Man of Steel is a Spin-Off from Knight, it follows Clark Kent AKA Superman.


David Giuntoli as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Candice Patton as Lois Lane

Juno Temple as Lana Lang

Joseph Gilgun as Jimmy Olsen

Jessie L. Martin as Sam Lane

Tom Cavanagh as Dylan Zane/Dru-Zod, Dylan Zane of Earth-2

Keiynan Lonsdale as Kon-El/Conner Kent


Shantel Vansanten as Chloe Sullivan

John Wesley Shipp as Jonathan Kent, Kenneth Clarkson

Victor Garber as Martin Stein/Firestorm

Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson

Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond/Firestrom

Teddy Sears as Kal-Ll/Clark Luthor/Ultraman

Tony Todd as the voice of Ultraman

Matt Letcher as Dru-Zod

David Tennant as The Eradicator/Hank Henshaw


Season One

  1. "Pilot"-Clark Kent is playing with a strange object when a lightning storm causes the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator to blow up, the explosion activates the object and Clark is hit with a strange ray. He wakes up nine months later in S.T.A.R. Labs, having been placed under the cair of a man named Dr. Dylan Zane and his assistants Lana Lang and Jimmy Olsen. Clark then finds out the ray activated something in him and he can now do extraordinary things. Meanwhile, a man affected by the particle accelerator explosion named Joseph Martin begins to rob banks using his new abilities. Clark tracks down Joseph with the help of Detective Sam Lane, who learns of Clark's abilities, Clark beats Joseph and Sam kills him. Meanwhile, Dylan reveals he can walk and he reads a news paper from the future concerning Clark's fate.
  2. "Man of Steel"-With help from Jimmy, Clark begins to stop minor crimes in Metropolis. However, Clark finds out a strange gem can hurt him. While helping Lois Lane, Clark witnesses a robbery by a crew of strange men but faints while trying to stop them. The S.T.A.R. Labs team come to the conclusion that the gem, which they named Kryptonite, is causing Clark to become hypoglycemic, they also find out the men who attacked are all actually one man who wants to kill his former employer, Simon Stagg. With help from Sam, Clark stops the man from killing Stagg but the man ends up killing himself. Afterwards, Clark and Lucy decide to work together to find out who killed Clark's mother. Later, Dylan visits Stagg and kills him to protect Clark.
  3. "Things You Can't Outrun"-While the police investigate the murder of one of the city's crime families, Clark begins to suspect the killer is a Meta-Human who can control poison gas. As Clark and Perry work together to find the killer, Dylan and his team work to turn the particle accelerator in to a prison for Meta-Humans. This brings up bad memories for Lana, who's fiance, Ronnie Raymond, was killed in the explosion. After another murder, Clark locates the killer, Kyle Nimbus, but is unable to capture him. Clark descovers that Kyle doesn't control gas, he can transform in to gas. The team find out Sam is Kyle's next target so Clark races over to save her. Clark forces Kyle to overexert himself so that he can capture him, Kyle is locked in a cell that provents him from escaping. Flashbacks to the day the accelerator blew up show Dylan watching a video of Clark being knocked out.
  4. "Going Big"-Dylan attempts to test Clark's powers by having him preform multiple tasks at the same time. In the middle of the test, a group of men attempt to hijack a truck carrying a priceless diamond. Clark manages to stop the crime and identifies Alex Trent as one of the people who attacked. Barbara Gordon arrives in Metropolis to check up on Clark, who introduces her to his S.T.A.R. Labs friends. To combat the "Streak", Trent breaks in to S.T.A.R. Labs and steals a gun that can fire Kryptonite beams. Jimmy reveals he created it as a fail safe incase Clark ever went rogue. Barbara helps the team locate Trent, who has set a trap for Clark. Jimmy, Lana and Barbara arrive in time to save Clark but Trent manages to escape. In the end, Trent tracks down his old partner and offers him a chance to take Metropolis back from the superheroes.
  5. "Plastique"-A Meta-Human named Bette Sans Souci who has the ability to blow anything up with a touch shows up in Metropolis. She is being hunted by General Wade Eiling and is a former military explosives expert. Clark takes her to S.T.A.R. Labs where he explains that the particle accelerator explosion fused bomb shrapnel to her body. While the team is away, Dylan convinces her to kill Eiling. Clark rushes over to stop her but Eiling kills Bette and her body turns in to a bomb. Clark speeds off with her body and drops it in a river. Eiling visits Dylan and demands they work together again but Dylan refuses and tells Eiling to never come back to S.T.A.R. Labs. In flashbacks to five years prior, Dylan tells Eiling their partnership is over and when Eiling leaves, Dylan visits a gorilla named Titano in a cage and tells him he has big plans for him.
  6. "Superman is Born"-Lois is visited by the Streak, who begs her to stop writing about him. Before he can finish he hears a car being robbed and runs to stop the thief. Clark attempts to hit the thief but hurts his hand, he runs off before the thief can seriously hurt him. The thief is identified as Clark's old childhood bully Whitney Fordman. Clark and the team descover Whitney's hideout and Clark rushes in only to be defeated by Whitney. Back at the lab, Jimmy determines that if Clark hits Whitney at the right speed and the right angle he would be able to damage his steel skin. Lois is kidnapped by Whitney, who demands that she write about him. Clark arrives and manages to hit the speed needed to damage Whitney. Later, Lois renames her hero "Superman." Later, Perry is visited by the Meta-Human who killed Clark's mother, who steals the case files and threatens Perry to give up the case.
  7. "Power Outage"-Dylan returns to his secret room, where he has been documenting Clark's abilities and using his computer, Brainiac, to look in to the future. Clark arrives at a crime scene where the victim was drained of their energy. While trying to identify the vitim, the team find a power outage in the city. When Clark arrives, he is attacked by Maxwell Jensen, a man who has the ability to siphon energy. The attack drains Clark of his abilities and Brainiac tells Dylan there is no reference to Superman in the future. Dylan believes that Clark needs an electrical jumpstart, and Jensen arrives at the lab. The process doesn't work but Dylan realizes Clark's problem is psychological. When Jensen catches up and Dylan's life is in danger, Clark overcomes his fear, connects with his powers and stops Jensen. Later, Dylan sees that the time line is safe and takes a sample of Dylan's DNA to find out how he was able to drain Clark's of his powers.
  8. "Superman Vs. The Bat"-A new Meta-Human, Roy Bivolo, with the ability to send people in to uncontrollable rage shows up in Metropolis and uses his ability to rob banks. The police track him down to a warehouse where he uses his abilities on a cop to insure his escape. Clark arrives to save Perry when Bruce Wayne as The Bat shows up to stop the cop. Later, Bruce reveals he is tracking a killer who uses what appears to be toys to kill his victims. Bruce and Clark agree to team up to defeat each other's targets. Bruce tries to teach Clark to be more mindful of his surroundings but Clark goes to take on Bivolo himself. Bivolo uses his abilities on Clark and because of Clark's alien biology it lasts longer. Bruce tries to stop Clark and the two end up fighting. Bruce manages to keep Clark in one spot long enough for Dylan and Sam to cure him using strobe lights. Afterwards, Clark and Bruce put Bivolo in a prison at S.T.A.R. Labs.
