Iris West II, or simply Irey West, is the daughter of Wally West and Linda Park-West. She operates secretly as Kid Flash, one of the current members of the Teen Titans.


Early Life

When Iris and her twin brother, Jai, were in the womb, their mother had a miscarriage--the product of an encounter with Wally West's then-rival, Hunter Zolomon. Eventually, however, the twins' development was restored and they would soon be born.

Though only a few months old, Irey and her brother appeared physically as having lived for around two years. Their aging process had been sped up by their unstable connection to the Speed Force. Wally fixed this, taking them deep into the Speed Force dimension, and had their bodies' aging slowed. Jai and Irey would forever share a connection to the Speed Force, granting Irey quantum tunneling powers, whereas Jai was given the ability to speed up his muscle growth rate, which would grant him essentially super strength.


When Barry Allen returned from the Speed Force, he was attacked by a revived Eobard Thawne. Eobard set into motion a plan to kill the twins: ripping the connection between the two. To save her brother, Irey absorbed the Speed Force energy from him, giving her a full connection to the Speed Force. She could now help the Flash Family fight Eobard as the young superheroine, Impulse.

More to be added...

Powers and Abilities

Coming soon.

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