Olivia Queen : Green Arrow is the 6th DCII comic.


Volume 1: Rebirth

  1. It begins with Olivia Queen in a cruise ship with his father Oliver. Then the ship crashes and Oliver shoots himself. Then 6 years Olivia returns to Starling. She emcounters her mother Felicity, her brother James. Then she encounters her old friend Elena Merlyn. Then Olivia dresses as a green arrow and defeats a man named Dr. Vertigo.
  2. Soon Elena tours Olivia around Starling City, seeing all of the new corruption over the city. Olivia, and Elena gets kidnapped by 3 masked men. Olivia doesn't see Elena and there is a fourth masked person . The masked men asked Olivia questions, then she realizes they have bows. Then she runs, then changes to a Green Arrow costume, and fights them. Then she tells the captain she was saved by a woman in green. Then the captain said you just encountered the Dark Archerz.

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