Kid Flash is a tv series about the DC character of the same name.


Will Friedel as Wally West/ Kid Flash

Troy Baker as Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, Owen Mercer/Captain Boomerang

Nolan north as Pied Piper

Tara Strong as Icicle


Season 1

  1. "Pilot"- It begins with Wally West getting struck by lightning like his uncle. Wally decides to use it for good and he fights a mugger. He gets dubbed the name Kid flash. He encounters his old friend Hunter Zolomon, and he decides to help him. Hunter sows him a costume. He fights a super villain named Pied Piper. Wally races to stop him, and defeats him. Then at the end Hunter goes into a room saying he needs the ultimate test. Then he shows a yellow suit.
  2. "Always Come Back"-Owen Mercer, the son of Digger Harkness, comes to Central City and takes up his father's identity as Captain Boomerang. He and Wally fight, with it ending in Owen being defeated but escaping. With help from Zolomon, Wally tracks down Owen, and the two fight once again, with Wally defeating him and him being arrested. Meanwhile, Hunter dresses as Zoom and steals technology, which he says will make him faster.
  3. "Icicle"- Wally's old friend gets framed for a crime. Wally tries protecting him when he discovers his sister framed him. Soon Wally heads after her. Soon he discovers she has ice powers. He takes down Icicle, and Hunter runs towards town hall.

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