Harrison wake up half frozen in the middle of nowhere so they go to take care of Killer Frost, they are attacked by a group of criminals. After the fight they continue moving but Harrison reveals the blizzard is going to kill him, he says that before he dies he wants Barry to know he is, and will always be, his friend, he then passess out, this makes Barry determand to find Killer Frost. He finds her on top of a building watching everything, Barry leaves Harrison temporarily and fights Killer Frost, Barry almost dies multiple times in the fight but eventually he wins and he destroys the machine, the sun comes out and Wally picks up Harrison and takes him to the hospital, it seems Killer Frost has gone missing but at the end it shows Director Bones listing off her crimes before telling her she's not getting a trial, he then walks out and leaves her screaming to him to let her go.

Season 5

  1. Barry investigates a series of brutal murders caused by Ice. But the people weren't Frozen. Soon a woman in gold says that She wants The Flash to face him. Soon when the Flash comes to face her she easily defeats him with Captain Cold who is her brother.
  2. Glider tells Cold her plan which is to brake the dam, when Cold says he does not want to kill anyone Glider says that since she broke him out and she is his sister that he should do everything she says, Cold tries to argue but can't. Flash and Wally find out about the bombs and find them all, Barry then throws them in to the ocean, they try to capture Glider and Cold but they're gone.
  3. Soon Glider begins planting waves of ice themed bombs around the city. Flash stops all of them but one. Soon the ice bomb begins freezing the city. Soon Golden Glider flees after beating Flash.
  4. Captain Cold starts feeling guilty for the things he's helping his sister do whach she is doing. Glider creates a large creature made of ice and snow and attacks the city with it but it is eventually destroyed by Barry and Wally, this time when they face her they are about to win when Captain Cold freezes them and they walk off. This time when Cold confronts his sister she once again manipulates him in to staying quite.
  5. Captain Cold attacks them but Barry beated him. Soon Cold bumps out of Manipulation and tells Barry that Glider is heading towards Iron Heights. When Flash makes it there Glider already destroyed the Prison with everyone out.
  6. Barry meets Director Bones who tells Barry that people like Killer Frost, Gorilla Grodd and Eobard Thawne where locked up in Iron Heights and that he and his organization, the Department of Extranormal Operations (DOP for short) are going to help him recapture his enemies weather he likes it or not.
  7. Barry soon does some research on Director Bones, and he kills some of the Prisoners. Meanwhile Glider with the Broken out Villains begins attacking Central City.
  8. Barry finds out Bones was an ex villain who became a government agent in his teenage years since the DEO was given custody of him in  trial. Glider once again manipulates Cold in to putting cyanide in to Bones coffee but when he drinks it nothing happens and Cold is arrested, Bones starts keeping all captured Central City villains in force feilds that can only be opend with his eye (or lack of.)
  9. Glider kills Bones, and she breaks everyone out. Soon Barry chases Glider, soon Glider stabs Barry in the Back, but it heals for some wierd reason.
  10. Barry finds out he is not just fast with his speed, he is fast with almost everything else, he finds this out from Bones who faked his own death so that he could have the upper hand, he also is now wearing a realistic rubber mask. Barry goes to find Glider again but he finds out she has gone missing
  11. Soon he discovers that Glider isn't missing she is right with us. He discovers that Glider Captured Iris and disguised herself as Iris. Soon Barry goes and tries to fins Iris. Soon Barry gets trapped in a room that is Total Sub Zero.
  12. Barry realizes he can't escape since the room is making him slow when all of a sudden the door opens, Barry stumbles out before collapsing. He wakes up in a run down building where he sees Iris, Wally, Bones and Cold, he tries to fight Cold but Bones tells him that it was Cold who let him go.
  13. Cold tells Barry that Glider really hates him, and she was just using him. Then Glider comes with all of Cold's tech. She soon froze all of them except for Cold.
  14. When everyone is unfrozen they see Glider with a remote and Cold with an electric collar on, he is forced to take all of them and throw them in to a machine that is going to chop them up but Barry and Bones brake free, they now must help Cold and capture Glider.
  15. Soon Barry frees Iris and Wally, then when they tried to pull off the collar that Cold was wearing it couldn't work. Meanwhile Golden Glider is making a Giant Robot.
  16. A few weeks later Iris realizes that Glider hasn't attacked in a while when all of a sudden she shows up in a park, Barry gets there and they fight, when the fight ends the robot that Glider was creating brakes out and starts destroying the city.
  17. Soon The Robot who calls itself Boomerang begins A search for Flash. Soon Flash sneaks on the robot's head and Tore it out. Soon it shows Golden Glider reviving Quiz, but that revival also Revived Harrison Wells.
  18. Harrison realizes he has his legs back so he uses his super speed to get to Barry and tell him about everything. When Barry faces the Quiz she beats him with the ability to knock out anyone with one punch, she then kidnaps Barry.
  19. Soon Barry gains a new ability that he can see moves before they happen then Barry breaks out, and defeats Quiz. Barry soon goes to Face Golden Glider for the last time.
  20. Barry faces Glider but he can no longer see her moves before she does them but none the less beats her but then Boomerang shows why he's called that by lanching at Barry before coming back, Glider then gets on his back and Boomerang flys off with her.
  21. Soon Barry begins starting to chase Glider. But first Harrison gives Barry a new suit upgrade that allows him to move faster than before. Soon Barry chases Golden Glider, and Barry faces Boomerang. Meanwhile Harrison sees a Ghost of Bruce Wayne.
  22. Barry runs so fast that when he jumps he goes flying on to the back of Boomerang where he builds up so much speed he can run on the bottem of Boomerang with out falling off, when he gets to the frount Glider crashes the robot in to a building where she tries to escape but Flash runs so fast he phases through her which knocks her out. Bruce's ghost tells Harrison to keep up the good work, to celebrate Barry and the rest are partying while Barry runs around the room as fast as he can, it then shows Bruce stairing at Iris with fear. At the end Barry walks back home and tries to sleep but every part of him is vibrating until he falls off the bed, he then says he might need help.

