Li'l Racers is a game for the phone based on Li'l Gotham.


Two people on the left side run to the right, the player controls one and they must help them collect coins and dodge obstacles, all the while trying to beat the other to the end. If you hit and obstacle the character will fall on the ground for a short amount of time before getting back up, the obstacles include vents, henchmen, poles, ect. In some levels there are certain goals, like collect all ducks.


Many of Batman's villains have escaped from Arkham and they are trying to cause as much mayhem as possible, it is now up to Batman and the rest to stop them, but there is a downside, the villains are fighting back.


Chapter One

  1. You play as Batman, who is racing Penguin. It begins with a shortcut scene where Penguin steals a golden penguin, and ends with Penguin being beat up and hung from his feet by a gargoyle, the fail screen of this is Penguin driving away with the golden penguin, while Batman is tied up and looks unamused.
  2. You play as Robin, who is racing Penguin. It begins with when Penguin steals a bag of gems. It ends with Robin accidentally tripping Penguin. If you fail it shows Penguin tying up Robin. There is a goal collect 10 gems.