Knight is a TV series based on the DC Comics character Batman.



Scott Adkins as Bruce Wayne/The Knight/The Bat/Al Wata-Wat/Batman

Katie Cassidy as Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress

Logan Lerman as Philip Wayne/Robin

David Ramsey as Lucius Fox/Spartan

Emily Bett Rickards as Barbara Gordon/Oracle

Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

Colton Haynes as Jason Todd/Red Hood

Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific

Madison McLaughlin as Evelyn Sharp/Bluebird

Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase/Vigilante

Caity Lotz as Sara Bertinelli/The Scout

Colin Donnell as Thomas "Tommy" Elliot/Hush


John Barrowman as Roger Elliot/Hush/Ra's al Ghul

Susanna Thompson as Martha Wayne

Jessica De Gouw as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler

Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood

Matt Nable as Ra's al Ghul

Neal McDonough as Lincoln March

David Nykl as Anatoly Knyazev

Karl Yune as Maseo Yamashiro

Celina Jade as Shado

Byron Mann as Yao Fei

Rami Malek as Prometheus

Jimmy Akingbola as Baron Reiter

Dylan Neal as Anthony Ivo

Sebastian Dunn as Kyle Abbott


Season One

  1. "Pilot"-Bruce Wayne is found on an island after going missing for five years. He returns to Gotham and is welcomed by his mother, Martha, his brother, Philip, his friend, Lucius, and his best-friend, Tommy, however, Bruce has changed while trapped on the island. He tries to hide his true self and goes to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend, Helena Bertinelli. Bruce may act normal but at night, he becomes a vigilante to fight the crime in Gotham. The first person he plans on taking down is Carmine Falcone, a wealthy man who cheated and conned his way to the top. The news names Bruce "The Knight." Meanwhile, a cop named Harvey Bullock chases after The Knight, it is also revealed Martha has "plans" for her son.
  2. "Thorn In My Side"-Helena testifies against Rupert Thorne, who has had dealings with the Chinese Traid, he also was a part of the murder of a young woman's father. That night, Bruce as The Knight makes Thorne confess to the murder. Thorne then calls the Chinese Traid, who send China White to kill The Knight. Bruce manages to defeat China, capture Thorne, and give a tape of Thorne's confession to a cop named James Gordon. Meanwhile, Martha pushes Bruce to take a role in the company. Flashbacks to Bruce's time on the island show him being attacked by a strange hooded man with a bow.
  3. "Lone Gunmen"-Bruce is ready to take down another criminal when the criminal is suddenly shot and killed. The next day, Philip reveals that Tommy and Helena where together while Bruce was away, Helena then begins to think something is wrong when Bruce doesn't react to the news. Bruce finds out the assassin is named Deadshot, he tracks him down and they fight. It ends with Bruce throwing a metal boomerang at Deadshot that goes through his eye patch and appears to kill him. Lucius is hurt during the fight and Bruce must reveal himself as The Knight to him in order to save his life. In another flashback, the man who shot at Bruce reveals he was trying to help him, Bruce doesn't trust him at first but has no choice but to go with him when unknown armed men attack them.
  4. "An Innocent Man"-Lucius wakes up in Bruce's hideout and is asked to help him by Bruce, however, he denies his request. Later, Bruce finds out an innocent man on death row named Peter knows something about a man on his list. As The Knight, he gets help from Helena to prove the man's innocents. However, the man on Bruce's list has his bodyguard fake a break out so he can kill Peter and Helena. Bruce sneaks in to Blackgate dressed as a guard and wearing a ski mask and manages to save Peter and Helena. Peter's supervisor confesses to his innocents. Lucius agrees to help Bruce so they can protect the city, however, Bruce is then arrested under suspicion of being The Knight. Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon looks into a $2.6 million withdrawal that Martha made without knowledge. Flashbacks show Bruce learning to hunt on the island.
  5. "Damaged"-Bruce has been charged with murder and calls Helena to represent him, she doesn't think it's a good idea but accepts when it's clear Bruce won't agree to anyone else. Bruce is put under house arrested but he has a plan that will not only free him but take down an arms dealer. Flashbacks show Bruce getting a scar from a man named Deathstroke.
  6. "Legacies"-Lucius suggests going after people not on the list, a group of bank robbers named the Royal Flush Gang, Bruce isn't keen on the idea but it's clear Lucius won't take no for an answer. After doing some research, Bruce finds out on of the members is just a high school student and that he may have turned to crime because of his father. Meanwhile, Tommy asks Philip for dating advice, it quickly becomes clear he's talking about Helena. Flashbacks show Bruce doubting he can survive on the island and how he found his list.
  7. "Muse of Fire"-Martha is almost shot by a man who was trying to gun down a man who worked with mob boss Arthur Brown. Bruce tries to break in to Arthur's business to find out who the assassin was while Arthur confronts the Chinese Traid about going after his men. Bruce finds out that the assassin was Stephanie Brown, Arthur's daughter who Bruce had went on a date with. Stephanie reveals she is going after her father's men since she blames him for the death of her fiance. Stephanie kills the man who killed her fiance. Stephanie also finds out that Bruce is The Knight. Meanwhile, Tommy is cut of financially by his father, Roger, who is then revealed to be Martha's unknown associate.
  8. "Vendetta"-Bruce tries to teach Stephanie that there is a way to defeat her father without killing all of his men, she eventually comes around to the idea. Lucius isn't sure about Stephanie but Bruce ignores his concerns. After a dinner with Bruce, Tommy, and Helena that leads to a bad situation, Stephanie goes back to her old ways and kills the leader of the Chinese Traid, causing China White to go after Arthur, thinking he sent Stephanie. Bruce manages to stop Stephanie and China before having Arthur arrested. Stephanie then threatens to reveal Bruce's identity if he gets in her way again. Meanwhile, Tommy admits his father cut him off and asks for a job from Bruce.
  9. "Year's End"-Carmine Falcone is killed by a man who appears to be The Knight from a distance, Gordon thinks it is a copycat but everyone else thinks Batman is the one who killed Falcone. Meanwhile, Bruce hosts a Christmas party to cheer everyone up after all the criminals that have shown up in Gotham. Bruce then saves hostages from the copycat but they are both injured during the fight. The copycat gets away but is revealed to be Roger Elliot, Tommy's father. Lucius is then captured by some of Roger's men. While in the hospital, Bruce swears to take down Roger. Flashbacks show Bruce, Yao Fei, and Kyle Abbot looking for a possible exit from the island, Kyle reveals that the island is a prison and that he and his men are there to kill all the prisoners, including Yao Fei. Kyle then reveals that his capture was a trap, Yao Fei is captured but Bruce manages to escape.
  10. "Burned"-six weeks after Bruce fought with Roger, Bruce has been trying to avoid his hero life. A firefighter is killed in the line of duty, but Helena suspects it was murder, she calls on The Knight for help. Bruce tracks down a suspect and is injured during a fight, however, Bruce sees the murderer is a firefighter. Bruce learns the killer is named Garfield Lynns, a firefighter who was thought dead for two years. Lynns attends a party for firefighters, wanting to get revenge on the chief for not sending anyone to help him. Bruce saves the chief and Garfield kills himself. Harvey Bullock finds out about Helena and The Knight and bugs her phone. Flashbacks show Bruce beating a masked man, stealing his suit and taking a map he has.
  11. "Trust but Verify"-When an armored truck is robbed and its drivers are killed, Bruce thinks one of the thieves was Ted Gaynor, Lucius says it can't be him, since he was the one who taught Lucius while he was in the marines. Bruce finds encrypting data but Lucius intercedes and stops Bruce from getting information directly from Gaynor. The data is then revealed to be plans for robbing the armored trucks. Bruce finds out Gaynor wasn't actually at the heist but someone who worked for him was. Lucius then finds out Gaynor was the mastermind behind the whole theft. Gaynor then attempts to kill Lucius but Bruce comes in time and kills Gaynor. Meanwhile, Philip takes a drug named "Vertigo." Flashbacks show Bruce being caught by Kyle who then reveals Yao Fei has been working for him the whole time.
  12. "Vertigo"-After finding out what happened to Philip and that he is now on trial, Bruce goes out to find the person who gave him the Vertigo. He finds out the dealer calls himself The Count and arranges a meeting with him. The meeting is interrupted by the police and The Count injects Bruce with the Vertigo. Lucius finds Bruce, who is over dosing, and takes him back to his hideout, where he heals Bruce with herbs he brought back from the island. Bruce tracks The Count using the ingredients of the Vertigo, when Bruce finds The Count, he injects him with his own drug. Meanwhile, Helena manages to get Philip community service and two years of probation before showing Bruce a list of names written by his mother. Flashbacks show Yao Fei pretending to kill Bruce to help him get away from Kyle.
  13. "Betrayal"-Bruce confronts his mother about the list but she claims to know nothing about it. Lucius doesn't trust Martha and decides to look in to her daily activities. Helena gets help from The Knight when a criminal named Cyrus Vanch is released from jail. Bruce finds evidence that could put Vanch away once again, however, Vanch finds out about The Knight and kidnaps Helena. The Knight and Harvey Bullock then have to work together to defeat Cyrus. They manage to save her and Bruce stops Bullock from killing Vanch. To protect Helena, he cuts contacts with her. Lucius then shows Bruce evidence that Martha has been working with a group Bruce is after, Bruce decides to interrogate his mother as The Knight. Flashbacks show how Bruce met a man named Slade Wilson, who is on the island to free Yao Fei.
  14. "The Odyssey"-While confronting his mother, Bruce is shot. He reveals himself to Barbara and asks her to take him to his hideout, where Lucius tries to remove the bullet. While unconscious, Bruce has flashbacks to his time on the island. Slade begins to train Bruce for an assault, he also tells him the man who tortured him was his old friend Billy Wintergreen. After breaking in to an airship, Slade reveals plans for an airstrike. Bruce heads out to find Yao Fei and save him from the airstrike but is recaptured. Before Bruce is killed, Slade arrives, frees Bruce and kills Wintergreen. Slade and Bruce miss the supply aircraft and decide to work together to get off the island. Meanwhile, Yao Fei changes sides, since Abbot has captured his daughter, Shado. Back in the present, Bruce is saved and Barbara agrees to help Bruce and Lucius backs off from Martha, obeying Bruce's demands.
  15. "Dodger"-A theif named Dodger comes to Gotham and has people rob banks by planting bombs on them. Barbara convinces Bruce to bug the phone of police officer Ellen Yin, she also convinces him to ask her out. Thanks to the bug, Bruce finds out Dodger's next location, though the thief gets away using a bomb. Bruce draws Dodger out by donating jewels to an auction. It works but Barbara confronts the theif, who puts a bomb collar on her. Bruce manages to stop the theif and deactivate the collar. Meanwhile, Philip meets a theif named Jason Todd, and Martha attempts to hire China White to kill Roger. Flashbacks show Bruce leaving Slade to get healing herbs for him, he then meets a beaten man named Alan Durand who wants Bruce to kill him, however, Bruce refuses and leaves him.
  16. "Dead to Rights"-Bruce stops a hired gun named Guillermo Barrera, but must get help from Barbara to decipher his phone to find out who the target was. China White hires Deadshot, who survived the attack from Bruce, to kill Roger after her previous assassin was stopped by The Knight. Meanwhile, Roger asks Tommy to attend an award ceremony where Roger will be gifted a humanitarian award, Bruce persuades him to go. Bruce finds out that Roger is the target and rushes over to save him. Although he is almost caught by Detective Yin, Bruce manages to save Roger from China's men, however, Roger is shot by a poison bullet by Deadshot. Bruce is forced to reveal his identity to Tommy to save Roger's life. Afterwards, Roger tells Martha what happened and reveals he believes someone from the organization is out to get him. Meanwhile, Maria Bertinelli, Helena's mother, reveals her sister may be alive. Flashbacks show Bruce finding an old radio that Slade repairs and uses to tune in on Abbot's conversations.
  17. "The Spoiler Returns"-Stephanie Brown returns to Gotham to kill her father and asks Bruce for help, when he says no, she threatens to kill Tommy to force him to. The two go after armored trucks but it turns out to be a trap and Stephanie is arrested. Bruce breaks her out and demands her to leave Gotham. Instead, Stephanie forces Barbara to find out where her father is hiding. Bruce finds out and stops Stephanie from killing her father, but when Detective Yin shows up, Stephanie shoots her to escape. In the hospital, Yin reveals she is planning on moving to Coast City. Meanwhile, Tommy struggles to keep Bruce's secret, affecting his relationship with Helena. Maria shows Helena her evidence of her sister being alive. Flashbacks show Bruce and Slade stealing a missile launcher from Abbot and attempt to leverage it as a means of the island.
  18. "Azrael"-Another vigilante, named Azrael, has shown up in Gotham. He kidnaps a man on the list, he forces him to confess on live broadcast before killing him. He then kidnaps the district attorney and begins his broadcast, Barbara manages to track his location. However, the signal doesn't stop moving and Bruce can't save the district attorney. Azrael kidnaps Jason next, Lucius finds out he is using an old subway car and Bruce gets on to it and stops Azrael. Meanwhile, Bruce finds out the organization's plans involve Crime Alley, a part of Gotham filled with criminals. Helena proves that the woman in the picture her mother found is not her sister. Roger contacts the Traid to find out who wants to kill him, Martha gives Roger a co-conspirator of hers. Roger kills him and thanks Martha for her loyalty. Flashbacks show Bruce and Slade freeing Yao Fei's daughter, but Abbot re-acquires the circuit board.
  19. "Unfinished Business"-A girl dies from an overdose of Vertigo, so Bruce goes to confront The Count. However, The Count has gone insane because of the Vertigo Bruce gave him. But when news reporters say The Count escaped, Bruce thinks he faked his mental illness. Meanwhile, Harvey finds a connection between Tommy and Vertigo, he starts an investigation and almost finds out Bruce is The Knight, however, Tommy hides Bruce's gear. Tommy quits Bruce's job after he finds out he believes he has a connection with Vertigo. Barbara puts an anti-psychotic in the Vertigo. Bruce then realizes that The Count's psychiatrist is behind the new Vertigo, Bruce manages to stop the doctor and leaves The Count, who has truly gone insane. Later, Bruce decides to help Lucius hunt down Deadshot, who killed Lucius' brother. In flashbacks, Shado beginning to train Bruce.
  20. "Home Invasion"-Helena represents the Moore family who are suing a businessman that coned them. But they are all killed and the couple's son is the only survivor. Helena takes the boy but the hit-man comes after him. The Knight saves Helena and the boy, afterwards Tommy suggests hiding with Bruce. A sting operation headed by A.R.G.U.S. is set to capture Deadshot, but Bruce decides to go after the man who hired the hit-man. Lucius then decides to leave Bruce after he sides with Helena over him. The hit-man kills his client and then goes to Wayne Manor to kill all remaining witnesses, but Bruce kills him before he can kill anyone else. Tommy leaves Helena, since he thinks he can't hold up to Bruce. Meanwhile, Jason continues his search for The Knight and Philip agrees to help him. Flashbacks show Shado training Bruce, but before he can use his skills, Yao Fei brings Abbot's men to their hideout.
  21. "The Undertaking"-Bruce takes down an accountant and transfers his money back to the people he stole from. Barbara then finds out about a $2 million transfer was made to Dominic Alanzo, an underground casino worker who is hired to kidnap people, including Lucius. After being beaten and threatened, Alanzo claims Lucius is dead. Bruce tells his family about this, Martha then confronts Roger, who shows her Lucius is still alive. Bruce, who was listening in, finds out Roger is the head of the organization, he uses Barbara to hack in to his phone and find out where Lucius is. As The Knight, Bruce frees Lucius. Meanwhile, Helena goes to Tommy and asks him why he really left her, Tommy then reveals he believes she and Bruce are meant to be together. Flashbacks reveal that Thomas Wayne had an argument with Roger about his plans for Crime Alley, that involve destroying the land and rebuilding it. Because of this, Roger plants a bomb on Thomas' boat, right before he sets off with Bruce.
  22. "Darkness on the Edge of Town"-Roger, dressed as Hush, goes to tie up loose ends by murdering the scientist who helped with his plans for Crime Alley. Bruce and Lucius come up with a plan that has Lucius dress as The Knight to uncover the truth, the plan works and Bruce, Barbara and Lucius break in to Roger's company to find the device. Bruce convinces Tommy to get back together with Helena, but when he learns that he could cease being The Knight if he stops the undertaking, Bruce decides to reconcile with Helena. That night, Lucius tries to go after the device but Roger has it moved. The Knight attempts to kill Roger but he gets the upper hand and finds out Bruce is The Knight. Meanwhile, Lucius reveals he knew Martha had something to do with his kidnapping. Flashbacks show Abbot reveling his plan to blow up aircraft going in to China, which will cripple the Chinese economy. Abbot then forces Yao Fei to take credit for the attack before killing him.
  23. "Sacrifice"-Roger locks Bruce up and leaves him to die, hanging from chains. But Bruce escapes. Bruce then confronts his mother about her involvement the undertaking, which makes her hold a press conference and reveal to the city what she did. Tommy sees the press conference and Roger reveals himself to be Hush, to the dismay of his son. Detective Bullock, with the help of Barbara, dismantles the device. Bruce and Roger go after a mortally wounded Roger, he reveals there is a second device, before dying. The device activates and begins to destroy Crime Alley. Philip goes to help Jason, who is helping people escape the earthquake. Helena is trapped in her office but Tommy comes to help her. She escapes but debris fall on Tommy, Bruce comes to save him too late and Tommy dies. Flashbacks show Abbot firing a missile at an aircraft but Bruce and Shado manage to override the coordinates and destroy the missile. Bruce then kills Abbot.