Season 6

  1. A group of mysterious Bombers bomb 4 different Cities Central City, Gotham, Metropolis, and Starling City. The Gotham Bomber was all Blue, The Central City Bomber was Bulky, and has Red Eyes, The Metropolis Bomber has a Power Suit, and The Starling City Bomber has A Black Hood. Soon Barry sits in a Chair for 3 seconds and it felt like 3 hours. Soon Barry heads after the Bombers.
  2. After stopping the bombs Barry sits down to watch a short video but even though the video is only two minutes he feels like it is slower than a snail and starts vibrating again but then the news comes and as soon as he sees the bombers he is out the door, when he tries to stop them he moves so fast he runs miles away letting the bombers get away.
  3. Soon Barry figures out who is the Bombers Chronos, Amazo, Lex Luthor, and Dark Archer. Barry goes after Lex Luthor who has a Powerful suit. While Chronos comes and starts turning Iris evil.
  4. Superman helps Flash beat Luthor where Superman notices that Barry is jogging in place, Superman asks Barry what's wrong but Barry doesn't answer. Iris tries to resist Chronos but Chronos uses a mind trick to turn her in to his bride.
  5. Next Barry decides to go after Dark Archer when he gets joined by Green arrow. Meanwhile Chronos gives Iris super Speed.
  6. The last bomber Barry goes after is Amazo, this time he once again teams up with Bizarro, Bizarro throws Amazo in to the sun again but Amazo lounches himself back to Earth and fights Bizarro again, this time Barry runs through Amazo and then Bizarro rips Amazo's head off. After this Barry runs back to Central City where he's attacked by a Lady Flash.
  7. Flash faces Lady Flash, and when he Unmasks the Lady Flash he discovers that she is Iris. Meanwhile Chronos begins upgrading the Bombers who has failed.
  8. Flash takes Iris to Bones and Wally, Bones tells Flash that she is being controled by Chronos and that he has no way to fix her, all of a sudden Chronos and the rest burst in so Barry summons the other heroes but this time the villains win and walks off with Iris.
  9. Soon Barry finds Harrison sitting on a Rock. He is crying on the rock. He tells Barry that his Daughter Rose, fell into a pit, and turned into a maniac named Thorn, and he also says Chronos has nothing to do with this, but he wants Barry to help him get his Daughter.
  10. When Barry finds Thorne it turns out she has a split personality and that Thorne is her evil side, Barry and Thorne talk and Thorne agrees on helping her but only for a week. When they get home Harrison tries to hug her but she doesn't remember him. Barry tries to stay for three seconds but he starts vibrating again, he finally gets help from Harrison who tells Barry that he is to used to going fast so he can't go slow anymore.
  11. Soon Thorne is found working with Chronos double Crossing Barry. Soon Barry tries talking to Thorne, but he gets attacked by Lady Flash. Meanwhile Harrison is trying to find a cure for Barry's can't go slow Problem.
  12. Flash comes back to Harrison and tells him what happened, Harrison is upset by this but continues working on a cure when all of a sudden Barry moves so fast he disappears in to the speed force again, while there he  sees the skeleton of Cobalt Blue with a Black Flash standing over him. Harrison gives Wally a version of Flash's suit and tells him that he has to beat the villains while Barry is gone.
  13. Soon The Black Flash says he brought him here to kill him. Soon Barry finds a way to get out of it. Meanwhile Wally faces them, but Wally gets captured and is about to turn evil.
