Jane Kent: Supergirl is the second comic in DC II. It follows Jane Kent, who is the daughter of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.


Volume One:Truth

  1. Jane Kent is at a ceremony, honoring Superman, when it is attacked by a new version of Metallo, the attacks wounds her mother Lois Lane badly. At the hospital, Lois tells Jane her father was Superman before giving her a new version of the Supergirl costume. Meanwhile, a dead company named LexCorp is bought by Alexei, the son of Alex Luthor.
  2. Two weeks later, a group of people are discussing the new Supergirl, when Metallo reappears and attacks them. Jane shows up and begins a fight with him, that ends with Metallo running away. Later, Alexei is trying to sell a large mech when Metallo attacks, Alexei then gets in the mech and is about to attack Metallo, when Jane shows up and smashes Metallo. That night, Alexei is visited by Jane, who claims that he built Metallo so that he could destroy him with the mech, which would convince the army to buy it. Alexei denies this but when he realizes she isn't wearing a wire, he admits but then goes on to say she has no proof that he amited. At the end, it shows Jane has got a job at the Daily Planet.
  3. Alexei is reading the news and finds out Jane is reporting on him, calling him corrupt. Because of this, Alexei recreates Metallo, this time with a Kryptonite heart. At the Daily Planet, Jane is talking to Joseph White, the son of Perry White, who partners her with Zachary Olsen, the son of Jimmy Olsen. While looking for a story, they are attacked by Metallo, who attempt to kill Jane. She manages to escape and put on her Supergirl costume before fighting Metallo. During the fight, it is revealed Jane is immune to Kryptonite, due to her being half-human. After beating them, Zachary develops a crush on Supergirl. Afterwards, Alexei destroys Metallo before hiring Jack Jones, the son of Rudy Jones.

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