Metropolis High is a TV series that follows Clark Kent as he tries to adapt to a school where the principal is an alien invader, the coach is an alien from his home planet Krypton and half the teachers are crazy.


Scott Menville as Clark Kent/Kal-El

Will Friedle as Lex Luthor

Troy Baker as Milton Fine/ Brainiac, John Corben 

Grey Griffin as Lois Lane

John DiMaggio as Bruno 

Tara Strong as Lucy Lane 

Tom Kenny as Oswald Loomis 

Jeff Bennet as Winslow Schott 


Season 1

  1. "Welcome to Metropolis High"- Clark Kent just moves into Metropolis high. He meets the principal Alton Fine who sends a student Lex Luthor to be a tour guide. On the tour Clark meets Lois Lane the school hotty, Lucy Lane her sister, Bruno the school bully, Oswald Loomis the school clown. He also meets John Corben Lex's only friend, and Winslow Schott a teacher who everyone believes he is insane. At the end Clark wonders why his parents picked this school.

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