Killer Croc is a TV series based on the DC comics character of the same name.


John DiMaggio as Waylon Jones/Killer Croc

Tara Strong as Jenny Williams

Nolan North as The Sewer King


Season One

  1. "The King"-A group of corrupt cops are walking through the sewers, looking for the body of a man they killed, not realizing they are being stalked by Killer Croc. Croc ends up flooding the sewers, killing two cops, before stalking the last two, managing to eat one. The last cop tries to run away but is grabbed by Croc, who drags her into the darkness. Croc ends up burning the body of the man they killed, while a group of homeless people chear for him, calling him King Croc. In flashbacks, the man who the cops killed talks to a young Croc about his scales, telling him to ignore the people who call him a freak.
  2. "Meet the Freak"-Croc is met by a few homeless children, who ask him how he became King Croc, and he explains his story. He reveals that he was abused by his aunt, who would throw him in a bath tub and demand him to scrub his scales off. Later, at the age of thirteen, Croc would push his aunt down the stairs, before running away. Later, at the age of nineteen, he took a job at a circus, where he was promised $40, but was only payed $20, in response, he bit the circus owner's hand off. He was kicked out and walked around as a homeless freak. On Croc's twentieth birthday, he crawled into the sewers, where he found a group of people being abused by their leader, who he beat to a bloody pulp, before saving his people. And now, at the age of twentynine, he is King Croc.

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