  9. "The Man in the Black Suit"-The Meta-Human who killed Clark's mother returns, killing two guards at Mercury Labs, looking for the company's work on tachyon particles. Clark witnesses the man and engages in a fight with him. The man insinuates to Clark that they know each other before running off. Meanwhile, Pete Ross asks Lois to move in with him and Ronnie is revealed to have survived the explosion, but does not remember who he is and has the ability to burst into flames. Clark confesses his love for Lois before the police and S.T.A.R. Labs use the tachyon particle technology to lure out the man. The man escapes and attacks Dylan and the police before engaging in a second fight with Clark. Ronnie appears and blasts the man before both flee. Later, Dylan walks in to his secret room before revealing the same suit as the man.
  10. "Injustice for All"-Alex returns to Metropolis with a new partner, Kenneth Braverman, to set a trap for Superman. Clark finds out about the plan and agrees with Dylan to not engage Trent incase someone gets hurt like last time. When Superman doesn't show, Trent and Kenneth, who now has a suit that fires Kryptonite beams, kidnap Lana to force Superman to save her. Jimmy and Clark find out that if the two fire at each other's weapons it would super charge them. Superman meets Trent and Kenneth for their duel, exposing himself to the media. After multiple failed attempts, Clark manages to make them cross the streams, with help from Pete, damaging each other's weapons and knocking each other out. While being transported to Stryker's, the pair are broken out by Trent's sister. Meanwhile, Lana investigates the cause of Ronnie's transformation.
  11. "The Sound and the Fury"-While at home, Dylan receives a threatening phone call from an unknown caller before using his super speed to run out of the way of his glass ceiling shattering. Dylan infroms Clark and the team that the caller was K. Russell Abernathy, a former protege. Abernathy begins attacking his family's buisiness with sonic waves, when Clark arrives to stop him, Abernathy reveals he knows Dylan's secret. Dylan reveals Abernathy warned him that the particle accelerator could explode but Dylan decided to risk it. Jimmy discovers that Abernathy allowed himself to be captured so he could steal vital imformation. Clark triggers a trap set by Abernathy, which begins to shred his organs. Dylan taps in to a satellite and sends frequencies to disable Abernathy's weapons. Later, Sam has Pete begin an investigation on Dylan. Abernathy reveals to Jimmy he knows where Ronnie is. In his secret room, Dylan uses the tachyon particles to recharge his energy.
  12. "Crazy for You"-A woman with the ability to control lightning breaks in to Stryker's to free her boyfriend, Clay Parker. Clark finds DNA and when analyzing it at S.T.A.R. Labs and the team identifies the woman as Leslie Willis. To help Clark, Jonathan Kent tracks down leads in Stryker's and finds out Clay owed money to a local crime boss, who was planning a heist. Clark learns the location of the heist, finding Leslie and Clay robbing an armored truck. Clark defeats Leslie by taking her away from anything electronic, which she needs for her powers to work. Jimmy goes to Dylan to find out more about Ronnie, Dylan reveals Dr. Martin Stein, who developed research into a F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project focused on transmuting elements, was at S.T.A.R. Labs on the day of the explosion. Dylan then reveals that Stein and Ronnie where merged during the explosion. Later, Clark and Jonathan talk about Superman and Jonathan insinuates he believes Clark is Superman. Elsewhere, two city workers are attacked by the gorilla Dylan had captive.
  13. "The Nuclear Man"-The team try to track Ronnie's location when he injures a scientist. Knowing Stein is in charge, they use his wife to talk to the merged individual into coming back to the lab for testing. Meanwhile, Sam enlists Jimmy's help to find Clark's mother's killer. Jimmy discovers an old mirror left in the old Kent farm that captured images from the night of the murder, and Sam finds blood from two people behind new wallpaper. Sam asks Jimmy to compair the blood to Dylan's but Jimmy refuses to believe Dylan was involved. Dylan descovers that Ronnie and Stein's atoms are in conflict and if it continues they will become nuclear. Dylan determines that a component of the tachyon device recharging his energy could be converted to a quantum splicer to stabilize the body and separate the two. Lana uses the device, the fused body still goes nuclear but safly away from the city. The explosion alerts General Eiling, who orders a team to recover "Firestorm". Jimmy runs the blood test and reveals neither are from Dylan but one is from Clark.
  14. "Fallout"-Clark and Lana investigate the explosion and find Ronnie and Stein, separated. Eiling investigates the crater left by Firestorm and realizes the separation. Sam shows Clark the images from the night his mother was killed and Clark realizes a future version of himself was there trying to save his mother. Clark talks to Stein and learns about the possibility of time travel. Dylan visits Eiling, who reveals that he knows Clark is Superman and wants the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project. Dylan gives up Stein, who is tortured by Eiling until Ronnie shows up to save him. Stein and Ronnie reunite, merging properly this time, the two work together to control the Firestorm matrix within them, gaining enough control to merge and separate on command. The two decide to leave Metropolis to get away from Eiling and to learn more about their new powers. The man in black kidnaps Eiling and brings him to the sewers. He reveals himself as Dylan and allows Titano, who is displaying psychic abilities, to drag Eiling deeper into the sewers.
  15. "Out of Time"-Albert Martin returns to Metropolis to avenge his brother's death. Jimmy begins to believe Sam was right about Dylan so he rechecks the containment field that failed to hold the man in black. He then finds out the man in black seen in the field was just a hologram. Dylan arrives and reveals himself to be Dru-Zod, another Kryptonian who came back in time to kill Clark but ended up trapped in the present day. Zod also explains he wants Clark to become stronger so that he can use his powers to get back to the future, he also kills Jimmy to keep his secret. Albert kidnaps Sam and forces him to watch as he creates a tsunami in order to kill Lois. Clark reveals his identity to Lois just as she reveals she loves him. In order to save the city, Clark runs back and fourth across the coastline to create a barrier against the tsunami, but he runs so fast he ends up in the day before.
