Justice League is a 2021 superhero action film based on the DC Comics team of the same name. The film introduces the concept of a superhero team to the DCFE to protect against threats too big for individual heroes.


Superhumans. For years, they've hidden among men, and now, with the public appearance of Superman, they follow in his footsteps to become champions of truth, justice, and liberty. In the distant realm of the Fourth World, the god-king Darkseid leads an army of parademons to the planet Earth to challenge these superhumans, believing their power to be a threat--and one he plans on controlling. When portals begin to open across the Earth sending the forces of Apokolips through, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Cyborg must unite to eliminate the threat and send the dark warriors back to their world.


  • Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent
  • Scott Adkins as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman/Diana
  • Chris Pine as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
  • John Boyega as Cyborg/Victor Stone
  • Michael Ironside as Darkseid/Uxas
  • TBA as Lois Lane
  • Joe Morton as Silas Stone



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