Season Two

  1. "City of Heroes"-Bruce returns to the island after Tommy's death. Helena and Lucius convince him to come home but when he does he finds out a group of people dressed as The Knight are killing criminals. They go after Bruce twice before kidnapping Philip. Bruce saves Philip without killing anyone and leaves The Knights for Harvey Bullock. Meanwhile, Jason is protecting Crime Alley, and is rescued by an unknown female vigilante. Bruce decides to become the vigilante once again, but decides to make a new name for it. Flashbacks show Bruce, Slade, and Shado finding out there's someone else on the island.
  2. "Identity"-Jason fails to stop China White from stealing a truck. Bruce tries to convince Jason to stop being a vigilante, he then learns that the Crime Alley hospital is having its medicine stolen. Bruce sets a trap and finds out the thief is China White, the police show up during their fight and Bruce runs away, allowing China to escape. Bruce then works with Sebastian Blood, an alderman for Crime Alley, to stop China, but this means he can't show up to a charity event he was invited to, Blood then goes after Bruce in the press for this. The Knight convinces Jason to stop fighting crime but instead become his "eyes and ears" in Crime Alley. Helena then sets a trap for The Knight, who is seemingly surrounded by police. Flashbacks show Bruce, Shado and Slade finding a cave full of WWII Japanese soldiers.
  3. "Broken Dolls"-Bruce is saved by the new female vigilante from the police. Bruce then gets the help of Jason to find out who the vigilante is. Meanwhile, Harvey finds out that a serial killer he caught named Barton Mathis escaped during the earthquake. Harvey gets help from Bruce to break in to a lab, where they find the connection between his victims. Later, Bruce finds out Mathis has kidnapped Harvey and Helena and is planning on killing them. Bruce manages to save them both and capture Mathis, who is then killed by the female vigilante. Meanwhile, Martha is on trial and the district attorney announces he is planning on giving her the death penalty. The female vigilante is tracked down by an agent of a man named Ra's Al Ghul, but she kills him. Flashbacks show Bruce and Slade helping Shado, who is being attacked, however, Bruce is captured by unknown men on the boat Amazo.
  4. "Crucible"-Bruce realizes that the female vigilante is following Helena, so he uses this to ambush her, he captures the vigilante and finds out she is Helena's sister, Sara. Meanwhile, weapon shipments are robbed by a criminal calling himself "The Mayor" who assaults a gun rally hosted by Bruce and Blood. Thanks to this, Barbara is able to find out who he is and thus track him down. Bruce asks Sara to help him capture The Mayor. Afterwards, a police officer brings The Mayor to an unknown location, where Blood injects him with a green substance, which kills him. Meanwhile, Helena develops a drinking problem and refuses to get help. Because of this, Bruce asks Sara to reveal herself to her family. Flashbacks show Bruce being questioned about the Japanese soldiers, when he refuses to answer questions, so they take him to an interrogation room where he first learns about Sara.
  5. "League of Assassins"-Sara and Bruce are attacked by a man dressed like Hush. Sara then reveals that the man, Al-Owal, is a member of the League of Assassins and that he is trying to kill Sara because she left the League. Barbara tracks Al-Owal to an abandoned manufacturing plant. Bruce and Sara fight Al-Owal and two other League members to a stalemate. They escape and Al-Owal threatens to kill Sara's family. The next time Al-Owal attacks, he is killed by Sara. Sara then decides to leave Gotham. Elsewhere, Martha decides to fight the death penalty. Flashbacks show Sara being found by Amazo, she is brought aboard and meet Doctor Anthony Ivo, who asks her to help him with his work.
  6. "Keep your Enemies Closer"-An A.R.G.U.S. agent named Lyla Michaels goes missing, so Bruce and Lucius go to Russian to find her, after they find out she was researching Deadshot. Once there, Bruce and Lucius find out Lyla is being held hostage in a gulag. To rescue Lyla, Lucius is captured and taken to the gulag. Once there, Lucius finds Deadshot in an isolation freezer, the pair then team up to free Lyla. Lucius allows Deadshot to leave for freeing Lyla, in return Deadshot tells Lucius he was hired to kill Lucius' brother by a group known as The Court. Flashbacks show Ivo telling Bruce the Japanese men where transporting a drug that would gave a normal man superhuman strength and regenerative abilities. Later, Sara tricks Bruce in to revealing Slade and Shado are alive, Bruce is almost killed but Ivo is convinced to spear his life by Sara.
  7. "State V. Wayne"-It is revealed The Count escaped from prison after Roger's attack. He poisons Gotham with the Vertigo drug, with Lucius being among its infected. In court, Martha is deemed innocent, she then finds out that Roger is alive and that he rigged the trail. Roger also reveals Philip is his biological son. Barbara locates The Count and Bruce manages to save Lucius, however, The Count escapes. Later, Barbara is kidnapped by The Count. In order to stop The Count, Bruce is forced to break his promise and kill The Count. Meanwhile, Blood is told that one of his test subjects, Cyrus, has survived. Flashbacks show Slade and Shado saving Bruce and Sara after Ivo comes to the island to locate a stone left by the Japanese solders.
  8. "The Reporter"-When a thief with super strength steals a centrifuge from Wayne Industries, Bruce and his team investigate with the help of a reporter named Clark Kent. Bruce thinks that Clark is hiding something and when confronted he reveals he is investigating super powered beings in hopes of finding the man who murdered his mother. Bruce then finds out the thief's strength comes from the same drug Anthony Ivo was searching for. Philip and Jason stumble upon Bruce's case, but Bruce cracks Jason's leg to prevent him from getting further involved. Bruce finds the thief but is injected with an unknown toxin. To save Bruce's life, Barbara calls Clark Kent for help in finding a cure. Roger tries to convince Martha to tell Philip he is his father, but instead Martha calls Ra's al Ghul, because of this, Roger leaves but claims that the issue with Philip isn't over. Flashbacks show Bruce and Shado finding the serum and injecting Slade with it, however, his heart stops and Ivo shows up just when it does.
  9. "Three Ghosts"-Clark manages to save Bruce's life but Bruce is angry when he finds out Clark knows his secret identity. Bruce and Barbara find out that Bruce's attacker was Cyrus Gold. Jason is then captured by Cyrus, who brings him to Sebastian Blood, Blood then injects Jason with a serum named Mirakuru, however, the serum kills Jason. Bruce then shows up and stops Cyrus before destroying the remaining serum. Bruce then revives Jason, but worries that the serum may have negative affects on him. Meanwhile, Slade is revealed to be alive and the one behind Blood's plans. He orders Blood to leave The Bat alone, wanting to take care of him personally. Jason wakes up in the Wayne Mansion and realizes the serum has healed his broken leg. Meanwhile, Clark has returned to Metropolis, he is playing with a strange object when it hits him with a strange ray. Flashbacks show Ivo killing Shado but fleeing when Slade gets back up and kills his men.
  10. "Blast Radius"-Bruce continues his search for the man in the skull mask to no avail. Meanwhile, Barbara has been visiting Clark, who is in a coma. A bomber named Mark Scheffer, AKA Shrapnel, starts setting off bombs in Gotham as an anti-government movement. Sebastian Blood begins his campaign for mayor and holds a unity rally. Sheffer attempts to blow the rally up but Bruce manages to stop him and disarm the bombs. During the panic, Philip sees Jason use superhuman strength and confronts him on it. Helena continues to look in to Blood and she talks to his mother in a mental institution, who reveals that Blood killed his father and put her in the institution as a cover up. Flashbacks show Slade beginning to act strange because of the Mirakuru
  11. "Blind Spot"-Blood visits his mother and finds out she told Helena he killed his father. Bruce continues his search for the man in the skull mask and gets help from Helena, who believes it is Blood. Bruce investigates Blood, who has Helena arrested for drug possession to throw Bruce off the case, Blood then has her kidnapped to lure out The Bat. The Bat comes to save Helena but Helena kills the man in the skull mask during the fight, who is revealed to be police officer Daily, a man who Blood is usually seen with, throwing suspicion off Blood. Helena's name is cleared but she is fired when her opiate addiction is brought to light. Meanwhile, Jason tries to stop a murderer but ends up putting the man in the hospital. In order to help him, Bruce offers to train Jason to control his powers. Flashbacks show Sara considering an offer from Ivo to return the Mirakuru for safe passage off the island, but after remembering Ivo's tortured prisoners, she declines.
  12. "Tremors"-Ben Turner escapes from prison thanks to a man named Milo Armitage, who pays him $10 million to steal a prototype of Roger's machine. Bruce tries to teach Jason how to control his strength but he loses control and Turner escapes with the prototype. Bruce is forced to reveal his identity to Jason to get his help. Meanwhile, Helena finds out she may be disbarred because of her addiction and spirals further out of control. In addition, Martha runs for mayor against Blood and Amanda Waller offers Turner a chance to commute his sentence if he joins her Squad. Flashbacks show Bruce feeling guilty for letting Shado die and stopping Slade from destroying Ivo's feighter with Abbott's missiles.