  16. "Injustice Time"-As Clark begins to relive the previous day, Dylan realizes what happened and warns Clark not to change the past. Clark ignores him and captures Albert before he can even capture Sam. Meanwhile, Alex Trent and Kenneth Braverman return to Metropolis, Trent sends his sister Lisa after Jimmy, who they force to rebuild the Kryptonite gun and suit and a third weapon for Lisa, under threat that they will kill Jimmy's brother. Clark realizes that Dylan was right, since him changing the past ending in Jimmy being kidnaped and Lois rejecting his romantic advances. Jimmy returns and reveals Trent tortured his brother until Jimmy revealed who Superman was. Clark goes after the Trents and they reach an agreement, Trent will not reveal Clark's true identity, will not kill innocent people, and stay away from Clark's friends in exchange for Clark not locking him away. Meanwhile, General Zod kills a reporter and destroys evidence linking Dylan to Simon Stagg's death. The reporter's vanishing causes Clark to think Sam was right about Dylan.
  17. "Pranksters"-Clark and Sam go after terrorist Oswald Loomis, who goes by "Prankster". Oswald sets a diversion for Superman so that he can free Kyle Griffin, the original Prankster, from prison. Kyle and Oswald attempt to extort patrons by poisoning them and ransoming the antidote. When Superman arrives, the Pranksters fit him with a Kryptonite bomb that will go off if he stops moving. Dylan coaches Clark on how to vibrate his molecules so that he can phase through objects, which removes the bomb. Afterwards, Clark gives the antidote to all the patrons before capturing the Pranksters. Superman reveals his identity to Pete so that he can keep Lois from looking into Dylan for her own protection, since Clark realized that Dylan is the man in black. In flashbacks, after failing to kill Clark, General Zod escapes only to lose his speed. Brainiac informs him that traveling through time has drained his powers. Zod stalks Dylan and reveals the particle accelerator is not built until 2020. He then kills Dylan and steals his appearance and identity so he can create the particle accelerator sooner to get back to his own time.
  18. "All Star Team Up"-As Clark works with Pete and Sam to stop crime across the city, an engineering professor is killed by bees. While the team look for a Meta-Human who can control bees, Barbara arrives with Ted Kord, wanting to improve the S.C.A.R.A.B. exo-suit. The team tracks another attack, but Clark arrives too late and is attacked by the bees. After examining it, they find out it is a robot created by a scientist at Mercury Labs named Felisha Fleeter, who is targeting former employees. Clark struggles with whether or not he can trust Jimmy and Lana, since he doesn't know if they are working with Zod or not. During the next attack, Clark goes after Felisha while Ted tries to save Dr. Tina McGee. Barbara uses a wireless frequency to tap in to the bees and disable them, and Clark captures Felisha. Later, Clark informs Jimmy and Lana that Dylan is Zod. Lana doesn't want to believe this but Jimmy does, revealing he has been having dreams where Dylan kills him.
  19. "Who is Dylan Zane?"-Clark and Pete track a Meta-Human named Hannibal Bates, who can shape shift into anyone he touches, but he takes Pete's shape and frames him for murder. Later, Bates knocks Clark unconscious and assumes his form, but Dylan realizes the truth and stops him from killing Lana and Lois. While being transported to prison, Bates uses his powers to escape. Lana creates a serum to suppress Bates' powers, allowing Clark to defeat him and clear Pete's name. Meanwhile, Sam and Jimmy investigate the crash site that killed Dylan's wife, though they are afraid they will ruin Dylan's reputation. With help from Harvey Bullock, the two find a dead body buried near the crash site. After a series of tests confirm the body is the real Dylan Zane, Clark, Lana and Jimmy locate the imposter's secret room. The team locate the suit and the news paper concerning Clark's fate as Superman.
  20. "The Trap"-While in Dylan's room, Clark finds out about his battle with General Zod, as well as key moments in his life, including marrying Lois, a promotion at the Daily Planet, and that he created the A.I. Brainiac in the future. The team regroup at Clark's home, where he explains his plan to make Dylan confess to the murder of his mother. In order to trap Dylan, Jimmy reverses the polarity of his containment field to protect himself from Dylan, while Lana films the interaction to capture Dylan's confession. The trap fails but Sam shoots Dylan with a kryptonite bullet before he can kill Jimmy. As he dies, his body transformers, revealing himself to be Hannibal Bates. Dylan then calls the team and reveals he was watching them. Dylan goes after Lois and Pete, but Clark shows up, forcing Dylan to kidnap Pete instead. Dylan then reveals that Pete is the reason that Dylan came to Earth in the future.
  21. "Titano Lives"-Clark scours the city looking for Pete, but must take a break to stop a robbery at the gold reserve. When Clark confronts the thief, they are both psychologically attacked by an unknown force. Back at the lab, Clark describes the attack to Jimmy and Lana, when Lois walks in and confronts Clark on being Superman. The thief attacks again, but Clark is able to stop him. The thief turns out to be General Eiling, whose mind was being controled by the gorilla Titano. With a lead from Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Sam head to the sewers to look for Titano. The three realize that Titano is getting smarter and larger. During an attack, Clark is knocked out and Titano takes Sam. Jimmy and Lana create a device that will protect Clark from Titano's psychic attacks. The device works but Titano is too powerful and the device is damaged. Clark fights off Titano's psychic attacks and tricks him into jumping in front of an on coming train. Elsewhere, Zod works on a machine that will allow him to travel back to his own time.
  22. "Injust"-Jimmy finds out Dylan has been supercharging his abilities through his wheelchair. The particle accelerator is activated and the team realize Dylan has been at S.T.A.R. Labs the whole time. While investigating, Dylan escapes, but the team manage to find and free Pete. Pete tells Lois what he knows about the future and ends their relationship. Worried that the Meta-Humans trapped inside the particle accelerator will be killed, the team decide to relocate them to the prison on the island Bruce Wayne was trapped on. In order to set up a safe transport, Clark requests Alex Trent's help. Trent agrees but only after Clark erases Trent's criminal record. Trent sabotages the transport and allows the Meta-Humans to escape. Dylan arrives at the particle accelerator just as it fully charges. Clark, Firestorm and Bruce all meet outside to fight Dylan. Bruce uses a nanite to disabel Dylan's powers and Clark knocks him out.
  23. "Men of Steel"-Clark visits Zod in prison, where Zod explains why he killed Clark's mother and why he had to help Clark become Superman. Zod also requests Clark to help him create a wormhole that would allow Zod to return to his own time and also allow Clark to save his mother. Clark and the team are conflicted, since this could alter the timeline. Clark decides to go through with it and Zod explains what they need to do. Clark only has a short amount of time or the wormhole will become a balck hole. Clark travels back in time, but a future version of himself signals for him not to save his mother. Clark talks to his mother before returning to his own time and stopping Zod from going back to the future. The two fight, while the team shut down the wormhole. Zod eventually prevails, but before he can kill Clark, Pete shoots himself, causing Zod to be erased from time. The wormhole reappears and the team is unable to close it. As it becomes a black hole, Clark runs in to it in an effort to stop it.

