LEGO Batman: City of Villains is a game set between LEGO Batman and LEGO Batman 2. In introduces Batman trying to deal with a powerful crime lord named Rupert Thorne after Thorne puts out a hit on him.



Story to Unlock 

Buy to Get 



Arkham Breakout

It begins with goons breaking inmates out of Arkham Asylum. Then Commissioner Gordon calls Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl to stop the prison break. It begins with them on the outside. They fight some escaping inmates, and solves a puzzle to enter the inside. Then after they solve a few more puzzles they find Mr. Freeze, one of the escaping inmates. There is a boss fight between them and Mr. Freeze. After they solve a few more puzzles, and they all find a suit, they must fight Two Face on Blockbuster. When they defeat them Gordon gives them locations to other villains who want to kill The Batman.

Playable Characters- Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl

Unlocked Characters- Two Face goons, Inmates, Mr. Freeze, Two Face, Blockbuster

Suits- Detective Suit (Batman), Fire Suit (Batgirl), Electric Suit (Nightwing)

Enemies- Two Face goons, Inmates

Bosses- Mr. Freeze, Two-Face on Blockbuster

What Minikit makes- Arkham Asylum




Mr. Freeze 

It begins with Mr. Freeze sending henchmen to attack you. After you beat some henchmen he begins shooting at you. Then as Batgirl build a thing to unlock the Fire suit. Then fire at him and he jumps up. Go to the next floor while fighting henchmen. Then Mr. Freeze  has a big gun and you must destroy 4 generators.

Two Face/ Blockbuster 

In the first phase, Blockbuster rams at you and you must trick him in to smashing the wall to create a machine that can hurt him. After this, Two-Face begins firing at you and Blockbuster will now stop himself before ramming in to walls, so you must make Two-Face destroy them instead. After this, Two-Face puts armour on Blockbuster and pulls out a bazooka. Now you must make him destroy towers that will fall on them. Blockbuster is knocked out, but Two-Face isn't, as he steals a mech and begins flying away. After this, you control the Batwing and fire at the mech's jets while it fires back with bombs.



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