  14. Even though he still has the vibrating problem he fights the villains but is defeated, then Wally comes out and it seems like he is about to kill Barry but then he turns and destracts most of the villains then he and Barry escape, Barry says that he's happy that Wally is still good and that he doesn't know what he'd do if he turned evil to but then Bones captures Wally and locks him in a room made of a metal from the future named Inertron saying that you can't be to careful.
  15. Soon Barry asks Bones why he locked up? Then Bones said that Wally has a half evil Personality, kinda like Thorne. Soon Barry convinces Bones to let him go then Wally's evil Personality attacks Barry. While Chronos begins crafting a weapon.
  16. Bones locks Wally up and says that no matter what Barry says he will never let him go, Barry then punches Bones before leaving. When Barry gets out the villains attack him and capture him, they then try to do to Barry what they did to Wally but Barry's vibrating lets him get out but when he fights them the vibrations are so fast his fist goes through them without hurting them and the same goes for the villains hitting Barry, Barry then just walks out the building and realizes he is in outer space and yet he can still breath.
  17. Soon Barry discovers something he isn't in real space. It is some sort of Virtural Reality. He discovers that he is trapped by Chronos who is Draining his powers. Soon his powers was Halfway drained and he fights Wally's other Personality, and Lady Flash. Soon Barry manages to escape and find Harrison.
  18. Harrison tells Barry something that could change everything he knows about Chronos, Chronos is Barry from the future. Barry then confronts Chronos and tells them what he knows, Chronos then explains why he's like this, in his future he lost Iris and Wally to many villains and that he is here for two things, to have the future he never had and to kill all villains, the villains then look shocked at him before Chronos knocks them all out and walks off.
  19. Soon Barry goes to face Chronos. Soon Chronos begins doing something shocking with Lady Flash, and The Other Wally Personality, Control Earth. Barry says That If you want to end All Evil why are you doing this, Chronos says that I am Doing the Best for Earth eliminating Freedom.
  20. Barry faces Wally and Iris who are now large blue robots with red eyes, Chronos explains that he has turned them in to OMAC drones which means they are now highly powerful and could kill him in two hits, Barry concentrates and vibrates at will which helps him win the fight, when he goes to fight Chronos he reveals the weapon he was making, Brother Eye, a machine that will turn everyone all around the world in to OMACs.
  21. Soon Barry turns Wally back to normal while he Accidentally killed Iris because of his New Powers he got from Harrison. Soon He goes and fights with Chronos who is about to launch Brother Eye.
  22. Barry fights Chronos for the final time and it turns out that in a one on one battle they are even, this isn't helped when Chronos reveals he still has his super speed, Barry stops fighting Chronos when he realizes Brother Eye just launched so he runs to it while Chronos follows, Barry then throws Chronos in front of the laser which instead of over loading him, like Barry thought it would, over powers him, making him a giant OMAC Barry and Wally fights him but when Chronos fires a laser that would've hit Wally Barry opens a portal to somewhere unknown and drags Chronos in to it screaming, the portal then closes. Three months later all the heroes Barry had met are standing in front of a statue of Barry, a woman asks Wally who Barry was and he answares he was a crime fighter, a speedster, a hero.

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