Season Two

  1. "The Man Who Saved Metropolis"-Ronnie and Professor Stein turn into Firestorm and destroy the singularity, but at the cost of Ronnie's life. Six months later, while using his speed to repair the ruined Metropolis, Clark operates on his own to avoid hurting anymore of his friends and family; Jimmy works in the police department alongside Sam, and Lana works at Mercury Labs. The city holds a ceremony honoring Superman for his work in saving the city. At the ceremony, Clark is attacked by Al Rothstein whose strength and size manipulation prove too much for Clark to handle. He is convinced by Sam and the others that he needs help in taking down certain Meta-Humans and Clark defeats Al by allowing him to absorb too much radiation. As he dies, Al tells Barry that he was sent to kill him by a someone named Ultraman. Clark also receives a hard drive from Dylan containing his confession to killing Clark's mother that proves Clark's father's innocence. Jonathan is released from prison, and tells Clark that he is not staying in Metropolis so that Clark can focus on being Superman. A man shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs, introduces himself as Kenneth Clarkson, and declares that the world is in danger.
  2. "The Superman of Earth-Two"-Kenneth explains to everyone that he is Superman on a parallel Earth, and that he was in a battle with a Kryptonian named Ultraman when the singularity brought him to this Earth without his powers. Dr. Stein explains to the team how Kenneth's story could be possible using the multiverse theory, describing their world as "Earth-1" and Kenneth's as "Earth-2". Ultraman arrives and brings another Meta-Human from his Earth named Sand Demon to kill Clark. The two fight, but Sand Demon escapes. Jimmy analyzes the "sand" left behind and has a flash of the fight. After Sand Demon kidnaps Officer Maggie Sawyer, Kenneth teaches Clark how to fire lasers from his eyes. Jimmy uses his new power to tap into the "sand" particles and find Maggie's location. Clark uses his laser eyes to turn Sand Demon's particles to glass. Later, Officer Sawyer joins Sam's Meta-Human task force. Jimmy divulges his new ability to Dr. Stein, but asks him not to tell anyone. Dr. Stein and Jimmy are able to locate 52 breaches with the other Earth, with the largest one being within S.T.A.R. Labs itself.
  3. "Family of Injustice"-The team locates one of the singularity breaches in the lab and Kenneth creates a device that stabilizes it and will allow him to return home, but he opts to stay to help Clark stop Ultraman. Meanwhile, Lisa Trent shows up asking for Superman's help in rescuing her brother Alex, whom she believes was kidnapped. Clark tracks down Alex, who reveals that he was not kidnapped but is working with his father, Joseph. Lisa swears that Alex would never work with their father willingly, because their father was abusive toward her when she was a child. Eventually, the team determines that Joseph placed a bomb inside of Lisa and threatened to kill her if Alex did not help him steal some diamonds. Clark infiltrates Joseph's crew with assistance from Alex. Jimmy successfully removes the bomb from Lisa, so Alex uses his gun to kill his father in retaliation. Dr. Stein's condition continues to deteriorate, and Earth-2's Dylan Zane arrives through the singularity breach at the lab.
  4. "The Fury of Firestorm"-The team is able to stabilize Dr. Stein, but only for a short period of time. Lana identifies two potential candidates to be viable partners for the Firestorm matrix: a scientist named Henry Hewitt and a former high school football star named Jefferson "Jax" Jackson. Hewitt is excited to merge with Stein, but the attempt fails and Hewitt leaves angrily, not knowing that his own metahuman powers have been activated. Jefferson initially refuses, but when Hewitt goes on the attack with his new abilities Jefferson agrees to merge with Dr. Stein. After the successful merge, the new Firestorm joins Clark in helping to take down Hewitt, forcing Hewitt to get angrier until he burns himself out. Before departing with Jefferson, Dr. Stein encourages Jimmy to tell the others about his powers. Meanwhile, Dylan breaks into Mercury Labs and steals an unknown device. Later, Clark is attacked by a humanoid shark monster sent by Ultraman to kill Superman, but he is saved when Dylan uses the device to incapacitate the creature.
  5. "The Darkness and the Light"-The team meets the Earth-2 Dylan Zane, who is responsible for the creation of the Meta-Humans of his Earth and for Ultraman ulocking his powers. Despite his attitude, Dylan plans to help Clark's team stop Ultraman and his Meta-Humans. At the same time, a thief from Earth-2 named Doctor Light arrives and starts robbing banks. Kenneth tells Clark that she can be reasoned with, and it works until Clark recognizes her as the Earth-2 version of Chloe Sullivan. Later, Light attempts to kill Chloe and take over her life, but accidentally kills Chloe's boss and is foiled by Clark's team in the process. Dylan reveals Jimmy's Meta-Human powers to the team, which Jimmy uses to locate Doctor Light. Clark defeats her using a speed mirage technique that was suggested by Dylan. After locking Light up, they plan to use her to lure Ultraman out and defeat him for good. Kenneth, who does not trust Dylan, thinks it is too dangerous and leaves the team. Back on Earth-2, it is revealed that Ultraman has Dylan's daughter captive.
  6. "Enter Ultraman"-As the team works to find a way to stop Ultraman, Doctor Light escapes from her containment cell, after Clark was hoping that she would help them stop Ultraman. Instead, her Earth-1 counterpart, Chloe Sullivan, agrees to help the team by impersonating Doctor Light. Dylan creates a Kryptonite serum and the team stages a fight at one of the breaches in order to trick Ultraman through. The attempt fails, as Ultraman knew what they were attempting. Instead, he goes after Chloe, before fighting Clark. Ultraman is much more powerful and easily beats Clark, showing him defeated and his unconscious body to the local news and the police station before ultimately returning to S.T.A.R. Labs. Ultraman stabs Clark with his hand, but Jimmy shoots him with the serum, which hurts Ultraman, but still leaves him with enough power to escape. Later, Dylan reveals that Ultraman has his daughter and that he came to Earth-1 to stop Ultraman. Clark wakes from his injuries and discovers that he can no longer feel his legs