  13. "Heir to the Demon"-Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, arrives in Gotham to take Sara back to Nanda Parbat. Sara refuses so Talia kidnaps Sara's mother. Sara agrees to go with her but drinks snake venom as an act of self-sacrifice. Bruce arrives with a cure and Talia allows Sara to leave. Meanwhile, Martha begins her political campaign and Barbara finds out Roger is Philip's real father. Martha threatens Barbara but she reveals the truth to Bruce none the less. Sara is welcomed home by her mother but Helena kicks her out in a fit of rage. In addition, Slade decides to take care Martha's campaign against Blood. 
  14. "Time of Death"-William Tockman orchestrates a precisely timed hiest of Palmer Technologies and steals a device that will allow him to rob any bank in the world. This comes to the attention of Bruce and Sara who go out to stop him, foiling one of his robberies. In response, Tockman hacks in to Bruce's computers and blows them up. Barbara tries to bait Tockman in to going for one last heist. Bruce, Sara, and Lucius arrive in time to save Barbara but Barbara takes a bullet while trying to save Sara. Meanwhile, the Bertinellis try to have dinner together and it is revealed Bruce and Sara are in a relationship, much to Helena's anger. Helena reveals the reason behind her anger to Sara and they make amends, Helena then attends an A.A. meeting. Slade then makes himself known by coming to Bruce's home and meeting with Martha. Flashbacks show Sara finding a dying man and promising to keep his daughter safe, his daughter is Sin, who Jason had got help from multiple times.
  15. "The Promise"-Bruce is forced by his mother to give Slade a tour of the house. Sara and the rest are told about this and arrive to back Bruce up. When Slade leaves, Bruce deduces that he is the one in control of the man in the skull mask and is attempting to create more Mirakuru. Later, it is revealed Slade planted cameras around Wayne Manor. Flashbacks show Bruce, Sara and Slade strategizing a way to get on to Ivo's ship. The trio burn the Mirakuru and Sara tries to convince Bruce to kill Ivo. Bruce, Sara and Slade make it on to the ship, while there Sara frees the prisoners and Bruce and Slade go after Ivo. When Ivo is cornered, he reveals that Bruce chose Shado to die, Slade turns on Bruce and imprisons him while Sara and the prisoners escape. Slade takes control of the ship and reveals that he kept the Mirakuru, having Bruce destroy an empty box.
  16. "Suicide Squad"-In flashbacks to eight years prior, Lucius and Lyla are leading a group of villagers when one realizes there is a criminal named Gholem Qadir among them. During an ambush, Lucius saves Qadir's life. In the present, Lucius and Lyla are called on by Amanda Waller to lead "Task Force X", AKA the Suicide Squad, which consists of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel. They are sent after Qadir, who has developed a deadly nerve agent. After saving Qadir's life again from a staged assassination attempt, Lucius is invited to Qadir's house party. Once there, Deadshot locates the nerve agent and is targeted by a drone, however Lucius saves Deadshot and a SEAL team is forced to destroy the agent. Meanwhile, Bruce is forced to go to Amanda Waller for help with the Slade situation. Waller then reveals that A.R.G.U.S. has been tracking an assassin named Deathstroke, who they realize is actually Slade.
  17. "Birds of Prey"-Bruce and Sara help a police raid and capture Arthur Brown, however Bruce realizes Stephanie will come back to Gotham to kill her father. Helena agrees to try Arthur's case but finds out it is a ruse to draw out Stephanie. She shows up at the courthouse and takes hostages in exchange for her father. Sara shows up to save Helena but Stephanie overpowers her and demands that Bruce deliver Arthur. Bruce complies but Arthur dies in a crossfire and Harvey arrests Stephanie. Despite the ruse, the district attorney rehires Helena to avoid scandal. Jason cuts contact with Philip to protect him when he realizes the Mirakuru is affecting him. Flashbacks show Slade demanding Sara give him one of the escapees or he will kill Bruce.
  18. "Deathstroke"-Pretending to comfort him, Slade uses the opportunity to kidnap Philip. Distracted by Philip's kidnapping, Bruce gives temporary CEO status to Isabel Rochev, who uses the opportunity to convince the board of directors to make her position permanent. When confronted, Isabel reveals she is working with Slade and tells Bruce where Philip is being held, however, Philip has already been freed since his kidnapping was just a diversion so that Slade could free a group of convicts and use them as test subjects for the Mirakuru. Philip tells Bruce and Martha that Slade told him Roger is his real father. Harvey is arrested for helping The Bat, Jason laves Gotham, and Slade tells Helena that Bruce is The Bat. Flashbacks show Sara trying to kill Slade but it backfiring.
  19. "The Man Under the Mask"-Bruce and his team destroy the science division of Wayne Enterprises so that Slade can't mass produce the Mirakuru. In response, Slade steals an electronic Skeleton Key. He uses the key to steal a bio-transfuser from S.T.A.R. Labs that Lana Lang and Jimmy Olsen work at that will allow him to transfer his Mirakuru-infused blood to the convicts. Bruce tracks down Slade and discovers he is using Jason to transfuse the blood. Bruce saves Jason and Isabel is mortally wounded in the fight. Later, Bruce reveals there is a cure for Mirakuru and Barbara goes to S.T.A.R. Labs to have Lana and Jimmy create a cure. Meanwhile, Helena investigates Bruce being The Bat and finds out Sara is The Scout. Helena stops her investigation when Harvey convinces her that The Bat's identity is irrelevant to the symbol he represents. Helena later blackmails her supervisor so he will free Harvey and reinstate him. Slade's army of Mirakuru warriors gather and Slade uses his blood to heal Isabel. Flashbacks show Bruce killing Ivo after he tells him and Sara about the Mirakuru cure.
  20. "Seeing Red"-Jason goes on a rampage, overwhelmed by the Mirakuru and begins attacking civilians. Bruce and Sara track Jason down but Bruce's leg is injured during a fight and Jason escapes, killing a police officer in the process. Sara thinks that Jason should be killed but Bruce still wants to save him. Jason comes to Verdant and Bruce injects him with viper venom to knock him out until a cure is found. Sara decides she is not good enough for Bruce and leaves Gotham to find a friend. Philip continues to distance himself from his family so Martha drops out of mayoral race to rebuild her relationship with Philip. Bruce convinces Martha to continue to run and Martha reveals she has known Bruce is The Bat since last year's earthquake and that she is proud of him. After the rally Martha, Bruce and Philip are attacked by Slade, who kills Martha when she sacrifices herself for Philip and Bruce. Flashbacks to seven years prior show Bruce telling Martha he got a woman pregnant so she pays the woman to claim she lost the baby and making her leave Gotham.
  21. "City of Blood"-When Bruce goes missing after Martha's death, Lucius and Barbara hire Amanda Waller to track him down. They find him inside a secret hideout, where he reveals his plan to give himself up to Slade to save everyone else. Isabel shuts down Verdant, forcing Philip to make a decision to leave Gotham. Sebastian is sworn in a mayor and Helena finds documentation that says he knew Slade would kill Martha. Helena then tells Bruce he knows he is The Bat and that Blood is working with Slade. After confronting Sebastian, Bruce decides there is no other choice but to kills Slade's Mirakuru army. The plan backfires, with Bruce and Helena cornered by Slade's men, various Mirakuru soldiers wreaking havoc on the city, and Lucius being confronted by Isabel, now wearing Deathstroke's armor. Flashbacks show Anatoly Knyazev repairing the Japanese submarine that brought the Mirakuru and he and Bruce planning an attack on the Amazo.
  22. "Streets of Fire"-As Slade's men continue to attack the city, Barbara joins Lucius and hits Isabel with a van so he can escape, and Roger Elliot returns to save Philip. S.T.A.R. Labs manages to create a cure but Slade sends a few men to steal it before Bruce can pick it up. Finally trusting Harvey, the police force agree to help The Bat and Harvey is re-promoted to detective and leads the other officers. Slade reveals to Blood he plans on destroying the whole city in his quest for vengeance against Bruce. Because of this, Blood steals the cure and gives it to Bruce. For his betrayal, Slade has Isabel kill Blood. Bruce tests the cure of Jason after Amanda Waller reveals she is planning on bombing the city. Flashbacks show Bruce boarding the Amazo to free Sara after telling Anatoly to blow the ship up if he doesn't come back within an hour. However, they are both captured by Slade.
  23. "Unthinkable"-The cure works and Bruce and his team must escape when Slade's men attack the hideout. Back at Verdant, Sara arrives with Talia and the League of Assassins as backup. Equipped with the cure, Bruce confronts Slade and Isabel. Talia kills Isabel and Slade escapes. Meanwhile, Lucius and Lyla try to convince Waller to call off the nuclear strike on the city. Helena abducted and Harvey is seriously injured. Philip confronts Jason but when he finds a gun he loses trust and leaves Gotham with Roger. Bruce and the team manage to use the cure on Slade's men. Bruce tricks Slade in to kidnapping Barbara, making him think she's the one he loves. When Slade is distracted, Barbara injects him with the cure. Bruce manages to defeat him and Waller calls of the bombing. Slade is locked up in an underground A.R.G.U.S. prison on the island and Sara rejoins the League as payment for them helping the city. Flashbacks show Anatoly firing a torpedo in to the Amazo, during the destruction, Sara falls overboard. Bruce wakes up in Hong Kong, where he meets Amanda Waller.

