Joker is the animated 15-chapter theatrical serial.


The Joker teams up with Lex Luthor and Batman to save the world from the mysterious entity known as the Time-Stopper.

Joker and Batman made a deal if they reach to the time stopper, Joker will turn himself in.

Chapter Titles

  1.  Disappearances of Robin
  2. The Apocalypse Begins
  3. The Alliance
  4. Time Stopper
  5.  The Paradox
  6.  Joker's Nightmares
  7.  Paradox of Harleen Quinzel
  8.  Joker's Possible Death
  9.  Time Travel
  10.  Past
  11.  Present
  12.  Future
  13.  The Freedom
  14.  Final Battle against Time Stopper
  15. Photos of Harley Quinn

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