  7. "Gorilla Warfare"-Clark manages to recover following his fight with Ultraman, but is unable to use his powers due to the psychological trauma of Ultraman exposing his beating to the city. Lois reaches out to Jonathan Kent, who returns to the city to help Clark overcome his fears. Jimmy has a date with Kendra Saunders, but leaves after seeing a winged man in one of his vibes. Titano returns, using scientists to steal various chemicals in the hopes of creating more gorillas with his level of intelligence. He later kidnaps Lana to help him with his plan. Dylan dresses up as the Zod in order to trick Titano into thinking that his "father" is still alive. The plan works long enough for Dylan to rescue Lana before they both escape. After Clark is fully recovered, they lure Titano to one of the dimensional breaches and send him to a jungle sanctuary for gorillas that have been experimented on in Earth-2. Later, Jimmy meets Kendra again, this time vibing and seeing Kendra as the winged figure.
  8. "Legends of Today"-Vandal Savage arrives in Metropolis looking to kill Priestess Chay-Ara, who turns out to be Kendra, though she is not aware of it. Clark goes to Gotham and enlists the help of Bruce and his team to protect Kendra until they can stop Savage. The team is visited by Roger Elliot who informs them that Savage is an immortal. Later, Kendra is kidnapped by a winged man, but is rescued by Clark and Bruce who capture her captor. The man is Carter Hall, who tells them he was Prince Khufu in ancient Egypt and that he and Kendra are soulmates who have been connected for 4,000 years. The pair are destined to die, be reborn, and find each other in each lifetime. Carter also reveals that Savage has killed them in their last 206 lifetimes, each time growing stronger. Savage locates the Staff of Horus, a weapon capable of killing Carter and Kendra. After Kendra unlocks her abilities, the team decides to regroup in Metropolis to take down Savage. Meanwhile, Lana and Dylan create a serum that will temporarily increase Clark's powers so that he can defeat Ultraman.
  9. "Running to Stand Still"-Albert Martin breaks Kyle Griffin and Alex Trent out of Strykers in an effort to team up to kill Superman. Trent declines and warns Clark as repayment for him saving Trent's sister. When Chloe learns Albert is back in the city, she sets out to take revenge upon Albert for killing her father years earlier. Kyle and Albert place bombs hidden in Christmas gifts throughout the city, threatening to set them off in family homes if Clark does not sacrifice himself. Jonathan, Jimmy, and Kenneth find one of the bombs and alter its magnetic polarity; they send it into one of the dimensional breaches, which causes it to attract the remaining bombs, removing them from the city. With them gone, Clark subdues Albert and Kyle. Chloe arrives ready to kill Albert, but Clark talks her out of it as Superman. Meanwhile, Sam meets a man named Conner, who is a clone of Superman but with some of Sam's DNA. Elsewhere, Ultraman visits Dylan and agrees to release his daughter if Dylan helps Superman become stronger so that he can steal Superman's powers.
  10. "Potential Energy"-As Dylan struggles to try to find ways to increase Clark's powers, Jimmy presents a new idea to take Ulraman down. Jimmy tells the team about a Meta-Human, whom he has dubbed the "Moon Man", who has the ability to stop the kinetic energy around him and slow everyone to a halt. After Clark fails to stop Moon Man at a diamond unveiling, the team sets a trap at an art exhibit. Clark invites Chloe with the intention of telling her his secret, but Moon Man is aware of the trap and almost kills Clark before escaping. Later, Moon Man kidnaps Chloe to punish Superman. The team tracks down Moon Man and Clark is able to generate enough speed to move through the kinetic waves to knock him unconscious and save Chloe. Later, Chloe tells Clark that she is leaving Metropolis and Dylan kills Moon Man by extracting a portion of his brain matter. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to develop a relationship with Conner. Lana discovers that Kenneth is dying of an illness caused by Ultraman stealing his powers.
  11. "Zod Returns"-The team discovers Moon Man is dead and Kenneth suspects Dylan is responsible. Meanwhile, Jimmy asks Dylan for help in controlling his vibing abilities. Dylan determines they are connected to Jimmy's fear response and triggers a vibe which alerts the team that Zod is back. Dylan surmises that this version of Zod is from a point in the future before he went back in time to kill Clark's mother and was protected from being erased. Retrofitting goggles to induce Jimmy's vibes, the team learns that Zod is planning to use tachyons to return to his future. Clark arrives and destroys Zod's machine. After a race around the city, Clark stops Zod and imprisons him at the particle accelerator. However, his capture causes a rupture in the timeline that threatens to kill Jimmy, so Clark sends Zod back to the future to save his friend. Meanwhile, Chloe discovers Clark is Superman but, when he refuses to acknowledge it, she chooses to leave the city.
  12. "Fast Lane"-Right before the particle accelerator explosion, Joey Monteleone was thrown into a tar pit and left for dead. Sealed away, he is freed two years later with the ability to turn his body into molten tar. He sets out to get revenge on those who attempted to kill him. Meanwhile, Dylan creates a device to siphon Clark's energy and attaches it to his suit. He and Clark also successfully find a way to close the breaches. When Clark goes after Joey, the device works and permanently steals a portion of Clark's powers. Dylan gives the energy to Ultraman, who demands the rest. While going after Joey, Lois is injured when Clark is too slow to save her. Watching Clark wrestle with the guilt of Lois' injury, Dylan confesses. Dylan pleads his case, asking to be returned to Earth-2 and have Barry seal the breaches so Ultraman cannot re-enter. After stopping Joey, Clark realizes that Dylan was only trying to save his daughter, which the rest of them would have done. The team informs Dylan that he will return to Earth-2, but Clark and Jimmy will be going with him to save his daughter.