Season Three

  1. "The Calm"-Following the defeat of Slade, The Bat is embraced as a hero by the people of Gotham, and the newly promoted Captain Bullock calls off the anti vigilante task force. Elsewhere, Werner Zytle, who has taken up the identity of Vertigo, attempts to kill The Bat. Bruce and Jason are able to defeat Zytle with some help from Sara, who is back in town. Meanwhile, businessman Ted Kord acquires Wayne Enterprises under a plan to rebuild the city. Lucius and Lyla welcome a baby girl, which convinces Lucius to retire from the field of duty. Bruce and Barbara go on a date but Bruce ends it explaining how he can not be both The Bat and Bruce at the same time, but he acknowledges loving her. After visiting Helena, Sara is shot by arrows and falls off a building to her death. In flashbacks, Amanda Waller tries to force Bruce to work for her and assigns agent Maseo Yamashiro as his handler. After many failed attempts to escape, Bruce agrees to proceed with his training to prevent Waller from killing Maseo's family.
  2. "Sara"-Not knowing what else to do, Helena takes Sara's body to the team and demands Bruce find her killer but Bruce tells her to go home. Harvey tells Bruce that there is an archer in the city who is killing people, not knowing about Sara's death. With help from Barbara and Lucius, Bruce identifies the archer as Simon Lacroix. The team learn who Simon's next target is and manage to stop him. Helena arrives with a gun, determined to kill Simon, as Bruce tries to talk her out of it, Simon reveals he was not in Gotham the night Sara died. Jason then tells Bruce that Philip left town when he found he was working with The Bat. In Corto Maltese, Philip is with Roger and has proven he can take care of more than one henchman at a time. In flashbacks, Bruce is tasked with killing Thomas Elliot, to save Tommy's life, Bruce pretends to kidnap him and tricks him into thinking that it was a ruse to gain ransom money.
  3. "Corto Maltese"-With no more leads on Sara's death, Bruce focuses on bringing Philip home. Barbara tracks Philip to the island of Corto Maltese. It turns out he is working at a restaurant but he refuses to return to Gotham. While Bruce waits to convince Philip to come home, he assists Lucius on an A.R.G.U.S. mission to find the whereabouts of agent Mark Shaw. The agent informs Lucius that someone broke into the A.R.G.U.S. database and stole information to sell on the black market. Shaw double crosses Lucius and reveals he was the one selling A.R.G.U.S. secrets. Barbara helps Bruce and Lucius track Shaw down and they stop him before he can sell any information. After a last minute plea and Bruce revealing their father shot himself, Philip agrees to come back to Gotham. Meanwhile, trying to imitate her sister, Helena tries to exact vengeance on the abusive boyfriend of a fellow A.A. member but ends up in the hospital. She later tries to get training from boxer Ted Grant after Bruce refuses to. In flashbacks to six months prior, Roger begins to train Philip.
  4. "The Whisperer"-Talia al Ghul returns to Gotham looking for Sara. Bruce sends Jason to follow Talia after it is clear she knows something about who could have killed Sara. Talia is tracked to Sara's old safe house, where she reveals to Bruce the Roger Elliot is still alive and Sara was sent to confirm his existence. Bruce tracks Roger down and agrees to meet him in a public location. Roger claims he didn't kill Sara and came to Gotham to take care of Philip. Talia kidnaps Philip, trying to draw Roger out but Bruce arrives instead and rescues Philip. Roger then arrives to clear his name and insinuates that it was Talia father, Ra's al Ghul, who killed Sara. Talia doesn't believe him but Bruce does and vows to protect Roger for as long as he's in Gotham. Talia warns Bruce that he has made a serious enemy in the League before running off and reporting back to her father. In flashbacks, Bruce learns Waller was the one behind Abbott's actions on the island.
  5. "The Secret Origin of Barbara Gordon"-A cyber terrorist attacks Gotham and threatens to shut down all banks. While Bruce and Jason try to keep the peace, Barbara tries to locate the virus that is attacking the city's infrastructure. Barbara quickly realizes she created the virus five years ago and it is unstoppable. Barbara's mother Eileen shows up and the two have a falling out about how different they are. Barbara finds out her mother was unknowingly sent by the cyber terrorist, revealed to be her ex-boyfriend Cooper, who kidnaps them both. Cooper then forces Barbara to bring divert a group of truck carrying newly minted money to them. Barbara also uses the system to call Bruce, who arrives with Jason and Lucius to stop Cooper and his team. Helena continues to train with Ted and reveals to him the real reason she wanted training. Meanwhile, Jason begins to have nightmares where he is the one who killed Sara.
  6. "Guilty"-A murderer begins taking out gangs in Gotham and when a body turns up in Ted's gym he becomes a suspect. Bruce follows Ted to another dead body but Ted claims he has nothing to do with it, he also reveals he was once a vigilante himself but he retired when a drug dealer was beaten to death by accident. The pair follow the clues to the drug dealer's old hideout. The murder shows and Ted reveals he is his old protege Isaac Stanzler, he is bested by Bruce before escaping. Isaac kidnaps Ted and Helena, but Bruce and his team are able to stop him. Meanwhile, Jason tells Barbara about his dreams and has her test him for Mirakuru. The tests reveal no Mirakuru but Jason tells Bruce he killed Sara none the less. Using a technique from Hong Kong, Bruce shows Jason he didn't kill Sara but Jason does see that he killed a cop.
  7. "Poison"-Bruce investigates a new murderer, who killed Isaac and left his body dressed as The Bat. Following a lead, Bruce finds out the killer is an ex-cop named Pamela Isley, who goes by the name "Poison Ivy" and is obsessed with The Bat. Pamela uses a former C.I. to track down Bruce's hideout. When Bruce rejects her romantic advances, she attempts to kill them both. Bruce stops her which only furthers her delusions that he loves her. Subsequently, Bruce gives her to A.R.G.U.S. as a new member of the Suicide Squad. Meanwhile, Ted Kord reveals his next plan to save the city it re-branding Wayne Enterprises to Kord Industries. Bruce struggles with how much time Barbara is spending with Kord and matters are made worse when he walks in on them kissing. Kord is later shown working on a strange suit. In flashbacks, Bruce helps Maseo's wife find him when he goes missing.
  8. "The Brave and the Bold"-Bruce and Jason track down the home of Winslow Schott, a killer who uses deadly toys, but they only find A.R.G.U.S. agents looking for the same man. S.T.A.R. Labs' Lana Lang and Jimmy Olsen arrive in Gotham to help Barbara analyze DNA from the arrow that killed Sara. Winslow attempts to kill Lyla, Bruce and Jason arrive to stop him but need help from Clark Kent. Later, Lyla reveals Winslow was a member of the Suicide Squad and Bruce agrees to let Clark help with the investigation. The team track Winslow's location, but it turns out to be a ruse that allows Winslow to trace their hideout, where he wounds Lyla before running away. In order to escape, Winslow plants five bombs around the city. While Bruce tries to capture Winslow, Clark uses both his and Bruce's teams to disarm the bombs. In flashbacks to Hong Kong show Bruce learning how to torture someone effectively.
  9. "The Climb"-The League of Assassins inform Bruce he has 48 hours to find Sara's killer or they will begin to kill citizens. Bruce learns that Maseo is now a member of the League. Lana sends Barbara the DNA profile of the arrow that killed Sara, the profile database identifies Bruce. Believing Roger set him up, Bruce finds out Roger and Philip arrived in Gotham the night before Sara's murder. Realizes he has been lying, Bruce confronts Philip, who demonstrates his training with Roger before escaping. Roger then reveals he drugged Philip and had him kill Sara, he also reveals he taped the whole thing and is using it as leverage to force Bruce to fight Ra's al Ghul to the death, since if he died any blood debt Roger has to the League would be lifted. Bruce and Ra's meet, with Bruce being outmatched. Ra's ends the fight with kicking Bruce off a cliff. In flashbacks, Maseo and Bruce find out China White stole a super-virus. China then breaks in to Maseo's home and kidnaps his daughter.
  10. "Left Behind"-With Bruce missing, Lucius and Jason work together to protect the city. Meanwhile, a new crime lord named Antonio "Bane" Dorrance plots to take over Crime Alley. After Philip expresses fear over Bruce's disappearance, Roger goes to the site of the duel and brings a bloody sword to Lucius and the others, claiming Bruce is dead. Lucius finds out Bane is planning on destroying all evidence against street enforcers so they will be released and have no choice but to join his gang and heds to the police warehouse with Jason to stop him. Lucius and Jason are outnumbered and are fearing for their lives so Barbara decides to trap them in the warehouse and let Bane escape. Afterwards, Barbara calls the group non-existent without Bruce and quits. With dozens freed because of Bane, Helena goes after them, donning an altered version of Sara's Scout costume. Meanwhile, Maseo finds Bruce's body and takes it to Tatsu so that she can "bring him back to life." In flashbacks, Maseo and Bruce steal the counterpart to China's virus, making her portion inert. Bruce also slips a GPS on one of China's men.
  11. "Midnight City"-Tatsu informs Bruce that his will to live and the cold temperature of the mountain are the only reason he survived. While Bruce attempts to heal, members of the League show up, forcing Tatsu and Maseo to kill them to protect Bruce. Maseo cuts himself to Ra's will believe Bruce escaped. Jason and Lucius warn Helena to stay off the streets after Jason has to bail her out of a fight. Bane kidnaps the city's aldermen, but Jason and Helena track him down so Bane escapes and kills one of the aldermen in retaliation. In exchange for the remaining aldermen, Bane demands that all police evacuate Crime Alley for good. The team are able to locate the aldermen and successfully rescue them, but the Mayor still agrees to evacuate the police after Bane reveals that he has targeted every legislative body member. Meanwhile, Barbara rejoins the team and gives Ted the last peace of his S.C.A.R.A.B. exo-suit. Chase, the DJ for Verdant, is revealed to be a spy for the League, who informs Maseo that Roger has chosen not to leave Gotham. In flashbacks, Maseo agrees to give China the counterpart virus if she gives him Tatsu.
