Injustice Indestructible is a video game that follows the events of the original Injustice.



Many of the Insurgency have been locked up, and Bane just broke Flash's back. On this Earth, Superman has won, and is searching for Batman, the last member of the Insurgency. Meanwhile, Batman, Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, and Batwoman, are in hiding, and Batman decides it's time to come out and defeat Superman.

Chapter One: Batman

Play As: Batman (One Earth)


Cyborg (One Earth)

Hawkgirl (One Earth)

Nightwing (One Earth)

Hal Jordan/Yellow Lantern (One Earth)

Chapter Two: Zatanna

Play As: Zatanna (One Earth)


Aquaman (One Earth)

Black Adam (One Earth)

Hal Jordan/Black Lantern (Apocalypse Earth)

Scarecrow (Apocalypse Earth)

Chapter Three: Green Arrow

Play As: Green Arrow (Apocalypse Earth)


Cyborg (Apocalypse Earth)

Katana (Apocalypse Earth)

Red Hood (Apocalypse Earth)

Aquaman (Apocalypse Earth)

Chapter Four: Batwoman

Play As: Batwoman (Apocalypse Earth)


Harley Quinn (Apocalypse Earth)

Solomon Grundy (Apocalypse Earth)

Larfleeze (Apocalypse Earth)

Bane (Apocalypse Earth)

Chapter Five: Lex Luthor

Play As: Lex Luthor (Apocalypse Earth)


Gorilla Grodd (Apocalypse Earth)

The Atom (Apocalypse Earth)

Martian Manhunter (Apocalypse Earth)

Brainiac (Apocalypse Earth)

Chapter Six: Deathstroke

Play As: Deathstroke (Apocalypse Earth) (Dies)


Scarecrow (Apocalypse Earth)

Black Lantern (Apocalypse Earth)

Clayface (Apocalypse Earth)

Red Tornado (Apocalypse Earth)

Chapter Seven: Flash

Play As: The Flash (One Earth)


Blue Beetle (Apocalypse Earth)

Arkillo (Apocalypse Earth)

Man-Bat (Apocalypse Earth)

The Creeper (Apocalypse Earth)

Chapter Eight: Nightwing

Play As: Nightwing (One Earth) (Dies)


Amon Sur (Apocalypse Earth)

Cyborg (Apocalypse Earth)

Red Hood (Apocalypse Earth)

Nightwing (Apocalypse Earth) (Dies)

Chapter Nine: Wonder Woman

Play As: Wonder Woman (One Earth)


Ares (Apocalypse Earth)

Donna Troy (Apocalypse Earth)

Artemis (Apocalypse Earth)

Wonder Woman (Apocalypse Earth)

Chapter Ten: Superman

Play As: Superman (One Earth)


Black Adam (Apocalypse Earth)

Black Lantern (Apocalypse Earth)

Shazam (Apocalypse Earth) (Dies)

Superman (Apocalypse Earth)


The Batman of Apocalypse Earth is ready to kill his Superman, but is talked out of it. Even though Batman said he would free him, One Earth Superman demands Batman arrest him once again, as seeing what Apocalypse Superman has done convinced him this isn't what Lois wanted. The One Earth Regime go with Superman, but before they leave, Apocalypse Batman thanks One Earth Superman. Later on Apocalypse Earth, Batman is talking to Green Arrow, who asks if their Superman could be convinced he's doing the wrong thing like One Earth Superman, to which Batman replies "no".

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