John Hunter is a time traveler and the son of legendary time traveler Rip Hunter and the older brother of Zachary, Anna and Hayley Hunter. He is also the Younger Brother of Luke Hunter. He is portrayed by Chris Pratt.


Early Life

John's sister Anna got kidnapped by a Mysterious man who happened to be latter Vandal Savage. That turned John on the first Path to the Light Side. Rip decided to train him.

Future Batman

John along with The Legends of Time go to stop Chronos from stopping the Wayne Murders. They enlisted the help of Batman to stop Chronos. Then Chronos created a big Rampage on Gotham with John fighting him, and trapping him in an Hourglass.

Legends of Time

Season 1

He was one of the first Members, and the most Powerful member of The Legends of Time. He lead them to defeat some of the World's most deadly foes. But then he saw a vision of his Sister stabbing him in the Back causing John to feel a bit sad. Soon He discovered that his sister has turned into a Lady Savage by Vandal. Soon Anna his sister comes and stabs him in the back. But John had survived The Stabbing. Then later he fell in love with an Detective named Catherine Dale.

Season 2

John gets framed for doing a Crime that he didn't commit, which soon happened to be caused by his Earth 3 Counter Part who is the ruler of Earth 3.


John has a love for all living things. He doesn't want to hurt anything except when he has to. He can also get very strict when someone is going to change history, because he believes, like his father Rip, that all things time should be kept the same.


  • Fast Reflexes
  • Expert of Time Travel


  • Plasma Rifle
  • Time Watch

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