  12. "Uprising"-Worrying about Gotham, Bruce decides to leave Tatsu. She informs him that if he wants to defeat Ra's he will need sword training from Maseo. With the police gone, Jason and Helena are tasked with fighting Bane's men. Harvey gives the team all the information the police have on Bane. Roger spies on the team as they review the evidence on Bane and realizes Bane was responsible for the death of his wife. Roger propositions the team to join forces to take down Bane but they refuse. Instead, they rally the citizens of Crime Alley to take back their neighborhood by force. Roger corners Bane and gains the upper hand. Just as Roger is preparing to kill Bane, Bruce shows up and persuades him not to. In the aftermath, Bruce asks Roger to train him so he can take on Ra's al Ghul.
  13. "Hunt"-While being transported to prison, Werner Zytle escapes by drugging one guard with Vertigo. Roger informs Bruce that they will need Philip to join the team. Bruce reveals the truth to Philip who accepts. Helena tracks Zytle down and tries to take him on, only to be drugged with Vertigo. Bruce and Jason arrive and take Helena back to the base for treatment. Later, Bruce takes Helena to defeat Zytle with him only to be dosed again, only to overcome her fear and face Zytle. Meanwhile, DJ Chase attempts to kill Philip but Roger and Jason show up, Chase kills himself when he realizes he is losing. Based on Roger's advice, Bruce takes Philip to the island for training. In flashbacks, Waller brings Bruce and Maseo to Gotham to find China White.
  14. "The Return"-While on the island, Bruce begins Philip's training. After a night of dreaming about Sara, Bruce goes to A.R.G.U.S. prison to visit Slade Wilson, where he finds the guards dead and Slade missing. Bruce tells Philip and retrieves a gun from his father's grave but Slade arrives and kidnaps them. He puts them in the A.R.G.U.S. cell and leaves them to the same fait Bruce left Slade. Bruce and Philip escape and Bruce reveals to Philip he killed Sara, while Philip struggles with the truth, Slade arrives. The three fight and Philip wounds Slade with his gun, allowing them to imprison him back in the cell. In flashbacks, Bruce and Maseo track down a Wayne Enterprises employee who is working with China.
  15. "Nanda Parbat"-Bruce and Philip continue their training with Roger. Philip confesses the truth to Helena, who tells him it's not his fault, Philip also makes a deal to turn Roger over to the League. Helena attempts to fight Roger but is easily outmatched. They are interrupted by Talia and the League, and Roger is captured. Bruce decides to go to Nanda Parbat to rescue Roger for Philip, since he feels that this is his fault. Bruce and Lucius walk in to Nanda Parbat but end up setting off a trap set by Ra's. Instead of killing Bruce, Ra's asks him to replace him as the head of the League. Meanwhile, Ted is testing the flight capabilities of his complete S.C.A.R.A.B. exo-suit. In flashbacks, Bruce is debriefed by General Matthew Shrieve. Afterwards, he is promised that he can return home if he pleases. On Bruce and the Yamashiro's way home, they are attacked. Overrun, Bruce flees to safety with the Yamashiro's son.
  16. "The Offer"-Ra's tries to convince Bruce to become the head of the League and explains that the localized pool in Nanda Parbat has healing effects that have allowed him to stay alive for years. The pool is becoming less effective on him so he is looking for a replacement. In a show of good faith to convince Bruce to agree, Ra's frees Lucius and Roger and releases Roger from all blood debts. Bruce returns to Gotham and releases Talia, to the confusion of the rest of the team. Bruce goes back to fighting crime but Harvey is done helping him, since he didn't tell him about Sara's death. Afterwards, Bruce realizes he is not ready to give up being The Bat and informs Maseo of his decision, who warns Bruce about the consequences of defying Ra's. Upset with her father for his offer to Bruce, Talia returns to Gotham and agrees to train Helena. Ra's,dressed as The Bat, frames Bruce for murder. In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Bruce and the Yamashiro's son are still on the run when they stumble across Shado, who is alive.
  17. "Suicidal Tendencies"-Lucius and Lyla officially remarry, but their honeymoon is interrupted by Amanda Waller, who wants to recruit them for a Suicide Squad mission to rescue Senator Cray from a kidnapping. The kidnapping turns out to be a ruse by Cray, to help his bid for president. The team rescues the hostages, but Deadshot sacrifices himself so everyone can escape. The police issue a warrant for The Bat, and Ted publicly announces his own support for the apprehension of The Bat. Bruce finds out Ra's will keep sending assassins dressed as him until he agrees to take over the League. In his new S.C.A.R.A.B. suit, Ted locates The Bat and through, facial scans, finds out Bruce is The Bat. After Helena refuses  to accept Ted's evidence, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Luring him to a factory, Ted engages in a fight with Bruce, but Bruce disables Ted's suit. Afterwards, Bruce convinces Ted that he is being framed. Later, Maseo, dressed as The Bat, kills the mayor in front of many people.
  18. "Public Enemy"-After the mayor's murder, Harvey issues an arrest warrant for The Bat, with shoot to kill orders in effect. Ted, having been shot in the chest and operated on, has a blood clot that only a nanobot he create can dissolve; Barbara administers the cure. Realizing Maseo is the assassin, Bruce uses Talia to track his location. Ra's appears and once again warns him to accept his offer or people will continue to die. To push Bruce to accept the offer, Ra's kidnaps Harvey Bullock and tells him that Bruce Wayne is The Bat. Harvey announces this at a press conference. With his back against a wall, Bruce decides to turn himself in. In order to save Bruce, Jason dresses as The Bat, stops Bruce's transport van and turns himself in to the police, insisting he is The Bat. In flashbacks, Bruce thinks he has found Shado but it turns out to be her twin sister, Mei. A.R.G.U.S. agents come after them, but Maseo and Tatsu arrives to save them. Afterwards, Bruce tells Mei that her sister and father are dead.
  19. "Broken"-In prison, Jason fends off attacks from other inmates. While Bruce and the team plot to break Jason out of prison, as well as determine how to stop Meta-Human Jake Simmons, Harvey obtains a search warrant of the Verdant and discovers Bruce's hideout, though he can only find Jason's fingerprints. Bruce enlists Ted's help to stop the Meta-Human. After a failed first attempt, Bruce and Ted sync their movements through a neural network, but the network malfunctions during the battle and Ted fights Jake himself. With help from a former A.R.G.U.S. agent, Jason fakes his own death. As a result, Jason is forced to leave the city. Ra's visits Philip and mortally wounds him with a sword. In flashbacks, Bruce infiltrates A.R.G.U.S. to stop Waller, only to discover she did not send the men after him and the Yamashiros, it was actually General Shrieve, who plans to release the virus in Hong Kong. Bruce, Maseo and Tatsu steal the vaccine, as well as the plans for how Shrieve plans to infect the city.
  20. "The Fallen"-Bruce finds Philip bleeding out and takes him to the hospital. Maseo calls and informs Bruce that if he accepts Ra's' offer he would be allowed to use the Lazarus Pit to heal Philip. Roger warns against this, claiming the pit will change someone in their soul, but Bruce takes Philip to Nanda Parbat regardless. Philip is dipped into the pit and returns healed but in a state of confusion. Knowing Bruce won't leave willingly, Barbara dugs him. Cornered by Ra's' men, Bruce wakes up in time to order them to stand down. Afterwards, Bruce returns to take his place as head of the League, alone. Philip wakes up in his apartment, his mind clear and distraught that Bruce sacrificed himself for him. Bruce renounces his old life, taking on an apprentice role in the League and the name Al Wata-Wat until he is ready to take over as the new Ra's al Ghul. In flashbacks, Bruce, Maseo, and Tatsu go after the virus but it is released during a fight.
  21. "Al Wata-Wat"-Bruce begins his training, which includes breaking down his psyche so that his allegiance is only to the League and his new identity Al Wata-Wat. Ra's recounts the moment he was chosen to be the leader of the League  and his duel with his best friend Lincoln March who saw himself as the heir. Ra's hesitated and March fled, stealing from the Lazarus Pit and starting his own group. Bruce is then told to kill a member of the League who sees themselves as the heir: Talia. Bruce and the League come to Gotham, where Talia confronts them. Bruce bests her but is forced to flee when Lucius and Helena show up. Bruce kidnaps Lyla to force the team to give him Talia. At the exchange, a fight breaks out and Talia is taken by the League. Bruce almost kills Lucius but Philip arrives and stops him. Back in Nanda Parbat, for her betrayal, Ra's orders Talia to marry Bruce, and Bruce has to use the Alpha/Omega virus cleanse Gotham. In flashbacks, Bruce, Maseo and Tatsu, who where vaccinated, watch as Hong Kong becomes infected, including Maseo and Tatsu's own son Akio.
  22. "This is Your Sword"-With Bruce gone, Lucius and Helena patrol Gotham, taking on any criminal they find. Sneaking away from the castle, Bruce reveals he is in league with Roger and that his agreement to be Ra's' heir was a ruse so that he could get close to Ra's and dismantle the League from within. With Ra's fast tracking his plan, Bruce is forced to have Roger reveal the truth to the team. The team, including Roger, Tatsu and Ted, go to Nanda Parbat where Tatsu kills Maseo before they are overrun by the League and captured. Ra's exposes the team to the virus before having them locked in a cell. Afterwards, Bruce and Talia are married. In flashbacks, Bruce and Maseo go after General Shreive but only succeed in leading him to them, while Akio dies in Tatsu's arms.
  23. "My Name is Bruce Wayne"-While Ra's and Bruce head to Gotham to release the virus, Barbara and the rest wake up in a dungeon. Roger informs them that he and Bruce created a new vaccine, which Roger used on the team without their knowledge. Returning a favor, Clark Kent speeds through the castle disabling the guards and freeing the team. Meanwhile, Bruce reveals his deception and he and Talia take out the remaining members of the League. Ra's escapes with a canister of the virus. Bruce learns that Ra's is going to disperse the virus at four points in the city. Barbara locates the four bio-weapons, and Bruce organizes the team, along with Harvey and the police, to those locations. Bruce is pulled to another location to battle Ra's, as the team successfully stop the virus. Bruce stops and kills Ra's before being shot by police snipers. Barbara, wearing Ted's exo-suit, flies and rescues Bruce. Afterwards, Bruce decides to stop being the hero of Gotham, instead deciding to have a life with Barbara knowing there are other heroes who will take his place. As payment for his help, Bruce gives the tital of Ra's al Ghul to Roger and leaves the League. Ted begins testing his suit but it ends in an explosion. In flashbacks, Bruce tortures Shrieve before Maseo kills him. Maseo leaves Tatsu in greif and Bruce decides to live a life alone.

