Krypton is a TV series that follows Jor-El, the father of Superman, before he even had Kal-El.


Stephen Amell as Jor-El

Malese Jow as Lara Lor-Van


David Harewood as Zor-El


Season One

  1. "Pilot"-Jor-El, a famous scientist on Krypton, is going to talk to the High Council when he sees a woman being attacked. He stops the attacker, and introduces himself to the woman, he reveals her name is Lara Lor-Van and they she is also going to see the Council. Once they get there, Jor-El speaks first and starts an argument with the High Council's helper, Brainiac. Once Lara gets to talk, she suggests allowing actual breeding instead of growing babies in test tubes, and is rejected immediately. She and Jor-El leave and she finds out Jor-El agreed with him. They make it to Lara's home, where the man from before appears. Once again, Jor-El fights him and is almost killed, but Lara fires at the man, who runs away. Lara then offers Jor-El to stay at her home, to which he agrees. Meanwhile, the man is talking to someone who wanted Lara dead, the other man then says he will just have to kill both Jor-El and Lara before he is revealed to be Zor-El, the head of the High Council and the brother of Jor-El.
  2. An alien comes to Krypton, offering them a super weapon, Jor-El and Lara are against it but the Council agree to his offer. Jor-El finds out the weapon is a baby and kidnaps it. The baby grows at an abnormal rait and soon becomes an adult. Jor-El goes to another meeting, where they are talking about the baby, while at home the man begins to transform into a beast. The beast attacks the meeting, the Council are ready to kill it but the alien who created it begs them not to, calling it his baby, so knocks him out before giving Jor-El a weapon. Jor-El and the beast fight with it ending in Jor-El launching it off Krypton to another planet. The alien yells at Jor-El for this but Jor-El knocks him out again and he is arrested. Meanwhile, Zor-El has a group of scientists create something that can kill Jor-El.

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