  13. "Welcome to Earth-2"-Before heading to Earth-2, Clark closes all but one of the breaches so that Ultraman has no way to travel between the parallel Earths. Using the last breach at S.T.A.R. Labs, Clark, Jimmy, and Dylan travel to Earth-2, but there is an energy surge that destabilizes the breach. The trio will be stuck in Earth-2 until Lana and Kenneth can fix the speed cannon. Clark decides to impersonate his doppelgänger to get more information on Ultraman. He later meets Lois and Sam of Earth-2 and learns that Lois works for the MPD (and his doppleganger's wife) while Sam is a jazz singer. Clark is attacked by Earth-2's Lana and Ronnie Raymond, known as Killer Frost and Deathstorm. In the attack, Sam is killed. Jimmy attempts to help the police stop the pair, but is confronted by his own evil doppelgänger, "Reverb". Jimmy discovers Reverb has greater power, including control over nervous systems. Clark tries to rescue him, but is stopped by Reverb and Deathstorm. Ultraman arrives, kills Reverb and Deathstorm for harming Superman, and then imprisons Clark. Meanwhile, Kenneth reveals to Lana that he invented Velocity-6 and that it is the reason why he lost his powers.
  14. "Escape from Earth-2"-Ultraman realizes that Dylan has returned to Earth-2 and issues a demand to the citizens of Metropolis to turn him in. Ultraman attacks S.T.A.R. Labs looking for Dylan and Jimmy, but they manage to escape with the Earth-2 Clark. Dylan, Jimmy, and Clark update Lois on what happened with the Earth-1 Clark, so they all set out to find Killer Frost in the hope that she will lead them to Ultraman. After a fight, Killer Frost agrees to take the team to Ultraman. The team arrives to rescue Clark and Dylan's daughter Karen, but Ultraman shows up too. The team is able to escape while Killer Frost keeps Ultraman frozen and unable to move, but a third unidentified prisoner is left behind. On Earth-1, Lana creates "Velocity 9", a compound to temporarily give Kenneth his speed so that he can stop a new Meta-Human named Geomancer. Lana discovers that, when Kenneth uses Velocity 9, the serum starts to cure his illness. Kenneth, Lana, and Sam stabilize the breach and allow Clark, Jimmy, Dylan, and Karen to return, but Ultraman kills Kenneth and pulls him back through the closing breach to Earth-2.
  15. "King Shark"-Dylan, Jimmy, and Clark agree not to discuss what happened on Earth-2 for fear of repercussions. While everyone tries to move on, the humanoid shark-monster that Dylan stopped, known as "King Shark," escapes A.R.G.U.S. custody and heads for Metropolis to kill Superman. Lucius Fox and Lyla Michaels arrive to warn Clark, which prompts him to look for King Shark and put a stop to him for good. Clark teams up with Lucius, Lyla, and the rest of A.R.G.U.S. to track King Shark, but he shows up at Clark's home looking for Superman, tracking Clark's electrical field. A.R.G.U.S. arrives and forces King Shark to retreat. The teams attempt to trick King Shark into a trap, but the bait does not work. Clark forces King Shark to chase him out on the water and, when he is far enough, creates an electrified underwater cyclone that subdues King Shark, and allows A.R.G.U.S. to imprison him again. Later, Clark vows to open a breach back to Earth-2 to stop Ultraman. Back on Earth-2, it is revealed that, underneath his mask, Ultraman looks exactly like Kenneth.
  16. "Trajectory"-The team work to train Clark to get stronger so that he can stop Ultraman. However, they hit a roadblock and decide to go out to have fun and decompress. While they are at a club, a Meta-Human shows up and robs everyone before escaping. A Mercury Labs employee, Eliza Harmon, turns out to be the Meta-Human, who developed Velocity-9 from samples Lana gave her to help with Kenneth's illness. Operating under the name "Trajectory", she invades S.T.A.R. Labs, imprisons Clark, and demands more V-9. After she threatens Karen's life, Dylan and Lana make more of the drug for Eliza, who then speeds off to wreak havoc on the city. Clark tracks her down and tries to talk Eliza into giving up. She refuses and injects more V-9 into her system before speeding off. Clark watches as Eliza's speed becomes so intense that her lightning turns blue and she disintegrates. Meanwhile, Karen decides to leave the city to experience the world on her own. Based on what Clark saw from the overuse of V-9, the similarities between Ultraman's speed and Kenneth's sickness, and Jimmy's "vibe", the team concludes that Kenneth is Ultraman.
  17. "Before Truth"-Clark travels back in time to when K. Russell Abernathy attacked the team, and switches places with his past self, in order to have Dylan/Zod help him solve the "Phantom Equation". However, after a Time Wraith follows Clark to the past, Zod deduces Clark's deception. Clark is able to convince Zod that his plan succeeds in the future, but that in order to maintain it, he must help Clark become more powerful. The wraith comes to the lab, where Lana and Jimmy are forced to accept help from Russell to deter the wraith. Afterward, the Clark from the current time arrives, forcing an explanation of the time travel event. Zod provides the future Clark with the information needed to solve the formula, so that he can return to his time. Before he leaves, Clark tells Lana and Jimmy to find a way to stop the wraith. As Clark prepares to make the jump through time, the wraith arrives, which forces the past timeline's Clark to intervene, so that his future self can return. Back in his time, Clark is confronted by the wraith, but a reformed Aberbathy arrives with his sonic gauntlets and defeats the wraith.
  18. "Versus Ultraman"-Years earlier on Earth-2, a young Clark Luthor watches as his father murders his mother and is subsequently sent to the local orphanage. In present day, Clark tests the tachyon accelerator and is able to enhance his power four times greater than normal. Clark decides to re-open a breach back to Earth-2, and he believes that Jimmy's powers are the key to opening the portals. Meanwhile, Dylan recounts how the particle accelerator explosion on his Earth that unlocked Ultraman's powers. Luthor was a convicted serial killer as an adult, who was receiving electroconvulsive therapy during the explosion, during which he received his powers. Jimmy opens a breach and Ultraman immediately comes through, chasing Clark back to S.T.A.R. Labs. There, Clark uses images of Ultraman's parents as a distraction to trap him, but Ultraman manages to escape, claiming to be "the darkness". Ultraman kidnaps Conner and demands Clark's powers in exchange for Conner's life. Clark agrees, so Dylan siphons all of his sun energy, making Clark human. Ultraman injects the sun force into himself, and he kidnaps Lana with his enhanced abilities, before escaping.