Season Four

  1. "Batman"-The city's leadership, which includes Harvey, meet to discuss a group of criminals named the "Talons" who are terrorizing the city. Lincoln March shows up, claiming to control the Talons and warning the city leaders to stand aside and let the city die. After they refuse, March begins assassinating each of them but fails to kill Harvey. Helena and Philip contact Bruce, asking him to return to help them stop the Talons, much to the disagreement of Lucius. The team tracks the Talons, where they witness March using some form of mystical energy manipulation. Working together, the team stop his plot to kill hundreds at a train station. Afterward, Bruce takes the name "Batman" and broadcasts a message to the city vowing to be a beacon of hope, while Harvey is revealed to be working with March. In flashbacks, Amanda Waller finds Bruce and forces him back on the island to take down a new threat.
  2. "The Candidate"-The team take out another Talon operation, but Lucius feels like it is not enough and Bruce continues to worry about Philip's excessive aggression when taking out criminals. Meanwhile, Wayne family friend Jessica Danforth puts a bid in as the city's new mayor. During her announcement, she is attacked by Lonnie Machin, an anarchist for hire working for March. While trying to locate Machin, Philip's aggressive behavior seriously injures a witness, forcing Bruce to reveal to him the warning Roger gave him before he put Philip in the Lazarus Pit. The team goes after Machin, successfully stopping him, but Philip again goes too far and sets Machin on fire in the process. Later, Machin escapes police custody en route to the hospital. Helena decides to take Philip back to Nanda Parbat both to find a way to stop the aggression and to bring Sara's body to the pit. Meanwhile, Bruce decides to run for mayor after Jessica backs out of the race. In flashbacks, Bruce infiltrates a local military operation on the island run by a man named Reiter. Bruce feigns ignorance of the military operation, but Reiter decides to recruit him for his cause instead of killing Bruce.
  3. "Restoration"-Helena and Philip arrive in Nanda Parbat and request Roger, the new Ra's al Ghul, to use the Lazarus Pit to bring Sara back to life. He initially refuses but, in order to appease Philip, he eventually agrees. When Sara returns feral, Talia destroys the Lazarus Pit in retaliation. An A.R.G.U.S. operative delivers Lucius information on the woman, Mina Fayad, who hired Floyd Lawton to kill his brother. Fayad also works for The Court and meets with March about the growing issue with the vigilantes in Gotham. She brings in a Meta-Human hitman named Jeremy Tell, who can turn his playing card tattoos into physical projectiles. After Tell's initial failure, March kills Fayad for challenging him. Lucius and Bruce team up and take down Tell, but get no new information on The Court In flashbacks, Bruce is forced to use torture techniques, after a parcel of drugs goes missing, to interrogate the prisoners who are being used to harvest heroin-cocaine hybrid plants.
  4. "Beyond Redemption"-Bruce tells the team that he is running for mayor, but is met with apprehension. Harvey has Bruce look into the death of two police officers and the team discovers they were killed by members of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. The team and Harvey set a trap for the corrupt cops, but fail to capture them. Barbara identifies Liza Warner as a suspect and, while searching for her, Bruce discovers Harvey meeting with Lincoln March. Liza and her team use Harvey to get into the drug disposal warehouse, but Bruce and his team arrive and take out the officers. Later, Bruce asks Harvey to spy on March so they can learn more about his operations, while Helena discovers that Sara has escaped. In flashbacks, Agent Conklin discovers Bruce's communication device with Amanda Waller.
  5. "Haunted"-Bruce discovers Sara is alive when he investigates recent murders. With Barbara's help, they determine that Sara, who is still not herself, is looking for Philip and plans to kill him. Sara attacks Philip, who manages to escape. Later, the team captures Sara and Bruce calls an old friend, John Constantine, to help restore Sara's soul. Meanwhile, March gives Harvey a new task to install a computer virus in a security company. Lucius goes along and sees his brother's name among the list of individuals being deleted by the virus. Later, Barbara learns that Ted is still alive and Lucius learns that his brother was killed because he was a drug cartel leader. In flashbacks, Conklin brings Bruce to Reiter, who dismisses accusations that Bruce is a spy. Instead, he introduces them to recent captive John Constantine, who escapes and forces Bruce to help him locate a mystical object on the island. After, John warns Bruce to be wary of Reiter's real plans and uses the object to cast a spell on Bruce for his protection.
  6. "Lost Souls"-As Bruce works on his campaign, Barbara continues searching for Ted with the help of Curtis Holt. Ted is able to send a new message, letting Barbara know that he survived the explosion because of how powerful his suit is, that he is being held prisoner and is stuck in his suit, and where to find the schematics to build a device to free him. In a second message, Barbara discovers that March is the one responsible for imprisoning Ted, hoping to get the technology from his suit. As Curtis works on the device, March threatens to hurt Barbara if Ted does not give up his technology willingly. The team tracks March to his hideout and, with the device created by Curtis, they successfully save and free Ted. Meanwhile, Sara struggles with the bloodlust and decides to leave Gotham to gain control. In flashbacks, Reiter sends Bruce on a search for another ancient ruin that is supposed to yield a "gift" for Reiter.
  7. "Brotherhood"-The Court continues to attack parts of the city, most recently destroying money meant for the city bank. Lucius gives Bruce information that The Court murdered his brother Andy because he was criminal competition. The team heads to the research lab to locate a chemical they believe is being used by The Court The team is attacked by March's group and Lucius discovers that Andy is still alive, working for The Court. The team tries to get Lucius to recognize the positive, but he refuses to see Andy as anything more than a traitor, unworthy of saving. The team believes Andy is being mind-controlled and locate him and the rest of The Court The team successfully extracts Andy with help from Ted and his SCARAB suit. After an encounter with March, Philip learns that his powers may help cure his bloodlust permanently after March failed to drain his lifeforce.
  8. "Legends of Yesterday"-Immortal Vandal Savage searches for Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall, two reincarnated beings who have existed for 4,000 years, currently being hidden by Bruce, Clark, and their respective teams. Roger orchestrates a meeting between Savage, Clark, and Bruce. Savage demands they turn over Kendra and Carter or he will destroy both Metropolis and Gotham with the Staff of Horus. They devise a plan to deliver the pair as a ruse to get close enough to destroy the staff. The plan fails; Kendra and Carter are killed and Savage uses the staff to destroy everyone else in the city. Clark escapes and runs fast enough to go back in time to the point of the original negotiation with Savage. Clark informs Bruce of his time travel, so they change their approach to the plan. They deliver Kendra and Carter again, but, with everyone's help, Clark is able to steal the staff. He and Bruce use it on Savage, destroying his body. Afterward, Kendra and Carter decide to use their powers to help others in another city. Meanwhile, Bruce learns he has an illegitimate son, William, and decides to develop a relationship with him without telling Barbara.
  9. "Dark Waters"-Bruce's campaign starts an initiative to clean up Gotham bay. March sends a drone to the bay and begins shooting at the citizens helping, injuring several. In response, Bruce and his team decide to call out March to the media as the leader of The Court and the Talons. In retaliation, March crashes Bruce's campaign holiday party and kidnaps Lucius, Barbara, and Philip. After failing to get any information from March's soldiers, Bruce makes contact and agrees to exchange himself for them. March tricks Bruce and attempts to kill them all in front of him. Roger, dressed as Batman, and Helena arrive and rescue everyone. Afterward, at the campaign tree lighting, Bruce proposes to Barbara, who accepts. As they leave, March's men shoot up Bruce's limo and hit Barbara. In flashbacks, Bruce returns to the ship the Amazo to acquire more maps of the island, but, when he returns, he is discovered by Conklin.
  10. "Blood Debts"-With Barbara in and out of surgery for her gunshot wounds, Bruce and the team continue searching for March. Bruce turns to Harvey for information on March's location, while Lucius interrogates his brother Andy. They track down March's location, but find only several dead Talons soldiers and an anarchy symbol painted in blood. The team realize that Lonnie Machin is back and out for revenge against March. Machin is caught and Bruce interrogates him for information on March. Eventually, Bruce sets Machin free to go after March, tracking him in the process. Machin goes after March's family; the team arrives and saves them, but Machin escapes. As payment for saving his family, March grants Bruce time to spend with his own family before March kills him. Meanwhile, Barbara is left paralyzed from being shot. In flashbacks, Conklin presents Bruce as a traitor and the maps he found as proof to Reiter. While Conklin tortures Bruce, Reiter notices the spell on Bruce's stomach and forces Conklin to stop. In exchange for another prisoner's life, Bruce agrees to help Reiter.
  11. "A.W.O.L."-Barbara returns home from the hospital, trying to figure out her place on the team now that she is a paraplegic. While Lucius and Lyla are out on a date, an A.R.G.U.S. agent seeks them out for assistance, but he is kidnapped before he can tell the pair what is happening. Lucius and Lyla go to Amanda Waller, who denies any knowledge of what happened but gives Lyla a portable hard drive that reveals the operative was taken by an organization known as "Shadowspire". Lucius recognizes the name and recounts first meeting the war profiteering group in Afghanistan. With Andy's help, the team tracks Shadowspire. Bruce pressures Barbara for help. She struggles under the pressure and Lucius is almost killed. Shadowspire infiltrates A.R.G.U.S. looking for the access codes to a project known as "Rubicon", killing Amanda Waller when she refuses to help. Bruce and the team, with Barbara's assistance, enter A.R.G.U.S. and stop Shadowspire. In flashbacks, Reiter is revealed as the leader of Shadowspire.
  12. "Unchained"-The team goes after a burglar and Bruce and Philip manage to corner him. He escapes when Philip loses consciousness and almost falls off a building. Roger reveals to Bruce that this is Philip's bloodlust; since he has not taken a life, the bloodlust is killing him. Barbara tracks the burglar again. Bruce stops him but, when it is revealed to be Jason Todd, Bruce's surprise allows Jason to escape. They track Jason and discover he is being controlled by a man who goes by the name the Calculator. Barbara tracks the Calculator through the web, who reveals he intends to shut down the entire city, killing everyone in the process. The team locates his bomb and destroys it before it can shut down the city infrastructure. Meanwhile, March's wife enters the mayoral race, Philip slips into a coma, the Calculator is revealed to be Barbara's father, and Talia escapes her cell in Nanda Parbat to offer Bruce a cure for Philip in exchange for Roger's life. In flashbacks, Reiter tortures Bruce for information on the maps he acquired with Bruce starting to hallucinate seeing Shado.
