Injustice Domination is the fighting game.



The Batman of One Earth has been elected Mayor of New Metropolis, and is trying to become President, much to the rage of Superman, who has been placed in a cell with a Kryptonite collar around his neck. In the flashback, The Joker uses the Nuclear Bomb to kill millions of people in Metropolis especially a girl named Lilly.  After he is given his food, the ceiling is blown up, and a large Meta-Human named Apocalypse, along with Black Adam, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, break him out. Superman puts on his suit and he launches straight for Batman, who is ready for him, as he shoots him with a Kryptonite gun, giving Batman enough time to escape. He calls up the members of his team, and proclaims that the Insurgency must unite.

Chapter 1: Batman

Play as: Batman (Alternate Earth)


  • Killer Moth (Alternate Earth)
  • Black Mask (Alternate Earth)
  • Scarecrow (Alternate Earth)
  • Deathstroke (One Earth)

Chapter 2: Flash

Play as: Flash (One Earth)


  • Hal Jordan (One Earth)
  • Catwoman (One Earth)
  • Batman (Alternate Earth)
  • Azrael (One Earth)

Chapter 3: Cyborg 

Play as :Cyborg  (Alternate Earth) 


  • Harley Quinn (Alternate Earth) 
  • Cyborg (One Earth) 
  • Brother Blood (One Earth) 
  • Cyborg Superman (One Earth)

Chapter 4: Green Lantern

Play as: Green Lantern (Alternate Earth)

  • Sinestro (One Earth)
  • Riddler (One Earth)
  • Hal Jordon (One Earth)
  • Black Hand (Alternate Earth)

Chapter 5: Harley Quinn

Chapter 6: Hawkgirl

Chapter 7: Raven

Chapter 8: Lex Luthor

Chapter 9: Red Eagle

Play as: Red Eagle


  • Damien Wayne
  • Wonder Woman
  • Jake Darcy
  • Apocalypse

Chapter 10: Superman

Play as: Superman (Alternate Earth)


  • Wonder Woman (One Earth)
  • Supergirl (One Earth)
  • Superboy (One Earth)
  • Superman (One Earth)




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