  19. "Back to Normal"-As Clark adjusts to life without his powers, Dylan decides to leave the lab to look for Karen. Shortly after speaking with her, Dylan is attacked and kidnapped by Griffin Grey, who demands that Dylan find a cure for his Meta-Human abilities. Grey has superhuman strength, but is also aging rapidly. Clark discovers that, when Grey uses his super strength, he accelerates the aging process. Clark, Sam, and Jimmy manipulate Grey into exerting his powers until he ages and dies as a weak, old man; his body then reverts back to its 18-year-old self. To fight Ultraman, Dylan offers to recreate the circumstances that unlocked Clark's powers. On Earth-2, Luthor tells Lana that he kidnapped her because he is in love with her. Lana encounters her doppelgänger, Killer Frost, who was captured by Ultraman. Frost convinces Lana to help her escape, but then attempts to kill her. Ultraman arrives and kills Frost, then warns Lana not to free the man in the iron mask. Later, Ultraman decides to conquer the other Earths in the multiverse and takes Lana with him back to Earth-1.
  20. "Rupture"-With Clark powerless, the team rigs a hologram of Superman to stop crime around the city so that no one will know the truth. Dylan again proposes recreating the particle accelerator explosion. Clark goes to his father, Jonathan, for advice, who returns with him back to Metropolis. Jonathan argues with Dylan over the procedure for returning Clark's powers, concerned for his son's safety. Ultraman and Lana arrive back on Earth-1 with Ultraman declaring the city under his control. The Earth-2 version of James Olsen, "Rupture," arrives on Earth-1 looking to kill Jimmy for killing his Earth-2 brother. Ultraman sends Rupture after the police to send the city a message. Clark and the police stop Rupture, but Ultraman arrives and kills the officers himself, as well as Rupture for failing. He then publicly announces Superman's disappearance. Realizing that he cannot stop Ultraman without his powers, Clark agrees to Dylan's plan. During the process, Clark is seemingly vaporized, while Karen and Conner are caught in the blast.
  21. "The Runaway Dinosaur"-Karen and Conner are found unconscious; Conner recovers, but Karen remains in a coma. Meanwhile, Jimmy has a vibe of Clark and realizes that he is still alive. Clark wakes up in his old bedroom and finds "Sam" downstairs. "Sam" explains what he really is: a physical manifestation of the Phantom Zone. "Sam" informs Clark that he cannot leave unless he catches a mysterious moving figure. Jimmy and Dylan create a path into the Phantom Zone so Clark can escape, but Clark chooses to remain so he can earn his powers back. As he pursues the figure, other Phantom Zone entities challenge Clark on what it means to be a hero and how he cannot become Superman again until he finally accepts his mother's death. Clark shares a moment with his "mother" which allows him to finally catch the moving figure—himself. With his powers restored and help from Jimmy and Lois, Clark returns to S.T.A.R. Labs in time to save the team from the reanimated corpse of Whitney Fordman. Afterwards, Clark uses a bit of powers to bring Karen out of her coma. Across town, Ultraman has assembled an army of Meta-Humans from Earth-2 which he plans to unleash on Metropolis.
  22. "Invincible"-Ultraman's Meta-Human army wreaks havoc across the city. Clark puts out several fires and takes out some of the Meta-Humans to help the police. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Clark displays a level of confidence in stopping Ultraman that concerns the team and each of them attempts to convince him to be more cautious. Lana returns to the team, but not without emotional trauma from being kidnapped. A Meta-Human begins attacking various buildings around Metropolis using a sonic blast. Clark confronts the Meta-Human, who turns out to be Helena Bertinelli's doppelgänger, "Scouter." She initially gets the upper hand, but Clark is rescued by Conner, who is trying to help out in order to repay Superman. The team creates a sonic amplifier tuned to the frequency of Earth-2. They discharge it and render all Earth-2 natives unconscious, allowing Clark to apprehend them all at once, although Ultraman escapes. Later, Ultraman returns and kidnaps Jonathan in front of the team. Clark races after them, revealing his identity to Conner, and is forced to watch Ultraman kill his father.
  23. "The Fight of His Life"-Ultraman comes to Clark and demands a race to determine who is faster, threatening to kill everyone Clark loves if he refuses. Dylan realizes that Dylan stole a magnetar from Mercury Labs that will allow him to destroy every world in the multiverse except their own if he and Clark can create enough energy from their race to power the device. When Clark refuses to back out, the team locks him in a containment cell for his own protection. The team develops their own plan to send Ultraman back to Earth-2, but are unsuccessful, as Sam is pulled in with him. On Earth-2, it is revealed that the man in the iron mask is the real Kenneth Clarkson. Conner releases Clark to rescue Sam. Clark agrees to race Ultraman if he returns Sam unharmed. As Superman and Ultraman race, the magnetar begins to charge. However, Clark creates a time remnant of himself that gives its life to stop the magnatar while Superman takes out Ultraman. A defeated Ultraman is then taken away by the Time Wraiths for breaking the laws of time travel. The real Kenneth Clarkson is revealed to be Jonathan's doppelgänger from Earth-3, which distresses Clark. Later on, Dylan and Karen return with Kenneth to Earth-2. Still feeling broken and defeated, Clark travels back in time and stops Zod from killing his mother.