  13. "Sins of the Father"-Bruce refuses Talia's offer; instead, he attempts to convince Roger to relinquish control of the League to Talia in exchange for the cure. Roger claims Talia is lying and refuses to go along, while Talia agrees but proclaims that, if Roger backs out, everyone will be considered an enemy. Bruce convinces Talia to provide a sample to prove to Roger she is not lying. After witnessing Philip get better, Roger agrees to the deal. At the exchange, Roger double-crosses Talia and she is forced to retreat. Bruce convinces Roger to challenge Talia to a duel with the winner controlling the League. Before they fight, Bruce uses ancient rules to trade places with Talia as her husband. Bruce bests Roger but, instead of killing him, cuts off the hand wearing the Demon's Head ring and knocks Roger unconscious. Bruce exchanges the ring for the cure. Realizing her mistake, Talia disbands the League and destroys the ring. Angered by Bruce's betrayal, Roger informs March about Bruce's son. In flashbacks, Reiter takes a stone from Bruce that has the symbols he seeks.
  14. "Code of Silence"-Roger joins March, his wife Samantha Vanaver, and the other leaders of The Court and it is revealed that they are moving on to "Phase 5" of their plan. In order to tie-up loose ends, March sends a group of mercenaries, known as the Demolition Team, to take out Harvey. They fail and Barbara is able to track them to their hideout. Bruce, Philip, Helena, and Lucius go after them, but are almost killed when the Demolition Team destroys their own building to escape. Meanwhile, Philip discovers that Bruce has a son and supports his decision to keep it a secret. With Curtis' help, Barbara realizes that the Demolition Team is planning to destroy the venue for the mayoral debate between Bruce and Vanaver, leaving Vanaver alive as a sympathetic survivor. Bruce and his team stop the mercenaries in time for Bruce to win the debate. After, March kidnaps William. In flashbacks, Bruce kills Conklin to win the trust of the other prisoners as Reiter forces them to dig for the "ultimate power" hidden on the island.
  15. "Taken"-March reveals to Bruce that he has William and will only return him if Bruce drops out of the mayoral race. Bruce is forced to reveal the truth about his son to the rest of the team, which causes a rift between him and Barbara. Bruce asks a superhero named Zatanna for help, as her powers are derived from magic. Zatanna tracks William's location and the team goes in to rescue him. They only find March and his men, as William has already been moved. The attack causes March to demand an immediate resignation from Bruce, along with unconditional support for his wife. After, the team discovers the root of March's powers and sets a plan to destroy his mystical idol. The plan works; March is left powerless and arrested, while William is saved. They also discover that Roger was the one who kidnapped William. Later, Bruce sends William and his mother away for safety. Barbara also decides to break up with Bruce and, with a bio-mechanical implant from Curtis, she is able to walk again. In flashbacks, a passage is discovered that leads to Reiter's "ultimate power" and the spell on Bruce's stomach allows him to pass unharmed.
  16. "Broken Hearts"-Poison Ivy returns to Star City and begins targeting high profile couples. While the team works to track her whereabouts and prevent any more killings, Helena works in court fighting March's attempt to have the charges dismissed against him. After several failed attempts to find a suitable witness, Harvey volunteers to testify to his involvement with March. The team discovers that Ivy is targeting couples that have recently been married. In order to draw her out, Bruce convinces Barbara to stage a "secret" wedding with him to set themselves up as targets, intentionally leaking the information to the media. The plan works and Ivy attacks Bruce and Barbara at the ceremony. Barbara distracts her long enough for Lucius and Philip to apprehend her. At the trial, Harvey's testimony is deemed sufficient to establish probable cause for the charges and March is remanded into custody without bail. Harvey is suspended pending an investigation, while Barbara quits the team for good. In flashbacks, Bruce leads Reiter to a mystical idol, but steals it and runs off into the tunnels.
  17. "Beacon of Hope"-Felisha Fleeter orchestrates her release from prison and travels to Gotham in search of the bio-mechanical chip that is being used to allow Barbara to walk. Felisha attacks Kord Enterprises, holding the board hostage until Barbara turns herself over. Curtis tracks down Bruce's hideout, discovering his secret in the process, so that he can offer his help to the team to save Barbara, her mother, and Philip. The team arrives at Kord Enterprises, but Bruce is stung by one of Felisha's robotic bees. Back at the hideout, Curtis realizes the sting actually implanted a bee within Bruce that is replicating itself. Helena uses an EMP to disrupt the frequency controlling the bees and save Bruce. Barbara is able to evacuate the board members, while Felisha reveals she is after the chip because she has a tumor that is going to leave her paralyzed. Curtis develops a virus to shut down the bees and uses them to stop Felisha. In flashbacks, Bruce goes after Reiter, who reveals that the idol has already started to grant him mystical powers. As his powers dwindle, Reiter escapes into the tunnels.
  18. "Eleven-Fifty-Nine"-Andy Fox tells his brother that he was approached by Roger about a plan to break March out of prison. Bruce and Lucius foil The Court's plan, but it turns out to be a ruse designed to let Roger and his League followers invade the bunker and steal March's idol. The team attempts to locate Roger with Andy providing intel. Roger delivers the idol to March, but it will not work because it is incomplete. Lucius reveals to Andy that he personally hid the missing piece in another location. Bruce does not trust Andy and confronts him; Lucius interrupts the interrogation and sides with his brother. March orchestrates a prison riot and the team sets out to stop him with Andy joining them. However, when the team reaches March, Andy turns on them and gives March the missing piece to his idol. With his powers restored, March stabs Helena before escaping with Roger, Andy, and several inmates. Helena later dies at the hospital. In flashbacks, Bruce helps the island prisoners escape and sets off a bomb to bury Reiter and keep him from leaving the tunnels.
  19. "Hunt of the Huntress"-As the team mourns Helena's death and tries to determine their next move against March, there is a sighting of the Huntress stopping an illegal weapons exchange. Bruce discovers that Helena's cross bow is missing from her belongings from the hospital. The imposter turns out to be prisoner of The Court named Evelyn Sharp who Bruce left behind after he saved his team when they were kidnapped by March, believing that she was with March voluntarily. Lucius, angry at being betrayed by Andy, goes after March's wife, Samantha, but Bruce intervenes to prevent him from doing something he would regret. As a result, Samantha uses her mayoral authority to issue arrest warrants for all vigilantes. Sharp goes after Samantha publicly, but Bruce is able to talk her out of killing the Mayor. At Helena's funeral, Bruce reveals Helena as the Huntress to preserve her image with the city. Afterwards, Bruce vows to kill March.
  20. "Genesis"-March returns to The Court and kills the remaining board members before renewing his plans for "Genesis." Bruce and Barbara meet an immortal shaman, Fortuna, who educates Bruce about dark magic. Fortuna explains that March's idol channels darkness and death, feeding him more power, but there is an opposing force that channels light and hope. After a mystical ritual, Fortuna tells Bruce that the darkness inside him is too strong to channel the light. In Gotham, Lucius locates Andy, but is captured after a brief shootout. Andy puts a tracking device on him, then allows Lucius to escape so that March and his team can go after Lucius, Lyla, and their daughter to steal "Rubicon", the key to the world's nuclear weapons. Bruce manages to stop March by channeling the power of light, nullifying March's powers and forcing him to retreat. Lucius and Andy battle again with March ultimately killing his brother. Philip is taken by The Court to a secret underground city. The team realizes that March plans to detonate nuclear weapons and build a new world over the ashes.
  21. "Monument Point"-March begins taking control of the world's nuclear missiles. The team seeks out Barbara's father, Noah, to help disable the "Rubicon" program. March sends Bane and Michael Amar to find and kill Noah, but Bruce and his team are able to rescue him from March's men. Noah agrees to help, but requires a high-powered processor. Barbara learns she has been fired as CEO and is unable to get the processor, forcing the team to break in and steal it. The Court locates the team when Noah hacks into "Rubicon". As The Court attacks, Barbara and her father shut down "Rubicon" and stop all the missiles but one, which launches and heads to Monument Point. Barbara can only redirect it to a less populated town, where it detonates. Bruce and Lucius find March in the Gotham nexus chamber, gathering more power from all the deaths caused by the explosion. In flashbacks, Reiter escapes the cave-in, but Bruce and Taiana steal the idol back. The idol then begins to affect Taiana.
  22. "Lost in the Flood"-His power grown exponentially, March attempts to reactivate "Rubicon" with the help of Barbara's former boyfriend, Cooper, and launch the remaining missiles. However, Noah, Barbara, and Curtis successfully shut down "Rubicon" for good. Meanwhile, Bruce and Lucius discover the underground town and track Philip's whereabouts. Roger uses a mind-controlling drug on him which makes him turn on Bruce, but Bruce manages to talk him back to reality. Just then, Lonnie Machin takes over The Court's command center and threatens to destroy March's town. Bruce, Lucius, and Philip intercede, but the main power source is ruptured and explodes, destroying the city. The town is evacuated and Machin escapes, but not before killing Samantha. In response, March plans to use "Rubicon" to destroy the Earth and shows up at Bruce's home, where Barbara, her mother, and Curtis are. In flashbacks, the idol begins to slowly corrupt Taiana, feeding her ever more power from each soldier she and Bruce kill. Bruce takes the idol and tries to talk her down, but Reiter suddenly arrives and confronts them both.
  23. "Schism"-March steals the laptop keeping him locked out of "Rubicon" and launches over 15,000 nuclear missiles, giving the team two hours to prevent worldwide annihilation. With Gotham citizens rioting, Bruce addresses everyone directly, inspiring hope in them to stay strong, while Barbara and Curtis divert the missile aimed at Gotham. Bruce goes after March, while Barbara, Roger, and Philip track down "Rubicon". Barbara is able to convince Cooper to stop helping March, at the cost of his life. Curtis devises a means to stop the missiles. Bruce is able to nullify March's powers with the hope he inspired throughout the city. While the citizens of Gotham take on March's remaining men, Bruce and March physically battle, with Bruce killing March. Afterward, Harvey, Philip, and Lucius leave the team for new lives, and Bruce is appointed Mayor. In flashbacks, Reiter and Taiana fight; Taiana is able to drain Reiter's life force enough for Bruce to kill him. After, Bruce is forced to kill Taiana, at her request, when she is unable to escape the darkness within. Bruce radios Amanda Waller to rescue the rest of the prisoners and keep the idol safe, intending to go to Russia to honor his promise to Taiana.

