Lorcan Darcy: The Nightmare Quinn is the one-shot graphic novel

Appearing in "The Nightmare Quinn"

Featured Characters:

  • Lorcan Darcy

Supporting Characters:

  • Batman
  • Harley Quinn
  • Lucy Quinzel 
  • Lorcan's Adopted Father
  • Lorcan's Adopted Brother
  • Joker (Flashback)


  • Mr. Robo-to the Elf.
    • Office Workers
    • The Darcy Relatives
    • Lorcan's Adopted Mother
  • Royal Robots

Synopsis for "The Nightmare Quinn"

Eight years pior, A mysterious nurse offers Harleen Quinzel a special pregnancy test, which she accepts the offers. Harleen felt desperate to be pregnant to her child and been hired by Hugo Strange as an newly psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where the Joker was a patient.

Her supervisor, Dr. Serano, had discovered Harley's crush on the Joker. Harleen Quinzel discovered that Dr. Serano found out about it because she had stolen her notes with the intent to publish them as her own work. Angrily, Harleen had thrust Serano into the wall, and grabbed up a shard of broken glass, intending to kill the woman. However, they were interrupted by one of the guards who was disturbed by the noise. Elsewhere at Arkham, the Joker was disturbed from his musings by Harleen's arrival. She had shot the guard and come to find him. Together, they made their escape.

During the session, the police inform that Harleen is going into labor early. Grief-stricken, she gave birth to a baby boy named Lorcan Darcy before giving him to a nice family in Texas.

The Joker had taken her to the Ace Chemical Processing Plant, claiming that he brought her there to celebrate her birthday; not Harleen Quinzel's birthday, but her new birthday. He explained that this was the place where he was born; what happened there fixed him, and it can fix her too. Before she could try to escape, Joker tossed her into one of the chemical vats below, and watched as she sank to the bottom. He then drained the vat of its fluids, and dug around in the bottom, searching for Harleen. She stood at the bottom, a changed woman, and unsure if anything was real anymore. Joker responded that it was not real, and so she could do whatever she liked. He dubbed her Harley, and she jumped into his arms and kissed him, forgetting the memories of her baby son.

In the Presents, Lorcan's woken up from his nightmare, He decided that eight years of waiting has gone far enough and planning on leaving.

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