Jason Peter Todd, also known as the Red Hood, is a fictional comic book character owned by DC Comics and is also a primary character in the Fanfiction, The Red Right Hand.

Jason Todd
You ll die
Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Outlaws
Age 22
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'0"
Weight 225 lps

He is the estrange adoptive son of Bruce Wayne. He lives is Gotham and is currently the leader of a criminal organization known as The Outlaws. Jason has a cruel, but somewhat scrupulous reputation. He does not not allow the recruitment of children into gangs or prostitution anywhere in his Territory. He also maintains that no drugs be sold nears schools or playgrounds or anywhere else child primarily frequent. He has strict punishments for anyone who disobeys these laws.

The Red Right Hand

Jason is approached by Dick Grayson, via a message through Red X, requesting a meeting with the Outlaw. Jason agrees, but under one condition, Dick needs to take an unknown object from the Joker and deliver it to Jason himself. Dick agrees and he and Raven set out to Gotham to retrieve the item in question. After a horrifying encounter with the Joker, Dick shows up at Jason's bar, The Wolf's Head, demanding to see him. After making a bit of scene, Jason agrees and tells Dick that, though he's impressed because there really was not object he wanted. Dick becomes outraged and asks Jason why he'd sent him on a suicide mission. Jason replies that he just wanted to see where Dick's loyalty lied. Jason and Dick then make a deal that Jason will help Dick take down Slade if Dick joins the Outlaws, explaining that Joker recently cut his ranks short and is in need of he man power.
JT rh
Jason sets Dick and Raven up in a small apartment in his bar. Then holds a meeting where he reveals his own plans to take out Slade, setting his sights on Jump City. Dick immediately becomes quite agitated by the idea, take it personally.
Jason then tells Dick that there's a run that night that he wants him to work. When Dick asks him who the is for, Jason replies, "Slade."
Dick accepts and goes along with Jason on the run where he meets his handler, Ravager. Jason tells Dick that her name is Rose and that she's actually Slade's daughter. Dick quickly realizes that reason Jason knows of this information is because he's sleeping with her. Jason doesn't deny the claim and but more offend tat his elder brother figured it out quickly. Though it's later said that Jason's relationship with Rose is something of a poorly kept secret.
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