Season Five

  1. "Legacy"-Five months after killing March, crime has nosedived in Gotham and Lucius, Harvey and Philip come to visit Bruce. Meanwhile, Roger is looking through the League's old base and finds a door that has been burst down, making Roger worried. That night, a cop goes on a rampage, killing many, calling them monsters. A man dressed as Hush then appears, taking credit for the man's attack, revealing he injected him with Vertigo. Bruce and the team decide to go on one last mission and go to Roger, who reveals he wasn't the Hush who poisoned the man. Bruce and Lucius track Hush's location, but they are all badly beaten by him. They decide to form a team to stop Hush. Lucius goes to Barbara, who reluctantly agrees, Curtis also agrees to be on the team, as well as a man named Adrian Chase. Bruce begins training them, but they prove it will take a while, since Curtis has no fighting experience, Adrian just wants to rush into fights. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the thing that escaped was Hush. In flashbacks, Bruce arrives in Russia, where he meets his old friend Anatoly Knyazev, who begins to teach him Russian.
  2. "The Recruits"-Bruce brings Adrian and Curtis on their first mission, to defeat a villain named Calendar Man, who claimed he was going to kill one person every month. However, Curtis is almost killed and Adrian is badly beaten. Later, Evelyn Sharp shows up, asking to be a part of Bruce's team. He agrees, and has her train Curtis and Adrian. On their second attack, they manage to defeat Calendar Man, but he escapes. Barbara and Curtis track Calendar Man, and the team once again fight him. He pins Curtis to a wall and threatens to kill him, but Curtis tases Calendar Man. Later, Hush is shown with Mirakuru, explaining to an unknown man that he cracked the code and found out how to make it. In flashbacks, Anatoly leaves for his own projects, but he leaves at the worst of times, as a man named Prometheus just showed up in Russia, and he is after Bruce.