Season Three

  1. "Strange New World"-Clark wakes up in the world he created by saving his mother, he turns on the news and finds out Alex Trent is the city's hero. He also finds out he never unlocked his powers. Clark decides to go on with his life but a panicked Jimmy Olsen, who doesn't know Clark, asks Clark for protection from a man who is chasing him. Clark agrees and takes Jimmy to his home, where Jimmy reveals he still has his vibing power in this universe and that he knows of the other world, he then begs Clark to become Superman again, since this world isn't as perfect as Clark thinks it is, since Meta-Humans are seen as freaks who need to be arrested. A group of soilders then break into Clark's house and kidnap Jimmy before knocking Clark out. Jimmy's kidnapping convinces Clark to become a hero in this world, he goes to Bruce Wayne's house, who is still in a relationship with Barbara Gordon, hoping that Bruce will help him unlock his powers, only to be beaten by Batman. Clark manages to take Bruce's mask off, realising he is Thomas Wayne.
  2. "Dawn"- Clark questions about this reality while Thomas tells Clark that Philip died in the shooting. Then Clark watches TV when he finds a terrorist named Huntress destroys the GCPD apartment realising that she is Helena. Thomas states she took over Gotham about 4 months ago the date Bruce defeated Lincoln March. Then Clark finds the decive that gave him his powers. Thomas helps Clark gets his powers back. Then Clark takes down the Huntress. At the end a corrupt AI from Krypton named Eradicator lands on earth.
  3. "Justice For No One"-Clark meets a man named Hank Henshaw, who needs Clark's help to defeat the Eradicator. However, Eradicator sends this universe's version of the Injustice League after him. Conduit, the leader in this world, kidnaps this world's Lois Lane to draw Clark out. It works and Clark and the Injustice League fight, however, Clark is defeated and they take Lois. Thomas creates a device that can defeat the Injustice League and gives it to Clark, who uses it and defeats them, saving Lois. Meanwhile, Hank breaks in to a building and steals a device from it. He then uses it to kill Conduit and the rest of the Injustice League, absorbing their energy.
  4. "The Superboy"-Clark finds out that, ironically, Lois named him "Ultraman" and she also met a hero who she called "Superboy". Clark goes out to find the Superboy, who turns out to be Conner Kent. Conner takes Clark to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he meets this world's Dylan Zane. Later, Clark finds Jimmy Olsen, who escaped the people who took him. Clark, Jimmy, Dylan, Conner, and Thomas then have to fight the army, who are after Jimmy, Clark and Conner. They manage to defeat them and Clark questions one soilder, assuming their leader to be Wade Eiling, but the soilder reveals that not only does he not know who that is, but that he is working for Sam Lane. They team find Sam, and Clark goes to fight him, with the fight ending in Sam retreating. Later, Hank is shown talking to Sam, offering him a partnership.

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